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Buckeyes offer Dre'Mont Jones of Cleveland St. Ignatius...

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February 25, 2014 at 1:28pm

Talked about him a bit here in Sunday's column and the offer came today. Buckeyes become overwhelming favorite to land Jones, but I'd expect it to be a few weeks before he makes that call. I'm working to get ahold of Dre'mont for some reaction.

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Thanks Birm... I am pretty excited about this kid's being offered!  Go Bucks!

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Awesome Birm!!!


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Great news, I think OSU recruiting staff just read your article from last Sunday and they were impressed…Thank you Birm

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Birm is he rated on any of the recruiting websites and if not will he be getting a high rating now


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Might find this helpful...


...sorry bro, had to do it. ;)

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EPIC SilverState.  Just Epic....

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Most of the info I've seen list him as DE/TE. Birm do you know what position he is being recruited for at OSU? I'm assuming DE but if he is as athletic as you say then he would certainly fit the mold of an Urban Meyer TE too.

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He's a defensive end.

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Don't expect much to happen on this until the end of the spring...but when it does expect it to go OSU's way.

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Yes thank you birm! !!!

stark county football

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Birms always on top of the breaking news stories

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If he commits we will have have 3 Iggy kids in the past 4 classes 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.