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Buckeye Cablesystem picks up CBSSN!

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August 25, 2014 at 1:55pm

Announced they have been added to Buckeye Cable Systems channels. 170 for standard definition. 586 for HD. Great news!!

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Man, I have been sweating where to go in Columbus to catch the game, so hopefully this helps my plight some. If anyone has some Short North / OSU campus recommendations for places that are sure to have the game, lemme know.

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I've typically watch games at home or at a buddy's place but I watched Ohio State @ USC (what was that, 2009?) on Campus and it was a horrible experience.They were playing music during the game and not the commentary. I think it was McFaddens.

I'll have to hit up a bar for this Saturday since my friends and I have grown up and the ones still around Columbus cut the cord on cable... maybe Gallos? 

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probably would have helped people if they made that decision a few weeks ago. by now plans have already been made.

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Thank you BCS from all of us Toledo area Buckeye fans!  Thanks to you too SD!

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Im so glad thry did! After Braxton's injury, attention on the game went up dramatically. I wonder if this played a part in adding cbssports the week of the game. I mean buckeye cable went like 8 months without NBC but added it back about a month ago probably because the NFL seasons starting. Football rules the world!

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wish WOW would do the same

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Is it bad that I actually imagined Beth Mowins saying this in my head?

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