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Jordan Whitehead's coach to join Ohio State staff?

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February 15, 2014 at 8:50pm

There is a report circulating that 2015 four-star defensive back Jordan Whitehead's assistant coach/offensive coordinator, Adam Caltury is supposed to join Ohio State's staff. Most likely as a quality control or recruiting guy. I have not been able to confirm the news, but I thought I would pass it on. 

Regardless of if Caltury is to join the staff, I like the Buckeyes' chances at landing Whitehead. He raved about Ohio State after a very impressive Friday Night Lights performance (I saw him live and spoke with him). He is one of the top corners in the nation and would be a great addition to the 2015 class. 

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Thanks JW.  Look forward to more info when you get it.  

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That is awesome news - Does he have a previous relationship with Urban?

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Jordan, do you feel if Whitehead committed first, it would affect Fitzpatricks' decision at all?? I only ask because we already have Dean and Edwards on board.


Jordan Wagner's picture

I think OSU would definitely take Fitzpatrick and Whitehead to go along with Dean and Edwards. Edwards is definitely a safety, while I'd say the other three are corners. That sounds like a nice DB haul for 2015. 

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Thanks, good to hear!!


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I'll take all the 4 and 5 star CB's we can get. If I never had to watch a secondary play like last years ever again it would be too soon.

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HOW FREAKIN AWESOME would that be.............Do I hear a gray box coming?

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We don't have gray boxes anymore... :(


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This is very sad news...

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You never hear a gray box coming, you smell it first... it smells like victory...

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