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Comment 06 Oct 2015

If the new guys will follow Jae’Sean's lead, I think this team will be fine.

The B1G might be pretty tough this year; there are some talented sophomores (e.g. Blackmon, Trimble), who were fringe NBA prospects as freshmen, who are returning.

Comment 06 Oct 2015

I agree that there's no need to be overly critical of players; they work their butts off. The other teams have scholarship athletes, too. You can assume that OSU gets every other team's best shot, every week. 

I see nothing wrong with criticism of coaches' decisions: play calling, personnel, etc. The coaches are paid well, and putting up with grief from the public, is part of the deal. But, before you criticize the coaches, keep 4 things in mind:

1. They probably know more about football than you ever will. If you truly know more about football than the OSU coaches, quit screwing around on 11W and send Urban your resume. I understand you can make >$600K, plus bonuses, as a coordinator.

2. They know more about their team than you ever will.

3. They have more at stake in the team's success than you ever will.

(Go ahead and make your point, anyway. Coaches can be stubborn and stick with a strategy long after we fans have seen its folly. We're here for each other to vent. Just please, no more QB threads for a while...)

4. There is a difference between criticizing a coach's decisions or competence, and a personal attack. Save the personal attacks for jackasses like Bert. To my knowledge, the OSU coaching staff has conducted itself professionally; respect that.

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Kyle, this is a terrific article.

It seems like the Buckeyes always run this play to the left, with Elflein pulling.

Why don't they run this to the right? Is it because of personnel (Elflein better at pulling than Price), or is it because they must run to the TE side (the TE executes the seal block)?

Given the success of this play, run to the left, would they have success with a counter to the right, from the same formation?

Comment 05 Oct 2015

When you play behind Zeke, and Curtis Samuel, you're not going to get a lot of opportunities; you need to do something, in your limited touches, to impress the coaches.

Dunn has run well but has fumbled.Considering the team's general problem with turnovers, a fumbler isn't going to get carries unless the team is up 21-plus. I think Dunn would get some PT if we were blowing opponents out.

Ball just has never looked explosive. If he played for a team with less RB talent ahead of him, he might get more game reps,and he might develop into a quality back.But I've never seen him do anything that suggested, "hey, that guy needs to get more carries."

Comment 05 Oct 2015

We still haven't figured out how to use the tight ends in the passing game.

If the OL was blocking better on passing downs, we wouldn't have to keep the TE in to block as often.

Also, most TE patterns are run over the middle. If you don't trust your QB to throw over the middle, then the TE is kind of out of luck.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

McAllister out of the bullpen to start in a pinch? 

Interesting idea. He started 22 games in 2013, and 24 in 2014, and was decent enough as a #5 starter. I think the concern there is that he doesn't throw enough strikes to go deep into a game; averaged less than 6IP per start in 13/14. He has good stuff, though; it's kind of a shame that he hasn't been able to master his command of the strike zone. Carrasco figured it out eventually; maybe McAllister can, too. (I don't think McAllister has Carrasco's upside, but I think McAllister's upside might be as a #3 or #4 guy.)

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I agree that Bauer's upside is compelling.

I'm not sure how much you get for either Anderson or Tomlin, although there's nothing wrong with baiting the hook and seeing who bites. If you trade one of them, you're gambling that the other guy can give you 30 starts without killing you. You might win that gamble, I guess.

I think Chris Johnson is a big downgrade from Carlos Santana. Johnson is a serviceable platoon guy vs. LHP, if we end up with a left-hander playing DH, 1B, or 3B (but his defense at 3B is not good.) I think he ends up traded to a contender at the 2017 trade deadline.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I never understood why Sports Illustrated pegged the Indians as the "it" team this year. I think 81-80 was probably commensurate with the talent level. I expected Kluber and Bradley to regress a bit, Kipnis to return to form, and the whole thing to probably wash out about even.

It's a shame that Lindor's great rookie season was "wasted". There's not much in his minor-league record to suggest that he's likely to bat .313, or hit 12 HR per 100 games, on a regular basis. (Although, I did read an article on cleveland.com that suggested that his bat impressed scouts while he was in high school.) Paul Hoynes quoted a scout who said that Lindor seemed to be "marking time" in Columbus; if that's true, it's good news about his talent, but bad news about his approach.

Almonte looks like a decent place-holder in CF until Zimmer is ready (which might be 2017). Almonte has good bat speed and decent power; if he can make progress on laying off breaking balls out of the strike zone, he can be OK. Naquin looks like a 4th outfielder, but he's also injury prone.

Chisenhall looks great in RF, but he still hasn't proven he can hit. When he's in a slump, he doesn't walk enough to offset the lack of hits. He hit >.400 in July & August, but he hit .167 in September & October, so it's not like there's any indication that he's "figured it out."

We were next to last in Attendance with around 17,800 per game. We need to get off to better starts is all I can say about that.

Yes, it would help to get off to a good start, and it would also help to play well at home. I think that the bigger factor for attendance is that the fan base does not believe that the Dolans are committed to fielding a legitimate contender. Much has been written about Cleveland fans. In my mind, there's a big difference in the mindset of Browns and Indians fans.

I think the Tribe's near misses in the 90's, followed by the sell-offs of Colon, Sabathia and Lee, and the low team payrolls, have produced a cynical fan base. If new ownership would come in and spend money, that could be changed, but right now, Tribe fans are giving the Dolans a "no confidence" vote, 81 times a year.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

With seven starters, they are in position to deal hard.

Hmmm. I think the top 4 are solid.

Cody Anderson's 4.34 K/9 is a red flag. He's going to have to miss more bats to remain successful.

Josh Tomlin's 13HR in 65 innings is another red flag; with his modest stuff, he has to be locate his pitches perfectly. Most of HRs this year were solo shots, but if he starts making mistakes with guys on base, his ERA could get ugly in a hurry. His injury history is troubling, also.

Who are you counting as the 7th starter candidate? House or Floyd? I'm not convinced that House's 2014 success wasn't a fluke; his stuff isn't that impressive, and he didn't have great success in the minors.

Floyd could be a quality starter. Or, his pitching arm might expode.

If the Tribe deals one of the top 4 starters, then they'll need to find 2 solid starters from the pool of Anderson, Tomlin, House and Floyd. 

The only guy in the minors, that I think might be major-league ready, is Clevinger.

Comment 03 Oct 2015
I'm not sure it's complacency. I think the "grind" mantra has convinced the team that playing the games is a burden. They are talented, and they should be flying around the field making plays, but instead they are playing scared.
Comment 30 Sep 2015

any fan that is as excited to watch Ohio State play Indiana as they are when OSU plays Bama is either a professional alcoholic or bold-faced liar. 

Wait a second: "professional alcoholic" is a thing? Why wasn't that on the aptitude tests in high school? My guidance counselor totally misled me. 

Comment 30 Sep 2015

"Karma Chameleon" 

At first, I was thinking that "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" would be more Bert's style, but now... I see what you did there.

Comment 29 Sep 2015

And those same people will complain about everything under the sun because they don't have everything they want.

Like: no mayonnaise.

Comment 29 Sep 2015

Ohio State lost to Indiana in 1951, Woody Hayes' first season as head coach.

Afterward, Woody vowed to the media that Indiana would never beat OSU again, as long as he was coach. And, he was right (a 0-0 tie in 1959 notwithstanding).

Since the 1951 game, OSU is 51-2-2 vs. Indiana.