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Comment 20 May 2016

but the guys with the better hands tend to have slower feet (maybe something to do with fast twitch vs. slow twitch muscle composition and its affect on hand-eye coordination) and the guys who are better in space with the ball in their hands are generally shitty catchers of the ball.

I'm not sure there is (or isn't) a relationship between fast/slow twitch, and hand-eye coordination.

I think the dichotomy we see is due to:

* if you're not a threat to take it to the house, you have to be extremely sure handed, or you don't win the job

* if you're not extremely sure-handed, you have to be an extreme threat after a clean catch, or you don't win the job

(If you're sure-handed and an extreme threat after a clean catch, you're Ted Ginn.)

Basically, the coaches treat it like buying stock: determine the maximum risk you can tolerate, and then go with the (ahem) greatest potential return that doesn't exceed that maximum risk.

Comment 13 May 2016

Fivethirtyeight.com just posted this article on the topic.

Pedro Martinez gets my vote for:

  • Best pitcher I ever saw.
  • Baseball player I would most like to punch in the face. That scrawny bastard must have had one of the highest HBP-to-BB ratios of all time.

Also, I never saw him, but I understand that Sidd Finch could really sling it.

Comment 30 Apr 2016

Per rotoworld, re: Higgins:

PFF ranks him as the ninth-best receiver in the 2015 pool and the No. 1 receiver outside of the Power-5.

If he's that good, then this is a steal.

I'm guessing that the Browns see Devalve as a "stretch the field" TE, not as a WR; but still, that's 4 WRs. Hopefully all of the rookie WR's make the team; should be entertaining to see how Griffin reacts when they mis-read the defense and run the wrong routes.

Comment 30 Apr 2016

When looking at scouting reports of players the Browns have drafted, common themes are "good work ethic" and "goes hard every down".

After dealing with Manziel and Gordon, it's apparent that Browns are after guys who really want to play in the NFL.