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Ohio State vs Navy on the YouTubes

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August 31, 2014 at 10:05am

tornadomanatwork doin' work. 


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God bless tornadoman I'm already subscribed to his channel lol

stark county football

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thank you tornadoman

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Rock on, tornadomanatwork!

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My favorite playlist just got longer - well done

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Thanks for posting this, I was looking for something exactly like this for work tomorrow.

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Check these out if you get bored at work. 


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Gotta ask:  is "the youtubes" in the original comment block a shout out to Chip Chipperson?

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Awesome! My night just got better

Our Honor Defend!

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and to think I was worried how I was going to spend Tuesday afternoon at work. This is awesome, pretty excited to break down the tape the rest of the day, really understand what happened out there


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sweet, thanks for the heads up, working nights doing "build outs" at a mall, sports authority specifically. got done around 2 and watched the 2nd half again. our D is quick and a lot of new faces had to pause &  rewind a lot, lol. I saw a lot missed tackles the 2nd time. our DB's tend to have bad fundamentals tackling wise. overall much approved from last year. if we could just get them to not leave their feet when tackling, they like to semi launch with their heads down. not a lot of our DB's are sticking in the show seems like, is it tackling?