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Comment 05 Sep 2016

Really wanted to see them slim Cornell down a bit and let him play at 3T. Think he could've played well there. But some of the young guys impressed as well. Were shooting through the line and it comes with experience but they need to be able to keep their balance when they do that. Washington and Bosa were perfect at it. They didn't let the offensive line guide them after they got through, kept their balance and went after the QB.

Comment 05 Sep 2016

Defensive line has to create pressure, especially from the interior since that's how Houston was able to disrupt the OU offense. Haven't gotten to watch Tulsa play but will probably watch their game tonight. I saw a poster early say Nick Bosa might have a bigger role than we originally thought and I couldn't agree more. Could see Hubbard sliding inside more often and Nick rushing on the edge at least until they are comfortable playing Nick inside with him testing out his knee. I always thought Nick being a tad shorter but stronger and maybe faster than Joey would make an unblockable 3T.

The offense will be just fine, Too many playmakers to stop, Warinner up in the box is so much better than on the field, Barrett running the show and no forcing it to certain players in certain packages or because one made a good block down field. I think we saw a somewhat vanilla offense from the Buckeyes on Saturday, nothing too crazy. They ran their usual inside zones, counters, read-options, etc. The only thing I don't like that they do is when they completely cut the field in half with those roll out flood plays. Especially when they do it to the short side of the field. Other than that I really liked the offense. Weber got his feet wet, the young WRs were looking good blocking and catching the ball, Barrett was fairly accurate downfield, a couple he could let go sooner and he had a few overthrows but that's bound to happen with so many new WRs and getting a feel for being back in competitive football. The offense is young but buckle up because I truly think this offense could break records.

Comment 05 Sep 2016

With all due respect, I would like you to never mention Herman coaching at LSU again.

All those talented kids that go down to LSU, the ridiculous athletes they have plus being able to get any kid they want in the state, me thinking about Tom Herman coaching that scares me. No knock to Houston and I think they are a great group of men and Herman has done wonders with getting the most out of every single player there. I just look at what has been on the LSU roster in the past and what is on there currently. You can imagine how many yards Fournette would put up in Herman's offense. Plus Herman would actually take a QB like Brandon Harris and actually get him to play up to his potential

Not even afraid to say, Herman takes over LSU and wins the SEC within his first two seasons, bet the house on that.

Comment 05 Sep 2016

There were a couple games in the past that I feel like sell recruits on the program. Just the hype and atmosphere and outcome. I wouldn't be surprised if this Texas game lands them some big boys that were there. 

Gesicki, while I don't see it as a huge loss, was basically committed to Penn State after their thriller win in OT a few years back I think against TTUN? Could say the same with Damien Harris and Bama. 

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Annnnnd like I've been saying, this is why you never stop recruiting a 5 star RB who fits your scheme perfectly just because a commit says he'll look around if another RB commits. 

Three scenarios can play out. 

If you keep recruiting Akers:

A) Akers commits and Dobbins stays.

B) Akers commits and Dobbins flips.

If you stop recruiting Akers:

A) Dobbins stays

B) Dobbins still feels like 1b, he flips.

I'll take the first scenario everyday of the week. Never stop recruiting high profile guys just because your current recruits don't like the idea. 

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Samuel is a very exciting player and I truly think he'll be the #1 playmaker but I hope we don't force him the ball. There is so much talent on this team that I'd hate for it to be a "how can we get the ball in Samuels hands" instead of just running the offense as is. 

Curtis Samuel along with Noah Brown, Corey Smith, Marcus Baugh, Dontre Wilson, Mile Weber, Parris Campbell, etc are all good enough to get the job done on offense. There should be no need to force only one the ball. Absolutely hated that last year. I love Braxton and I'm sure the staff did last year, he'll he might go down as my favorite Buckeye ever but the way they tried forcing him the ball made me break things.