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Comment 19 Aug 2014

To me, the most impressive aspect of Hyde's performance was the 7.3 yards per carry, combined with the fact that he had only 1 or 2 carries for negative yards all season.

My impression is that most guys with a high average per carry are the high-risk, high-reward guys, who frequently reverse direction, looking for the big breakaway. They hit some big gainers, but they also turn a lot of 1st and 10's into 2nd and 15's.

Hyde, in contrast, ran more north-and-south. His breakaways came because he was just too damn hard to tackle.

I am confident that the "next man up", whether it's Elliott, Smith, or Dunn, will be productive, and maybe even occasionally spectacular. But if they match Hyde's performance, running behind an inexperienced OL, I'll consider it a pleasant surprise.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

“A slow decline in numbers recently is due to the combination of a few reasons, including the elimination of some freshman teams due to budget cuts, the trend of sport specialization by kids, and also higher pay-to-participate fees that cause some kids to drop the sports in which they are not a varsity contributor,”

Yes, those are all legitimate factors; I would also add: 

  • An increase in the popularity of lacrosse. Coupled with the sport specialization phenomenon, lacrosse has siphoned some athletes away from football.
  • Greater awareness of concussion dangers. Some parents steer their boys away from football because of the threat of concussion, and athletes who do suffer a concussion are more likely to quit the sport than risk repeated brain injury.
Comment 16 Aug 2014

I'm  curious who will be viable red zone targets outside of Heuerman. 

I think that Greene and Thomas have the size and athleticism to create match-up problems in the red zone. 

I wonder if we'll see both Heuerman and Vannett in some formations inside the 5-yd line; in this case, the extra TE isn't essentially an offensive tackle, but rather a big receiving target who can also block. 

Comment 10 Aug 2014

I would also like to see Fowler win even though he has a mustache out of a 70s porn movie

I would like to see Fowler win precisely because he has a mustache out of a 70s porn movie.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

My initial reaction to the question was "Jim Lachey", but, according to the OSU media guide, Lachey had only 4 starts prior to his senior year. It's interesting that, although he was 6'6", he played guard at OSU. He went on to become one of the best pass-blocking LT of all time in the NFL.

The media guide notes that Lachey was "Blessed with unusual speed and strength for a man his size". A friend of mine, who attended a high school in the same league as St. Henry, told me that Lachey ran the 100-yd dash in high school, and was pretty decent.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

Bruce deserves some credit; he and his staff did a great job leading the 79 team to the Rose Bowl; they were within seconds of an undefeated season and a national championship. That first season set expectations that they were unable to meet in subsequent years.

When Earle was fired, the team was 5-4-1 and had just lost 3 straight. His recent recruiting classes weren't highly regarded, and 8 Buckeyes were taken in the '88 NFL draft. Recall that, prior to John Cooper's first season, he said that some of his Tulsa teams had more talent than OSU; that's probably an exaggeration, but the overall talent level was down. There were also rumors that he and his staff had alienated many of the high school coaches in the state, so future recruiting, in state, was likely to be difficult. Had Bruce been retained, I doubt he would have been able to get them back to 9-3 anytime soon.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Nice write-up, as always.

I think Jake Ballard would have done very nicely in this system. Unfortunately, while he was here, most of his routes went over the middle, where it seems Pryor was reluctant to throw the ball.

Comment 13 Jul 2014

Up until now, my impression of Mark Richt was (unfavorably) defined by the intentional excessive celebration penalties vs. Florida.

I suppose there's a lesson there... we form opinions about players and coaches, but we see only small glimpses of the total picture.

Comment 12 Jul 2014

Schlichter, at 6'3" 220 ... was a half foot taller and much bigger.

Well, Schlichter was certainly taller than Smith. Pro football reference lists Schlichter at 210; he probably didn't lose 10 pounds when he entered the NFL. Smith was pretty lean as a sophomore. But Smith was listed at 215 as a senior, and I remember him as big enough to be unfazed by a few hits from blitzing cornerbacks. (Smith seemed like he weighed 240 for the bowl game, but that's a different story...)

I saw Schlichter play; he was a great talent, with a strong arm and ability to run. 

It's hard to compare players from different eras; offensive and defensive schemes continue to become more sophisticated, players become bigger and faster, and rules and enforcement change (with the apparent goal of increasing TV ratings). 

And the QB position is hard to evaluate; we can see the runs and the throws, but it's hard to evaluate the audibles and the reads, the huddle presence, the leadership in the locker room, etc.

Comment 27 Jun 2014


Picking at #16, it's likely that the pick will be in the juniors/minors for a while; by the time he's NHL-ready, there's no telling what the CBJ's positional needs will be.

Comment 27 Jun 2014

MLB is a pretty distant third to the NFL and NBA in terms of ratings, revenues, etc. etc

I'm not sure about that, revenue wise; this article on wikipedia shows MLB a fairly close second to the NFL, and well ahead the NBA. Disclaimer: the revenues figures aren't based on the same year, so the MLB figure is probably inflated slightly; and of course, it's wikipedia.

Here in Columbus, the people that I know, who are involved in youth baseball, say that participation is way down from 10 years ago; they think that they're losing kids to lacrosse and soccer. I suspect that bodes ill for MLB revenues down the road.