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Comment 5 hours ago

Also noticed that he has a 3.8 on ratemyprofessor

So, I read this, and, not knowing anything about "ratemyprofessor", I look it up and discover that one of the rating criteria for a professor is "hotness". I call B.S.

McNay has a valid point about the disconnect between the institution's academic mission, and the pursuit of athletic success. There are football and basketball players who would never make it through the admissions process if they were not athletes, and there is some evidence that athletic departments' "academic support" efforts are focused on keeping athletes eligible while ensuring that the athletes' study time doesn't encroach on time needed for practice and training.

Does it make sense that state tax money should be spent to subsidize college athletics, especially in a time of budget deficits? Not to me, but apparently most people in the country are OK with it, or perhaps have never taken the time to think about it.

Comment 6 hours ago

From the February 21 print edition of the Columbus Dispatch, some "FINAL" high school stats for the central Ohio area:

Dane Goodwin led the area with 27.0 ppg. He also had 10.0 rebounds per game, and shot 40.0% from 3pt range. He was not listed among the leaders in FT percentage (76.3% minimum) or assists (4.0 apg minimum).

Kaleb Wesson was third in scoring, 22.6 ppg. He was not listed among leaders in rebounds or field goal percentage, but I believe that was an oversight; in the Feb 14 edition, he was listed as averaging 10.9 rpg, and leading the area with a 66.5% FG percentage. In a game Saturday 02/18, he had 14 pts and 15 rebounds in a 

2018 target Jerome Hunter (247sports #3 Ohio prospect for 2018), of Pickerington North, averaged 19.3 ppg and 10.9 rpg.

2019 target Jeremiah Francis (247sports #2 Ohio prospect for 2019), of Pickerington Central, averaged 15.7 ppg. Jordan Mitchell of Gahanna (247sports #1 Ohio prospect for 2019) was not listed among the leaders.

2020 PG Dominiq Penn of Dublin Coffman averaged 15.2 ppg.

Comment 21 hours ago

Over the weekend, Dane Goodwin scored 39 points (a career high) against Dublin Coffman.

A Coffman player to keep an eye on is freshman PG Dominiq Penn, who had 16 against Upper Arlington, and then scored 35 against over-matched Columbus Linden. 

It will be interesting to see if OSU is able to get Jeremiah Francis in 2019 and Dominiq Penn in 2020, since they're both PG's and both "legacy" guys.

Comment 20 Feb 2017

Three years after their release, 5.3 percent of the offenders had been arrested for another sex crime.

Two years ago, Ohio prison statistics showed that 11 percent of released sex offenders returned to prison on sex charges, compared with a recidivism rate of 28.7 percent for all inmates.

recidivism is hard to measure because so many sex crimes go unreported.

"We don't know the true recidivism rate," Matson said.

So, ... even the best-case numbers suggest that 5.3% of sex offenders are later arrested for another crime. And considering that many sex crimes go unreported, and some portion of the reported crimes never result in an arrest, the true recidivism rate is almost certainly higher. Am I supposed to find that reassuring?

Comment 15 Feb 2017

If the football team was this bad and in a state of decline for 4 straight years it would not be tolerated.

Why should The Ohio State University and it's fans have to tolerate this in basketball?

The average OSU student / alumnus / fan wouldn't tolerate 2 years of this level of decline in football. Hell, people wanted to fire Urban when Ohio state lost to Virginia Tech.

The average OSU student / alumnus / fan is a lot less interested in the basketball team, and college basketball in general. It has been this way for at least 40 years. Fred Taylor, Eldon Miller, Gary Williams, Jim O'Brien, Thad Matta: they have all had some success, but none of them could sustain it. OSU football fans care about every play of every game of every season. A lot of OSU basketball "fans" pay attention when it appears that this year's team has a chance to go to the final four; as soon as it becomes apparent that this year's team is not that good, they yawn and quit paying attention.

The average Ohioan just cares a lot more about football (OSU, NFL) than basketball (OSU, NBA). You care, I care, but we're the exception, not the rule.

Comment 15 Feb 2017

What I will say is that VCA may be the largest in the conference

That's part of the problem. The building is enormous; between its size and acoustics, it's not easy to make the place loud. 13,000 people in St. John Arena was incredibly loud; in VCA it's like two people murmuring in a library.

The location of VCA is a problem, too; most of the dorms are just west of High St., and almost all off-campus housing is east of High St. If you live east of Indianola, you've got to be pretty darned devoted to OSU basketball to walk back and forth to VCA when it's 20 degrees, especially when you could stay home and watch it on your 40" TV.

In my mind, VCA is more of a liability than an asset.

Comment 15 Feb 2017

Olive Garden is "OK", provided you disabuse yourself of the notion that it's Italian food. It's Italian-ish, kind of. It's sort of like instant iced tea tastes nothing like real brewed iced tea, but if it's 100 degrees and you just finished cutting the grass, and you serve it with plenty of ice, instant iced tea is "OK".

Comment 15 Feb 2017

There is much to be said for OSU's quest to drive the university to the upper echelons of elite academic standing. Assembling thousands of bright faculty and students, from all over the world, on a campus of this size can enable some fantastic inter-disciplinary synergies.

Is the university neglecting its "land-grant" imperative? Perhaps. People throughout Ohio love and support The Ohio State University. As thousands of Ohio-raised students, many of them children of OSU alumni, are not admitted to the Columbus campus (even with ACT scores of 30 or 31, and GPA's over 3.9), there is a risk that the university alienates much of its traditional base. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Comment 14 Feb 2017

I don't think Thompson's game is pro-ready, but I suspect he might be convinced it is.

Bell is listed as 6-9, 225; he's definitely chiseled, but he could use some additional lower body mass. I think 20lbs would do him good, but unless he switches to the football team, I doubt he adds it.

Comment 14 Feb 2017

OK, so I get that there's a difference between a 1-T and a 3-T. 

But was specific characteristics does a guy need to be good at the 1-T?

Height? Weight? Long arms? Low center of gravity? Skilled hand-fighting? Ability to hold ground and fill his gap? Quick first step?

Looking at Michael Hill (6-3, 305), Josh Alabi (6-5, 295), Davon Hamilton (6-4, 297): it can't be that hard to put 8 pounds on Davon Hamilton, or 10 pounds on Josh Alabi. So what, besides weight, do those guys lack, in comparison to Hill?  Are they too tall to sink their hips and hold their ground? Are they simply not good enough to demand a double team?

Comment 14 Feb 2017

I've thought about Woody Hayes seeking cancer treatment in Ann Arbor

If Woody had contracted throat cancer, and the only place to treat it was TSUN, he would have simply punched himself in the throat as hard as possible. Chemo, schmemo.

In any case, best wishes to Bill Snyder, who is a class act.