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Tickets for Va Tech

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September 2, 2014 at 8:28pm

OSU has recently released some tickets to the Va Tech game on ticketmaster.com, most are in C Deck but still some pretty good seats for face value. Wish I could make it but I cannot. Just thought I would pass along the info. 

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Whats the cheapest?

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Face value looks like $118 (that includes all of TM's charges). Considering what I have paid for scalped tickets before, that's a steal. However, I know everyone looks at that different. Some prefer the comforts of home, HDTV, clean bathroom, beer, cheap(er) food. To me, nothing compares to gameday/night in Ohio Stadium. 

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Why would someone DV this? +1 for general purpose.  

Btw, I agree; nothing beats an evening in the Shoe.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting!  This is why I love 11W so much--great community and insights!  My wife and I were planning to go and likely to scalp tickets for up to $500 for the pair.  We just picked up face value tickets in 12C, row 7--not the best, but not bad--for a total of $238 for the pair.  There are some additional ones out there as well for those still looking.  Go Bucks!

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Awesome. Look up and over your right shoulder and wave towards 10C. I'll be sure to wave back.

I'll be wearing....scarlet!! Those are great seats btw. You can see everything. I prefer C Deck now. Been up there for years.

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Sweet, will do!  :)

And thanks for the color on the seats.  We sat in 10B last year and liked the angle, but not the occasional pole-blocking view of action at the south end zone.  I figured 12C would still provide a nice angle and a good view given we are only 7 rows up.  Having sat all the way up top once last season at a different game, I'm looking to stay closer to the field when possible. Hoping the fans in C deck will act like A-deckers given its a night game!

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I have a pair at 1C row 9 seats 6-7 that I will sell at face value. Has to be local exchange and I paid $238 for both. 

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Damn now I wish I would have held off on getting the Cincinnati tix when I did.. 


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I've noticed this happens every year for every game outside of the Michigan one. Wait until a few days before kick and they release all the one's alums didn't buy. Works like a charm. 

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Ill will keep this in mind for next year...