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I'm dipping my toe in the 2015 water for the first time, need some feedback

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February 7, 2014 at 8:17am

Two prospects I've become interested in right off the bat are Terry Beckner Jr. a SDE from IL, and Jashon Cornell a WDE from MN.  As I'm just now starting to break into the 2015 class (aside from the obvious "heavy" OSU leans like Torrance Gibson and Tim Settle among a few others) I'm wondering from the staff and fellow forum posters perspective, how do we look on these two?  I feel like they could be the kind of duo commitment that has the impact of say Adolphus Washington and Noah Spence who commited in the same year.

24/7 both have more than 1 crystal ball prediction of them to the good guys, Beckner actually is listed as a heavy Buckeye lean...  How do we sit with these two?

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Cornell is bit of a longhot from what I understand, I think ND may be the team to beat with him. But He may not have been around Larry Johnson yet either. ;)

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It's been my understanding we are in good shape with Beckner but I could be way off.

Edit: 82% Crystal Ball, so it seems like we are looking very good.

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Thanks for the replies dudes, +1 to you both.

I don't always downvote, but I do always downvote a Michigan fan trolling the Buckeye boards.

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Beckner looks good. As does Torrance Gibson. I really think this class pulls a ton of kids from Florida. Sh'Mar Kilby Lane is already in IMO.

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I usually like to stick my index and middle fingers in first,can usually tell if I am going to enjoy something almost instantly. Anyways welcome to 2015 and word on the street is we are in great shape with Beckner. With LJsr. now on the staff and Vrabel gone the DLine is going to be a position to keep a close eye on. New bonds will have to be formed but in the long run I think we will be better off.

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I think we have had great depth in the last 2 classes, with tons of 4*s all over the field and 5*s mixed in, but honestly I'm still waiting for Meyer to have that class where he pulls 4 of the top 15 guys in the country, and we go on a bender. 

He's done it before, and we all know he is going to do it sooner rather than later. 

Obviously Beckner, Settle and Gibson would basically do just that, so 2015 could be the year (also happens to be the first year with no reductions in scholarships, so may not be a coincidence)

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I saw a comment this morning somewhere that said Gibson is stating that Auburn "is at the top" right now?  Kinda threw me for a loop as I thought that the Buckeyes had a sizeable lead.  Anyone else hear of anything like this?

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Where did you read that?

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I'm not 100% certain, it was in my Twitter feed somewhere...

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Flip over to LGHL, they have a good list of the top 15 Ohioans

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2015 could be a strange class with a heavy outside of Ohio influence. The top 7-8 kids in Ohio are pretty legit: EGW, Hilliard, Baker, Scott, Conrad, Crawford but after that it isn't as deep as years past. Already have one FL kid in the mix with Jamel Dean, I think we add at least 3 more FL kids: Peete, Gibson, Kilby-Lane.

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Conrell has mentioned OSU has one of his favorites but he has yet to visit (and has actually canceled a few visits). Until he does I don't realistically think we have a shot. Right now it's probably Michigan and Notre Dame at the top.

Beckner named a top three of OSU, Missouri and Kansas this past year with most people thinking OSU out front. However, he recently said he doesn't like recruiting and probably won't take any visits at all until at least the fall. So we won't really know for sure what his feelings are until then. Apparently he was a USC fan growing up so they will be major competition.

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A lot of people are thinking it's an OSU-USC battle with Beckner. Perhaps Mizzou sneaks into the picture as a place close to home in the SEC. A crystal ball prediction recently went out to LSU, but I hadn't heard there name mentioned before. 

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When I use the crystal ball feature I look at the person making the prediction.

Some people put out a crystal ball for every player their team offers. Those predictions should be taken with a grain of salt, especially this early. One guy I saw had OSU as his pick for like 30 guys, some of them I have no idea why as the player hasn't given any indication he's coming here.

But yes, I could very well see an OSU-USC-Mizzou battle for Beckner.

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You're right. I pretty much toss out the writers designated to one school who pick their own school (this early in the process, anyway) and focus on the national guys at this point. I saw Wiltfong predicted Beckner to USC and Wiltfong had the highest % of correct predictions last year if I recall. At least one national guy had Beckner to OSU. Fingers crossed

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Got to wonder how many at one position group we can really stack up considering this is a small group of graduating seniors plus the 3 additional scholarships plus a few transfers and we are looking at about 20.

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Beckner really has not started worrying about his recruitment yet, per his coach who I talked with briefly last night. Buckeyes are still very interested and vice versa.