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Comment 22 Jun 2016

Personally, I'd like to see the honor reserved for members of the OSU "family": alumni, faculty, or people who have contributed significantly to the university.

I respect what Buster Douglas accomplished, but I don't think he qualifies as part of the OSU family. And if we acknowledge that allowing him to dot the i was a mistake, then there's no reason to use his experience as justification to make the mistake again. (This is sort of like the baseball hall of fame, where people argue, "well, if Sidney Single is in the hall, then Dudley Double should be in"; when, in fact, the bar should be set at Henry Homer.)

It is, however, probably only a matter of time until the university designates the 3x3 square, where the dot goes, as a "parking space", and sells CampusParc a 50-year lease to determine who gets to "park" there on football Saturdays.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

... and an undersized center, who played his ass off, but was occasionally over-matched by teams that ran 5-man fronts, or that had elite talent at DT or NT. Can't fault his work ethic or tenacity, but I think a lot of the slobs' troubles* began with the "285-lb ball of nasty" failing to win his assignment.

Elflein at C may be prove to be a significant upgrade.

* - and yes, I fully concede, most teams would love to have such "troubles".

Comment 21 Jun 2016

However (comma) those stats lump all sacks and/or QB scrambles that began as passing attempts into the rushing category.  Just by adding the 19 QB sacks on Jones and JT last season, that ratio becomes 62.1:37.9 closing in on 60:40.  Throw in the scrambles, and I'm guessing the 2015 Buckeyes were almost dead on 60:40 pass to rush attempts.

Not sure how to account for the "pocket pass" plays, which count as passes but are basically running plays for the H-back or WR.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

Pitching wins the post season.

This seems to be generally true, which makes the Kershaw Konundrum all the more puzzling.

Because of all the off days, teams frequently tighten their post-season rotations; Bauer may be the best #5 starter in the league, but it's likely that either Tomlin or Bauer would end up in the bullpen, if the Indians make the post season.

One more R hand stick

Here's a semi-weird factoid: in the 2016 draft, in rounds 1-20, the Indians drafted 14 non-pitchers. Only 3 of them bat right-handed; 3 are switch hitters, and 8 bat L. In the 2015 draft, in rounds 1-20, the Indians drafted 10 non-pitchers: 4 R, 4 L, and 2 S. In fact, in the entire Indians minor league system, Clint Frazier is the only right-hand hitting OF that projects as an MLB starter.  (Although, the Clippers have been trying Yandy Diaz in LF; he might get a September call-up as a platoon OF partner for Chisenhall or Naquin.)

Comment 21 Jun 2016

Tressell used to say, "Win the surest way." If the surest way is running the ball down the opponents throat, then... there you go.

the talent is there but is the coaching commitment there.

The coaches' primary commitment is to moving the ball, scoring points, and winning games. I agree that the Buckeyes have a lot of dangerous weapons on offense, but Zeke was sort of like a .50 caliber machine gun.

Comment 20 Jun 2016

It seems pretty clear that Matta and staff are focused on assembling a team of guys who really want to play for Ohio State. If Johnson wants to go elsewhere, that's his prerogative. I wish Johnson well, except in the event that we play NC State.

I feel that Matta has been sufficiently successful, that we should withhold judgement, on his shift of recruiting priorities, until we see how it turns out. 

Comment 20 Jun 2016

Well, they have at least one (Joey Votto). 

And they have some guys who would be useful to a contending team with a roster hole.

Comment 17 Jun 2016

as they rend their clothing every August (when the Indians are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs) and slightly later in August (when the Browns are in practicality if not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs).

That's cold. Accurate, but cold.

Comment 17 Jun 2016

during a game - I get this - 

coach, coach!

why do you have hair growing in your nose?

At the next practice, make the entire team run gassers till they puke; when they do, twist your nose hairs, between finger and thumb, as if they were the end of a handlebar mustache, and laugh maniacally. This is what football coaches call "character building".

Comment 20 May 2016

but the guys with the better hands tend to have slower feet (maybe something to do with fast twitch vs. slow twitch muscle composition and its affect on hand-eye coordination) and the guys who are better in space with the ball in their hands are generally shitty catchers of the ball.

I'm not sure there is (or isn't) a relationship between fast/slow twitch, and hand-eye coordination.

I think the dichotomy we see is due to:

* if you're not a threat to take it to the house, you have to be extremely sure handed, or you don't win the job

* if you're not extremely sure-handed, you have to be an extreme threat after a clean catch, or you don't win the job

(If you're sure-handed and an extreme threat after a clean catch, you're Ted Ginn.)

Basically, the coaches treat it like buying stock: determine the maximum risk you can tolerate, and then go with the (ahem) greatest potential return that doesn't exceed that maximum risk.