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Brady Taylor and Dylan Thompson - International Bowl

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February 7, 2014 at 10:23am

Ohio State signees Brady Taylor and Dylan Thompson will be playing live on ESPN3 at 8:30 tonight. The two underrated prospects are playing in the International Bowl. Be sure to check out the future Buckeyes. 

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Thanks it is going to be a slow and cold Friday night, now I have something a little extra to watch.

Light the fire, play with the dogs in the snow, and see two future Buckeyes play! Good Friday in the middle of February, in the snow belt!

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do you like the Olympic opening ceremonies? They are on tonight as well.

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Run_Fido_Run's picture

Jordan, sorry to hijack this International Bowl thread, but how does Dylan Thompson figure to fit on the Buckeyes' DL?

My impression is that Thompson has a bigger frame than, say, did John Simon, who was a 'tweener. To me, Thompson looks like a protypical DT (obviously not a NT, though). Yet I've seen some project him as a SDE.

Jordan Wagner's picture

I think Thompson will slide inside, especially after he gets a year of S&C under his belt. Dylan is the most underrated prospect in this class. I think he will surprise and be a fan favorite. 

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Did anyone watch the game?  If so, how did they do?