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Comment 23 Mar 2017

Harris & Jackson share the point,

I'm not sure Jackson would have come to OSU if Harris hadn't left

Potter can be the stretch 4 he was recruited to be and Thompson/Giddens share time in the paint.   

I recall reading at the end of the last season that Giddens saw himself as a stretch 4 (!) and that's one of the reasons he left.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

you are committed to continuing with Thad at least into next season?

Well, OSU is committed to paying him. But if Donovan wants to coach at Ohio State, and the only thing in the way is Matta's salary... just give Matta his money, tell him thank you, and pay Donovan NOW.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

I hope OSU beats the absolute crap out of Franklin and his bland band of drab; like, OSU 35 PSU 0 about 5 minutes into the second quarter, and the OSU subs add 28 more.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

I would love to see us grab Mark Smith, although I think it is an incredible long shot...esp with KState now involved...Dangit Bruce Weber

FWIW, Kansas St went 32-33 in the two seasons before this year. They went 21-14 this year (we'd happily trade places), but when they had lost 5 of 6 to drop to 17-12, there was some grumbling. Weber is a good coach, but he's not exactly in the Izzo / K / Callipari / level of job security.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

4. KBD- I'm not as sold as everyone else.  ...  just think expectations are too high and that may not be fair to his skill set.  

There's no guarantee that he'll be back to 100% following surgery. But keep in mind that, when we did see him this year, he was slowed by the stress fracture, and then the injury when someone rolled up his leg. I think he's reasonably quick, and obviously long, as a defender. He's not as quick on the dribble, but he's quick enough to be effective, and he's got enough length and touch to get some buckets. I think he can be an offensive force, if his health lets him be confident enough to be assertive. The key thing for KBD is a return to health.

5.  Micah Potter.  Just rebound and shoot the pop out. If you can consistenly do that, we don't need you to be jerry Lucas. 

Well, Jerry Lucas was a rebounding savant; it's unlikely that any college player is going to rebound like Lucas. But, as for Potter: he needs to improve in all areas, obviously. It's not clear that he can be strong enough to defend in the post, or quick enough to defend on the wing; we'll see. But he obviously has some offensive potential. He also showed some ability as a passer; if he can start making shots, and draw defensive attention, he should be able to get the ball to the open man.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

As a team, OSU shot 68.2% from the free throw line. In the B1G, they improved to 71.0%, which ranked 7th in the conference. FWIW, Loving, Lyle, Thompson, Bates-Diop, and Williams all shot better than 70%.

For the year, Tate shot 57.3% from the line. It's not surprising that Tate led the team in FT attempts; he plays aggressively, and I'm sure that the scouting report is to defend him aggressively and make him earn points at the stripe. 

It's worth keeping in mind that Tate has lost two off-seasons due to rehab from shoulder injuries. He really, really needs to focus on improving his FT shooting this summer. If he can get his percentage up to 70%, that would be significant. He'd get some free points, get more attempts at the second half of 1-and-1's, and perhaps discourage teams from fouling him with impunity (and thus perhaps improve his FG% and cut down on turnovers). As it is, he's a liability to have on the court when OSU is protecting a lead and in the bonus.

Comment 19 Mar 2017

 I think Kaleb Wesson is our starting center next year

Probably. Unless Kaleb make significant strides in his physical conditioning, enabling him to move his feet defensively, he's unlikely to play more than 20 minutes a game before he fouls out.

Comment 19 Mar 2017

1. Must solve O-line issues.

They signed a C and a G as FA's. So they're well on their way to solving that problem.

Comment 18 Mar 2017


I'm pretty sure that should be "QBs", plural. If 3 different guys don't start by game 10, it will be an upset.

Comment 17 Mar 2017

Here's some additional bad news...

2018 commit Dane Goodwin was held to 18 points, and his Upper Arlington team just lost 64-44 to Pickerington North, led by 27 points from Jerome Hunter, a 2018 OSU target who is crystal balled 60% to _ichigan. UA led by 1 point after 3 quarters, but PN won the 4th quarter 27-6, with Hunter scoring 13 points on 6-of-7 shooting.

The Columbus Dispatch reports

Maybe the only knock on Hunter is his 40 percent field-goal accuracy, a result of his propensity to settle for perimeter shots.

I suppose a 6-7 high school forward should shoot a pretty good percentage from in close, so I guess his outside shooting must be shaky right now. 

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Trust Your Bench - I know Thad for years has only gone 6-7 deep on the bench

Agreed. It's not as if the starters are destined to be NBA all-stars (or even B1G second-teamers). On a team like this, with a lot of average talent, it would be beneficial to have everybody go 100% when they're on the court, and roll fresh legs onto the court at regular intervals. The guys we have can't excel (or even compete) if they're conserving energy.

Comment 15 Mar 2017

fumbles way too much

FWIW: based on the ESPN box scores, here are all of the OSU fumbles from 2016:

Bowling Green: Corey Smith 1, Dontre Wilson 1, Joe Burrow 1
Tulsa: JT Barrett 1
Oklahoma: JT Barrett 1
Rutgers: none
Indiana: JT Barrett 1, Curtis Samuel 1
Wisconsin: JT Barrett 1, Dontre Wilson 1
Penn St: Dontre Wilson 1, Mike Weber 1
Northwestern: none
Nebraska: Dontre Wilson 1
Maryland: Dontre Wilson 1
Michigan St: Mike Weber 1, Curtis Samuel 1
Michigan: none
Clemson: Mike Weber 2

Mike Weber had 182 carries, and 23 pass receptions. He fumbled 4 times, including 3 fumbles in the last 3 games, when he was playing with a bad A/C joint.

I think Weber is a very good running back, with potential to be even better. I think 4 fumbles, in 205 touches, is a little higher than we'd like to see, but not necessarily an outrageous fumble rate, especially if we keep in mind the A/C joint injury. If he's healthy in 2017, I expect we'll see him button that up.

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Funderburk could not even get off the bench on a poor team.

From Thad's January 30 radio show:

Matta said freshman Derek Funderburk came to Ohio State at 190 pounds. He now weighs 214 pounds.

For comparison, David Bell is also listed at 6'9", and Bell is listed at 225. Bates-Diop, never confused as a hulk, is 6'7", 235. Clearly, Funderburk needed to add some muscle to make it worth burning a year of eligibility. Hopefully he's at 220+ by next season.

"220, 221, ... whatever it takes."