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Comment 08 Oct 2015

I really like Wiltfong and believe he's one of the best in the business but Crystal Ball picks are his opinion of how he thinks a recruit is leaning at the moment and he's usually always having inside info on that. Gary to TTUN is probably a good bet right now, Wiltfong believes that and he should and we all should.

TTUN is showing vast improvement but this weekend and a couple after will define if they have really changed or if they just used the OOC schedule and a terrible Maryland team to boost the image in Ann Arbor. They are going up against a solid defense and a competent offense, we'll see if they prove they're for real or if June Recruiting Titles and September Heismans are really all they care about.

As for Hamlin, IMO I think until OSU completely stops pursuing him, he will always be a lean to the Buckeyes. I've never had a good feeling about Fuller but hoping OSU can land one of the two. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Lol I love how our definition of looking like shit is 100+ others team's dream. Undefeated, insane amount of room to improve, very talented roster, two great QBs, talented attacking defense with speed and length all over the field. Man we must have it bad...

Think about it this way, if the way our Buckeyes are playing is shit then what the hell are they going to look like when they are playing nine strong? Scary thought. Have faith y'all, in case the panickers forgot, look up who the Head Coach of our team is

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Him retweeting tweets from people bashing OSU and Urban seemed like pretty clear writing lol. Lindsey from NV would fit just as well. Good luck to him with whatever he chooses, just hope he doesn't wait too long, a lot of talented kids at his "position" in 2017.

Comment 27 Sep 2015

Oddly enough I'm more impressed with their loss. Utah looks to be the real deal and they played them tough on the road.

BYU is two Hail Marys away from being 0-4, wouldn't be surprised to see them lose 4-5 more games this year. TTUN will have confidence in November and that's exactly what you want. One of my boys who is a fan of that team already posted a "We're baaaaack" status on Facebook. Do I want or think UM has to be good for Ohio State's sake? No, I hope they lose every game. But it's just not fun when UM fans have no confidence and come into the game expecting a loss, it's better when they think they're good and the Buckeyes (hopefully) throttle them.

The Game in AA this year should be great. 

Comment 26 Sep 2015

This may be a dumb answer but knowing the NCAA, to them that has to be some sort of violation. 

What's stopping Ohio State from zooming in on coaches and stealing play calls? 

Comment 26 Sep 2015

You watch your god damn mouth when talking about the T like that! 

Birm come get this guy trash talking our great city. 

Comment 23 Sep 2015

"Is Joe Flacco an elite NFL quarterback?"

"I never called Connor Cook's sister back."

"Mark May prefers the yellow starburst."

"Bielema ate my other sign."

"The SEC complained about my other sign."

"Dantonio still has iOS 8."

"Sparty players use Bing instead of Google."

"Calhoun doesn't like Nutella."


And my sign will be:

"Dantonio likes to send Facebook game invites."

Comment 23 Sep 2015

Blew this up and put it on a sign last year, Gumtape.

They definitely didn't allow it. Maybe I'll have better luck in Columbus?

Comment 22 Sep 2015

I don't think it's that cut and dry. Urban has admitted there are some calls that he wants to make if he sees that look in a guys eye, he wants to get said guy the ball. That's not 100% of the time though. You have progressions that the QB must go through, and maybe Thomas will be the first read but it's not like Urban says if you can't get it to him then just throw it away. There's enough playmakers on this team that guess what, they might shadow Thomas all game or put a backer underneath his side and live or die by other guys getting the ball. MT might not get any touches 1 game but I'm not worried. Just how it goes sometimes and that's when we need guys to step up and we will. Not a doubt in my damn mind we will. 

Then again, nothing will go right if the offensive line and quarterback play continues to be poor. So basic execution first. 

Comment 22 Sep 2015

How many people would believe me if I told them after Conley's less than stellar game against Sparty that he would be a stud through the first 3 games of this year so far?

The defense is flying around with a purpose. I think our defensive line has insane depth right now and our OLBs have a solid two deep with how well Booker and Worley have looked. I would have liked to see some blowouts against Hawaii and NIU for the sake of playing the younger guys/getting them experience but I can't complain at all. 

The offense will get it figure out soon I believe. They have time to but the turnovers need to stop. A quick turnaround for any defense is dangerous no matter who you are. Once Ohio State gets that power ball game back humming and sustains some drives, the defense will look even more solid.

Its a great time to be a Buckeye. Don't take it for granted guys. 

Comment 22 Sep 2015

I'm not for an age limit but I do think you should have to prove you've drank bourbon before. 

Comment 22 Sep 2015


WMU threw all over MSU's defense but IMO our defense lives for the pass and is much better than Sparty's defense. Think we continue to be surprised by Gareon as he has a pick 6. 

PJ Fleck is a hell of a coach and I wouldn't be surprised if he copies exactly what NIU did on defense and tries to replicate it. So until our offense starts moving how it was moving the last 3 games of the year, I just can't imagine them getting more than 40 points. Zeke will get his I believe with over 100 on the ground and 2 TDs. Braxton will house one on a direct snap and Baugh will catch a TD pass. Field goal at some point, I'll say right before halftime. 

Hope I'm wrong and our boys score 100. 

Comment 19 Sep 2015

I don't think I have a problem with IMG as described in the article. They do seem to prep the students pretty well, I think what people should be concerned about is how they go about getting these players. It's clear they recruit like a college team (getting Patterson, Nauta, etc) and I wouldn't be surprised at all if some of these players' parents aren't paying a dime. As for scheduling, teams are going to schedule IMG with a chance to be viewed nationally. I'm pretty sure they play like 12 games and 3 are against teams from Florida.

Comment 16 Sep 2015

My claim to fame was in a scrimmage my freshman year against Piqua, I was playing DE for the first time because my whole life I was considered a slob so I had to play offense and no defense (weight limits). Somehow at my size (6'5 240) I caught former Buckeye and state champion in the 100 meter Brandon Saine after he had about a 10-15 yard lead on me. We ended up losing by like 6 touchdowns but I had my 15 seconds. 

Comment 14 Sep 2015

Another thing (which coaches won't admit to) is that they run some things in certain situations against lesser opponents to see what works and what doesn't. The game is never really going to be in doubt even when the score is close because you can turn it on and blow a team out if necessary... But with that they get live game tape of situations you simply can't simulate in practice. The short week making the lineman tired mixed with the coaches being experimental on offense led to a bad looking offense in my opinion.

I think the team will come out Saturday and look better. Hopefully the Silver Bullets continue to be as good as last game and the offense can get back to that 7-9 yards per play type of offense. That combo is dangerous. 

Comment 12 Sep 2015

Cardale missed some reads and had Campbell wide open a couple times but JT's accuracy was a bit off as it's a push!!

In my opinion but QBs looked bad but you know who looked the worst? The offensive line. The offense, especially the QBs, just aren't going to operate like it did at the end of the season if the slobs are playin well. Hawaii had a couple sacks today! I mean Virginia Tech's amazing defensive line didn't even have one sack! You could tell the boys up front were tired and it's a result of a short week.

At the end of the day the Buckeyes won by 38 points and the defense pitched a shutout. I'm not thrilled with how they played overall but I am happy with the result. It's week 2, let's let the coaches who just won us a National Title figure this out... and guess what, they will.