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Comment 13 Jul 2015

Well, I don't have a pitch-track database to confirm this, but it seems possible that the lack of run support, for Kluber, is not entirely a coincidence.

Kluber has good, but not crazy-good, stuff. His success comes from throwing pitches that start in the strike zone, but end up just a bit low and off the plate. In the games I've watched him throw, the umpires call these pitches strikes when Kluber throws them; then, to be fair, they start to call them for the opposing pitcher, also. Expanded strike zone = fewer runs, for both teams.

That is my theory, which is mine.

Comment 11 Jul 2015

Kenny's career base-stealing success rate was 79.5%, which is elite for a high-volume base stealer.

But I gotta admit, nothing has made me appreciate Kenny Lofton more than watching 3 years of Michael Bourne...

Comment 10 Jul 2015

Frank Epitropoulos' father and uncle were, I believe, from Warren, OH; so that's another indication that the story is about him.

And this story on Rivals247 suggests that Frank is looking to return to football, possibly at Michigan St.

Comment 07 Jul 2015

Thanks for the link to this article, 81; it's an interesting read.

I'm not taking the VT game for granted, and I'll acknowledge that some teams' schemes and personnel match up better against certain opponents.

While I'll credit the writer for his observations, I'll point out a couple of factors, in last year's game, that he overlooked:

  • Ezekiel Elliot was playing one-handed
  • The offensive line was, at that point, one of the least-experienced units in the nation.
  • J.T. Barrett was making just his second start.

In other words, the OSU offense was much better, by the time they played MSU and Bama, than they were when the played VT.

I believe that the Buckeyes will need to bring their A game to Blacksburg; the Hokies had a tough year and are out to prove something. Nonetheless, I think the smart money is on OSU.

Comment 06 Jul 2015

If ESPN flew Herman into Tuscaloosa, that would be proof of a conspiracy!

Comment 04 Jul 2015

Well, if Loving plays about 30 minutes a game and shoots >40% from 3-point range, it may create some buzz; at that point, he just needs someone to convince him that he's likely to be a late first round pick. I wouldn't bet the farm on that, but I'm just saying that stranger things have happened.

Also, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that JaQuan Lyle will play his way into being a one-and-done draft prospect.

Comment 03 Jul 2015

A tip of the "Woody" cap to you, sir!

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Saad - Johansen - Jenner

Ummm, isn't Jenner a C? That line has 1 LW and 2 C.

Comment 29 Jun 2015

Akron was 5-7 in 2014, which seems semi-respectable; however, according to sports-reference.com, the "Simple Rating System" ranked Akron 106th of 128 teams. So it appears that the Akron fans recognized that they probably had better ways to spend their time and money.

I'd say that they need to improve their on-field product, and also look at the peripherals (ticket prices, parking cost and availability, etc.)

I'm not sure that Terry Bowden is a great fit there; he's got a televangelist persona and no record of football success elsewhere.