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Comment 03 Mar 2015

Cornershop - Brimful of Asha

Scott Miller & The Commonwealth - Loving That Girl

Bodeans - Good Things

Comment 25 Feb 2015

Actually, that might be the makings of the best movie of the week, ever.

America's Movie, even.

Comment 23 Feb 2015

I thought he proved in Carolina, that if you give him a vertical offense, a big armed QB, and some playing time, he will produce if you throw him the ball.

Well, that should rule out the Browns.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

I know that Havlicek had a great NBA career, but was he really a hall-of-fame guy in college?

In his 3 years, he averaged 12.2, 14.5, and 17.0 points per game, for a career average of 14.6. He also averaged 8.6 rebounds per game. Those are very good numbers, but are they elite numbers? Did his defense (for which there no available stats) make him an elite player?

Comment 11 Feb 2015

The thing is, he is more apt to do it, when the opponents are playing on the Indiana Bench side of the court.

He'd better be careful vs. Iowa, or Woodbury might poke him in the eye.

Comment 11 Feb 2015

Didn't he tear his ACL too?

The O.P. noted the torn ACL.

If I recall correctly, it happened on an on-side kick vs. MSU; I think Reed got wiped out by a 260-lb TE, a direct blow to the side of the knee. Reed had 4 catches for 38 yards in that game, which was game 5 of the season.

Best of luck to you, Mr. Reed.

Comment 11 Feb 2015

FWIW, the Buckeyes rank:

14th in the Pomeroy Index

35th in the RPI

12th in the BPI

Including the B1G tournament, there's still a lot of basketball to play.

I'm under the impression that the bracket committee uses (or at least used to use) the RPI as part of the seeding criteria; if they still use RPI, then the Buckeyes will need to close with a strong run to avoid a #8 or #9 seed (and a date with the #1 in round 2).

Comment 07 Feb 2015

OK, so we need a coach who will:

  • Not lose Ohio talent to elite programs like Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, NC.
  • Get elite talent from from other states, too.
  • Recruit players who never get into trouble.
  • Make the NCAA tournament every year; no down years allowed.
  • Never suffer an embarrassing early-round loss.
  • Make the Final Four routinely.
  • Win the damn thing once every 4 or 5 years, or so.
  • Run a clean program that never gets busted for NCAA violations.

But I'm not sure that guys like Izzo, Donovan, Williams, Pitino, Calipari, Smart, Boeheim, K, meet those criteria.

One tricky element of basketball is that you recruit a small number of guys every year; small sample size effects come into play. You miss on a guy, you're stuck with him for 4 years; you hit on 3 or 4 guys, and you're in the Final Four. Every program, this side of UK, rolls snake eyes once in a while. We've seen elite programs exit early; this year we're seeing Florida and Michigan State struggle. It happens.

Matta is a good coach. He might not be the best, but just about anybody that you can name, who is more accomplished, is firmly entrenched where he is. And, for what it's worth, it took Dean Smith quite a while to put it all together and win an NC at NC.

Just my opinion, but my guess is, if you replace Matta, the odds are at least 51% that the new guy won't match Matta's performance. I'd prefer not to make that gamble.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Does anybody have any insight regarding Drayton's decision to go to the Bears? Is he likely to get a big raise, or does he have family in the Chicago area? Had he expressed previously a desire to coach in the NFL?

Reading about how hard recruiting is, and how Drayton spent an entire day on the phone with Weber and Meyer, I wonder whether perhaps, ironically, the Weber drama gave Drayton the incentive to go to the NFL. NFL coaches actually have an "off season", and they don't have to spend all year trying to recruit teenagers, dealing with their high school coaches and parents, etc. Drayton was very, very good at it, but maybe he just got tired of it.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Well, by this time, the seniors are who they are. But Kam Williams, Marc Loving, Jae'Sean Tate, and maybe even Keita Bates-Diop, can still progress as the B1G season proceeds. By the time the B1G tournament rolls around, this might be a pretty decent team.