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Where to watch game in NYC?

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September 3, 2014 at 10:47pm

I have a friend who will be in New York City Saturday. He's looking for a Buckeye-friendly sports bar; any suggestions?

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Mannies (aka Blondies) is the best option. Especially for a prime time night game against a "marquee" opponent. It will be packed w a very pro buckeye crowd upstairs. I recommend the wings.

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The alumni association bar is Iron Bar, which is on 45th and 8th near Times Square.  My wife and I went last Saturday and had fun.


Mannies is also a good option, however, being that it's on the east side, it's somewhat less convenient for us.

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Manny's is worth the trip IMO. It'll packed on both floors with basically only buckeye fans. I often take the trip from the Tribeca area even though it's inconvenient because the atmosphere is so good.

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If you're on the Upper East, go to Bar-Coastal on 78th and 1st Ave.  Big-10/Pac-10 friendly with great wings and lower prices than around Times Square.


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Manny’s:  This is the best place; however, it is kind of out of the way for someone who does not know the city that well.

Blondies: This place is ok.  It is not that hard to get to but there really aren’t too many other places, in that area, to go after the game.  I like this place for an afternoon game. 

Stout: I went there for the B1G Championship game.  It’s not really much of a Buckeye bar.  It looks like a really cool place other than that.

Bar None: If you are looking for a dive bar in the East Village, this is pretty good.

I may try out the Iron Bar, but I am not too excited about Midtown.

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Manny's. Best Buckeye bar in Manhattan. Great bartenders, great service and great selection of beer. 

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