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Comment 11 hours ago
Illinois is the Cousin Eddie of the B1G family, or maybe that title belongs to Purdue. Either way, the shitter's full.
Comment 25 Dec 2014

Thanks for the highest of compliments Fromthe18 and Osu07asu10. Am I worthy of all that? No. Will I gladly and humbly accept them?

You might want to decline the initial incarnation of the "Dubbie Award". In it's current state, it's comprised of cardboard toilet paper rolls, duct tape, and some loose "hairs" found in the shower drain...not quite mantle worthy...but I'm working on it.

Comment 24 Dec 2014

Lou strikes me as a man that will work until the day he drops dead. I doubt a tweet from a college kid will change that. If and when Lou does retire, I'm pretty sure that he will continue to stay active giving speeches, writing books, etc. It's just in his nature. As far as his commentary goes, he's still no Mark May. Advantage...old guy.

Comment 19 Dec 2014
Who da fuq is Urban Maarrr? It's Meyer you idiot.The only thing these southern assholes hate more than northerners are multisyllabic words.
Comment 16 Dec 2014

So, while driving home from work tonight, I started channel surfing about a few miles from my house. I finally landed on the Finebaum show as I was approaching my neighborhood. Paaawl, had Gary Danielson on the show to give his opinion about the Sugar Bowl and other $EC-taint-licking topics. Gary drones on and on in his typical condescending, elitist tone, that only a man with a small penis can master, about how dominant Bama is over tOSU just as I'm pulling into my driveway. I'm thinking about sitting in my vehicle for a few more minutes just to hear his rationale for such a statement, when Gary developed a rare case of "truth tourettes" and admitted that he's only watched tOSU play once this year. Not surprised by the admission of ignorance, I turned off my vehicle, closed the garage door, and smoked a big fat bowl confident in the notion that the $EC ain't gonna know what hit 'em.