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5 star 2015?

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February 25, 2014 at 6:44pm
Will Ohio State land 2015 target Torrance Gibson?


With the another great class in the books we move one to the next recruiting class. 2015 is the year that seems it can become one of the best classes Ohio State has ever recruited and can be one of the best Urban Meyer has put together in his career as a head coach.


As we all know this class is full of interest from many 5 star recruits and many of those recruits highly favor Ohio State already in their recruitment. Names like Torrance Gibson, Damien Harris, Tim Settle, Justin Hilliard, Trent Thompson, Jeffery Holland and the list goes on. With many of those recruits already having the Buckeyes high on their list tells us that Urban Meyer is trying to put together a class that can become one of the best in the nation. We may not end up with all of them at the end of it all but from what it seems as of now many of them can end up as a Buckeye come signing day. With having a lot of those recruits(mention) and others with a high percentage on the Crystal Ball predictions on 247sports It can definitely tell us that we may just land some of these 5 star recruits. Landing some of these guys will bring a lot attention to many other 5 star guys to commit to Ohio State. I like to keep up with these predictions everyday and see where we stand with these recruits but at times we cant always go based on this so called "Crystal Ball" predictions, but hey it makes us all feel more confident on landing a recruit. That's where I take my time to look out for things I find on interviews or stories about these recruits that can give me a better/confident feeling on landing some of these guys to Ohio State. If you ask me who is that one recruit you have the most confidents on who he will choose too commit to Ohio State, it will be Torrance Gibson. When listening to an interview that featured Torrance Gibson on a 1-on-1 interview on the Bucknuts-247sports I came across a answer Gibson gave to a question he was asked.

-When ask about big names that are being recruited by Ohio State on a 1-on-1 interview on the Bucknuts-247sports, Gibson said...

" oh ya because you definitely have to have weapons when you going against big teams like Alabama, Florida State you got to have a lot of weapons on your team...Ill definitely be looking into that "

Those are the answers I look into and tell myself hey maybe there is a reason he said something like that, the fact he said teams like "Alabama, Florida State" made me feel like as if he is really favoring the Buckeyes in his recruitment and strongly leaning towards Ohio State more than any other schools after him. I can be wrong about that but hey we all have our beliefs on things. One thing recruits also look for is a "big fan base" we all know that Ohio State has one of the biggest fan base in college football, if not the biggest of them all. With that being stated on my story this leads me to be talking about two recruits, one being 4 star recruit Steven Gonzalez and 5 star recruit Damien Harris.

-When ask about some of the factors on a choice of school on a 1-on-1 interview on the Bucknuts-247sports, Gonzalez said...

" Has to have a great campus..a consistent team that can play for championships and also a great fan base "

Fan base, its a big factor for recruits and is one reason why many of these highly rated recruits favor Ohio State. Beside the coaching staff, the campus and academics this is where we play our part on being that big fan base. If we want to land some of these 5 star and other rated recruits we need to show them that we are the biggest fan base in America. This is where I talk about Damien Harris and our fan base. Harris, like all the other recruits like OHIO STATE fan base but with people like this tweeting Damien on Twitter-

@Damien_D1Harris Stay in Ann Arbor the buckeyes don't need or want you. You would make a great scout team RB for us

wont make him want to become a Buckeye. Lets be more smart about things and lets not talk bad to 16-17 year old kids, come on now Buckeye Nation we know better than that. Recruits want a place they can call home for 4 to 5 years and feel comfortable being there and its our part as well to play the roll in convincing these kids to commit to Ohio State, remember folks the "fan base" is a key factor to some of these recruits. With all this said 2015 is looking to be one great year for Ohio State recruiting and the possibility of landing many 5 star recruits to our beautiful OHIO STATE will be great. This year lets look beyond the predictions and look for things that can make us feel better on the possibility on some of these guys and lets be classy on being that fan base for them. 5 star 2015 could be the year.


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I can appreciate your analysis, but this post is really based on your sole interpretation as to what certain elements to their comments mean. Given its really one quote per player and its so early in the process, I'd be hesitant to really agree full fledged. I think we have a great shot to land all of the players at the top of our board, as the year progresses (between now and next Feb), many things will happen and some new top players will be added into the mix while others who are in now will fade out, its the nature of the beast. Of those listed above, at this point in the process--yeah very very very early--I think we land Gibson and Gonzalez. Harris is 50/50 between OSU and Michigan and will be that way until NSD. Im more interested in the 'under the radar' guys the staff are keen on. Its obvious the top guys will get solid looks/offers, but I want to see what diamond in the rough is out there and starts getting uncovered a bit more as camps and their senior seasons start. Long way to go, a lot will change between now and NSD, so looking forward to the roller coaster that is recruiting. 

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Waaaaait instead of Famed 15 or Filthy 15.... Five Star 15?

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Now go vote on some posts. lol Welcome to the 100 helmet stickers club.

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Thanks duuuuude

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Thanks for those words of yours. That's what I want to hear and people that can speak their mind out. It's only my first post on here and I'll be working hard to bring in what I can do. This was a more of a what I feel post but I'll be working on stories/post people want to see and read 

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I have a gut feeling that whoever Tweeted Damien Harris this:

@Damien_D1Harris Stay in Ann Arbor the buckeyes don't need or want you. You would make a great scout team RB for us

..... is just a shill. It's likely a Michigan fan anonymously hiding behind the keyboard, posing as an OSU fan, trying to make OSU look bad.

Don't fall for it, Damien.

Twitter and social media are fun, but this is a prime example of one of the downfalls of Twitter.

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I believe you're 100 percent correct on this and I believe the account has even been suspended. I hope to god OSU fans are far smarter than this. And I'll say again, what kind of Ohio State fan/alum/student capitalizes Ann Arbor but not BUCKEYES?!?

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Thanks for your comments, J. I also have been following the crystal ball predictions during this slow time for college football. I agree that we have a great shot to bring in several 5-star prospect, but more than the stars Urban is about building relationships and filling needs with the right guys. Also, the tweet to Harris has been proven to be from a troll, per other postings on this site.

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No problem. I know even if it was a buckeye hitting up Damien why would he or she put something like that! We need to be smarter and not look like those TTUN fans 

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Great arm - lightning fast - 5 star - what's not to like here - let's hope he chooses the good guys

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There is no question that this 2015 class has the potential to be out of this world, but I will take a wait and see approach before declaring it will be the top class nationally. I remember last year at this stage many thought we would land a ton of studs from Georgia (and other states) and I really bought into the fact that our class would be #1. Obviously we landed the guy we really wanted (Raekwon), and we landed Collier, but the state of Georgia wasn't as kind as many predicted.  I don't want to fall into that trap with Florida this year. I do love the 2014 class, but it was bound to wind up a slight disappointment with the way that many of us were setting expectations early in the cycle. I'm just going to let it all play out and enjoy the ride. We'll land our fair share, and it probably won't include many guys that are on our radar now.

One another note, I believe that our success on the field will be huge this upcoming season. If OSU makes the playoffs, watch out. That's when making the top 3 of top notch talent will really pay off IMO. It's just one of those things, we are so close to truly becoming dominant in recruiting, but we can't afford to lose any more momentum on the field if we want to challenge for the top class as Urban wants. Pulling top kids from Florida consistently will really hinge on this upcoming season IMO.