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Comment 12 Dec 2014

Disclaimer: I'm not saying that Braxton will, or should, transfer.


  • Braxton decides to transfer
  • Braxton wants to play QB in the NFL

... then he should transfer to a school that needs a QB right now, runs a pro-style offense, and has a head coach, or QB coach, who has a track record of preparing QBs for the NFL. A talented offensive line, that can help keep Braxton's shoulder joint intact, would be a plus. There probably aren't a whole lot of schools that meet those criteria.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

There are a plenty of guys who can run a 40-yd dash in the 4.45 - 4.55 range.

- Some of them can catch.

-- Some of them can run good patterns.

--- Some of them can block well enough to actually get snaps.

Assuming that a guy can catch, run patterns, and block, when he hasn't been asked to do any those tasks, is optimistic.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

My search has come up empty, also.

I spoke with someone at Buckeye Corner who says that they didn't get any Gold Pants T-shirts this year. Apparently, beating Michigan is now a common occurrence, and not worthy of a commemorative T-shirt.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

I have to agree, Archie Griffin is one of the classiest people you'll ever meet.

I love this 1975 article from Sports Illustrated:

Nicknamed "Tank" because of his ponderous ways on the field, Archie decided at age 12 to pare down his 150 pounds. By then the family had given up the grocery store and, instead of mainlining on Almond Joys, he began running to and from school. He lifted "weights"—two cases of beer bottles filled with dirt and attached to the ends of a mop handle. He converted the family bathroom into a steam box by turning the hot water on full force; then, encasing his body in airtight plastic cleaning bags, he did jumping jacks until the plastic melted on his back. And on hot summer days he pulled on three mohair sweaters, climbed into the family's disabled station wagon, rolled up the windows and did sit-ups while dreaming of dancing down the sideline.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

It was not an impressive game for Mitchell.

7 points, fouled out, did a lot of standing around.

Comment 06 Dec 2014

That leaves the seams and middle of the field open for H&V to do damage

The middle of the field is probably the most dangerous area for an inexperienced QB to throw into; it's easy to see the "open" receiver, and difficult to see the safety or linebacker who is closing on the ball. It's high-risk, and occasionally high-reward. Fortunately, we can probably expect Cardale to put some zip on his throws, so that reduces the time the secondary has to close on the ball; unfortunately, if the TE tips, but does not catch, a pass over the middle, well... bad things happen.

The coaching staff has seen Cardale make all the throws in practice; they'll call the plays that they're confident he can execute, as they would with any QB.

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Does JT have the big-time arm that would make him a first round pick?

I love his poise and decision making, and he has shown good (but not exceptional) accuracy and touch; but I don't know if he can "make all the throws" against NFL secondaries. I'm not saying he can't play in the NFL; I'm just saying that I'm not convinced he'd be an early round pick, and I'm not sure he'd go early if he projected to be a 4th rounder...

Comment 05 Dec 2014

I wouldn't be shocked to see Bubba Starling, the former prep phenom, bail on his baseball career (he batted .218 in the Carolina league, with 150 K's in 482 ABs) and try his hand at QB at Nebraska. There are no curveballs in football.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Athens had 2 WRs (the Luehrman twins) who were 6'4", and athletic; that's a nice pair of weapons in high school. On some occasions, Burrow could just lob it up and let them make a play.

I liked Burrow's poise and pocket presence, and he's a decent runner. He showed good vision of the field, although he had one picked off on a late throw over the middle. I'll be interested to see how he looks after a red-shirt season. He definitely has potential.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

On one hand, I can sort of see where the non-UFM voters are coming from. OSU should be number one in the conference; they have the best facilities, the biggest budget, they're the only top-tier team in a state that produces a lot of good players, etc. And, for what it's worth, I think OSU was out-coached in the Virginia Tech game. And, Jerry Kill is a likable guy with a good story.

On the other hand... I was watching the replay of last year's B1G championship game, and I was reminded of the talent that had to be replaced this year:

  • First-round draft picks Bradley Roby and Ryan Shazier.
  • Third-round draft picks Carlos Hyde and Jack Mewhort.
  • Fifth-round draft pick Corey Linsley.
  • Seventh-round draft pick Christian Bryant.
  • NFL free-agents Andrew Norwell, Corey Brown.
  • Injured Braxton Miller.
  • Suspended Noah Spence.

Miller, Mewhort, Linsley, Norwell, Hyde, Roby, Shazier, and Spence were All-B1G selections. How many coaching staffs could lose that much talent, and still go 11-1? Sure, it's easier to replace these guys when your team is loaded with talent, but Meyer assembled a staff that recruits well, and they went out and out-recruited the rest of the B1G. The OSU tradition, resources, etc. will get them in the door, but the coaches still have to seal the deal.

In any case, I don't think Urban is moping around the house worrying about it; he's got a game (or 3) to coach.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

I wise man once noted, "The QB is a product of the team around him."