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Comment 17 hours ago

Based on the Browns' recent draft "strategy", I think this scenario would require that Thomas be available in the 7th round, which seems unlikely.

For his sake, I hope he ends up somewhere else. It's only a matter of time before national news correspondents begin referring to train wrecks as Browns, e.g. "Witnesses described the crash scene as a total Browns."

Comment 30 Nov 2015

Darron Lee impresses me as a guy who could go to the combine and put up eye-popping numbers.

Because he's only played 2 years, I think his combine performance will have a greater than normal impact on his draft standing. So, if he's healthy, and ready to rock, I think he should go pro and wow 'em at the combine. If, on the other hand, he's nursing a hammy or a sprain of some sort, he might be better served to come back and put another good year on tape.

Comment 30 Nov 2015

I know that Zeke had several games this year where he started slowly in the first half, then went big in the second half. He might have been able to do that against MSU. I kind of suspect that if you're in the hospital with a 103-degree fever on Tuesday, you might not be at your best by Saturday; but, unfortunately, there's no way to know what might have happened if the Buckeyes had fed Zeke in the second half vs.Sparty.

Comment 30 Nov 2015

In 1975, USC junior RB Ricky Bell has 385 carries (for 1957 yards) in 12 games. I believe he had 50+ carries more than once in his career.

Asked if Bell's workload was excessive, USC coach John McKay replied, "Why? The ball isn't heavy."

It's hard to quantify the effect the workload had on Bell's pro career. He played 6 years in the NFL, but had only 32 carries in the final 2 years. He struggled badly his first 2 years, but his pro team (Tampa Bay) was historically awful. He did have one good NFL season, gaining 1263 yards in his 3rd season.

Can't argue that getting tackled is good for a person, and there is definitely a cumulative effect on the body, but the effect seems to vary. Some guys are just more durable than others, and some guys (e.g. Earl Campbell) have a physical style and absorb a lot of blows, while other guys (e.g. Franco Harris) head for the sideline like Bert for the bacon. I always thought that Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith had a talent for avoiding direct hits from tacklers.

As for Henry specifically: if he proves himself to be durable and effective, it will probably improve his draft standing and make him some money now. It might shorten his NFL career somewhat, and cost him some money later. Either way, he'll pay for it when he's 50.

Comment 28 Nov 2015

Giddens has impressed with his athleticism and energy. His post game is a bit raw, but he has a few moves he can use, and he also has made some good passes out of the post, finding the open 3-point shooter.  I agree that they should feed him in the post more often.

Comment 28 Nov 2015

I was encouraged by Loving's defensive effort during OT. He showed some real aggressiveness.

Also, with OSU down 2, Loving made a strong drive to the basket, but the wet ball just slipped out of his hands. The teams combined to make only 1 FG during the OT; I think that the wet ball was a factor there.

We need to find a guy who can take Tate's place on the floor, when we're in the bonus; he's 8-22 on FT, and when he's at the line, we're looking at an empty possession.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Ohio State's offensive line was dominant at the end of last year. Everybody who had OSU on their schedule for 2015 had to figure, "we need to figure out how to neutralize their O-Line or they might hang 60 on us." So they studied the tape and changed their tactics.

Sometimes coaches can "fall in love" with a player. Meyer has fallen in love with the entire Boren family. He loves their toughness, effort and work ethic. If Boren is playing hurt, but not using it as an excuse, it makes Meyer love him more. Which is well and good, I guess, as long as you keep winning.

I don't think OSU makes any personnel changes on the O-Line, at this point in the season. 

Disclaimer: I'm now about to wade into the deep end of the speculation pool...

If some of the backup O-Line guys are outplaying the starters in practice, but the starters keep their jobs despite struggling on Saturdays, that might explain some of the players' frustration that we saw after the MSU game.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

So, what you're saying is:

Going into the season, I figured we had a decent chance to win 20 games, maybe sneak into the NCAA, but probably be an NIT team. After having watched the last two games, I'm wondering how we get to 10 wins. Turnovers, poor free throw shooting, and crappy defense are characteristics of bad teams.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

So, what you're saying is that the 2015-16 team is being coached by Chad Matta, the evil (or perhaps just less competent) twin brother of Thad?

Thought-provoking, I'll grant you that. Seems unlikely, yet it explains everything. Hmmm..

Comment 20 Nov 2015

Woody used to say, "Nothing cleanses the soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

Hopefully, there are some lessons learned, and the team shows up for the next game with more intensity and focus.

Comment 20 Nov 2015

That's the way the cookie crumbles here.

If you're going to be a TTUN sympathizer, you need to replace "That's the way the cookie crumbles" with "That's the way the pickle squirts."