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Comment 7 hours ago

He doesn't have to be a good runner, he just has to be a good enough runner. He had 2 long runs today that compared to Braxton looked like they were 3 yard slow runs but one was the draw on 3rd and 11 which he got the first down after EzE laid out the LB and the other was the roll out on 2nd down when he had room to run and no one was open and he ran for 10. That is exactly what I want from a QB. Over 80% accuracy, didn't take big hits, got first downs with his legs as well. Had one mistake when he tried to do too much but he will get better and Herman and Urban will both tell him, throw the ball away, we'll try another play and if that fails, we get 3 points. JT Barrett impressed me today. 

Comment 8 hours ago

Yes they did all look legit. I loved how many playmakers touched the ball today. Dontre & Jalin Marshall and Samuel & Elliott is going to be ridiculous. Fresh bodies in there carrying the rock is always a good thing. Devin Smith is always a home run threat and Mike Thomas had some good catches. Hoping to see more out of Corey Smith. Crazy to think but Curtis looked farther ahead both physically and mentally than Dontre did last year. I think we are really going to see this team come alive next week. Nerves are out of the way, no 3-4 defense to compete against, no crazy triple option. Man college football is great.

P.S. I thought Dontre was fast and shifty last year... He looked 10x that today. Big game next Saturday! Go Buckeyes!

Comment 11 hours ago

Like Hove said. Patience.

Did everyone really think losing an NFL caliber RB, 4 SR offensive linemen, along with our two time B1G MVP QB was going to mean nothing? That the offense would not skip a beat? Let's sweat this one out and see what happens in the 2nd half. It's gonna be a tough one, was always going to be.

Comment 11 hours ago

Or is it the thousands of people on 11W on gameday commenting, adding 500+ comments to be loaded everytime someone clicks on the open thread? 

Comment 15 hours ago

With the rise of Tommy Schutt and Noah Spence's suspension, are we going to see Diesel Washington bump outside again? 

Joey Bosa

Tommy Schutt

Michael Bennett

Adolphus Washington

Can. Not. Wait!!!

Comment 29 Aug 2014

True. Hopefully an Ohio team or my Niners pick him up. Would love for him to spell Kaepernick. 49ers offense is mostly short passes and read options. I think he could really excel in that offense. 

Comment 29 Aug 2014

I love Braxton and hate that he got injured. That being said, I always thought Herman depended on Braxton way too much. Now it is a great thing that we have a QB as athletically gifted as B is but I always thought as long as Braxton and Hyde were in the backfield, we wouldn't utilize all the weapons out wide as much as we should. With JT back there, Herman has to use the abundant of weapons he has. I think in some way, it's a blessing in disguise. Hopefully we will see tomorrow. 

Comment 29 Aug 2014

Watched last years Duke vs Navy game last night on YouTube... Yes I know I'm pathetic. But they held Navy to 7 points and killed Reynolds all day. They played a similiar defense to what Ash has been implementing. Press corners. Walkout LB. Fast safeties. They had a perfect gameplan for stopping Navy. They got Navy in a lot of 3rd and long situations and created turnovers. I know we are all pretty nervous about this game. I would be even more nervous if it was mid season, like a week before MSU, UM or PSU. But I'm confident that Urban will have them ready. A lot of time to prepare for this, not overlooking Navy and talking to past coaches who have had success against Navy... I think offense scores in the 30+ range. 38-10 good guys. 

Did I mention that Duke's QB was 31/38 and threw for 3 TDs... I'm excited for tomorrow.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

They put more SEC teams in the top 25 so they can point to big ranked matchups wins to make a more compelling case for mid and high level SEC teams. SC didn't look like the 9th ranked team in the nation last night that's for damn sure. But if Texas A&M wins 10-11 games and SC loses 6-7 this year, they will still say "Oh well A&M beat a top 10 team, and so and so only had one win against a quality top 25 opponent." Yeah no shit they beat a top 10 team but SC ended the season outside the top 25, they weren't a top 10 team to begin with. Ole Miss is a top 20 team? Nah. The SEC bias is real folks.

Whoever said it last night nailed it on the head.

"ESPN was the SEC Network before SEC Network." 

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I take it as maybe he means the WRs haven't been as dynamic as he would like since he arrived at Ohio State. He always says he wants his receivers to be able to take a short pass and make a big play out of it. Wants his players to make big plays in space.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I think the issue isn't with the length of Josh's suspension but with the length of Ray's. When compared, it looks bad. IMO they need to tweak these suspensions but until then... It's still the rules and the punishments are clearly stated. 

That being said, Josh agreed to a contract where in it, basically says don't smoke weed. Period. Does it suck? Yes. But it's all on Josh Gordon to not smoke and try not to even be around it considering his past suspensions. 

Comment 28 Aug 2014

So I was watching the Navy game against Army last year. I took a couple things from it and was waiting for the right article to post in.

I noticed that Navy rarely huddles and does the whole Ohio State tempo where the offensive line will be on the line ready to go, they might go or they might look to the sideline for a call. My question would be how is this going to effect Coach Johnson's idea of rotating players in. 

Another thing, Navy had few problems with Army's defensive line, where they beat Army soundly was the dive against 3 down lineman, the LBs would shadow one side, over pursue and end up giving huge plays up the middle to Reynolds and the Fullback. Sometimes were stopped but it was when the LBs guessed and got it right. I think the Buckeyes will be able to keep the 4 up front and get a push allowing Perry, Lee and most importantly Grant to make plays on their keys. Most of Navy's big plays were up the middle, meaning the front 4, especially the middle 2 and Curtis Grant need to be solid. Navy had trouble on the edges running the ball, Army didn't have the fastest players but they all would take their keys and stop the outside runs. Passing the ball Navy had some success against the coverage. Our DBs will need to be aggressive in the press and will likely be asked to jam the WR at the line 95% of the time. Some plays, just an extra split second allowing them to either read their teammates and notice run or pass. 

Defensively Navy was pretty good up front. The defensive line didn't really allow a lot up the middle. They did get torched the first part of the game on the outside. Rushing and passing wise. I noticed they also started to cheat up their safeties and that should be really good if the Buckeyes can get a couple PA passes over the top. I think Ohio State will be able to do everything offensively. Navy's defense plays hard but I think our offensive line will be more ready than people think. Same with JT and the playmakers. 

42 - 13 


Comment 26 Aug 2014

I know a lot has been said about who starts next season if Braxton comes back. Unless JT has some miraculous 1st season that mirrors or tops Braxton's junior season, I don't understand how anyone could say it'd even be a competition. I honestly think Braxton could have won the Heisman this year with this somewhat inexperienced team, just think what he would have and could do next year. This year I truly think we would have seen distributor Braxton. You gotta remember, most of his runs last year, like 85% were designed QB runs. When he stood back on passing plays he was going through all his progressions, reads, check downs etc. it was Herman/Urban who got comfortable with running Braxton and Hyde. I imagine Braxton would've done damage this year and has the potential to do even more next year with an experienced offensive line, experienced WRs and an aggressive defense in year 2 of the new scheme. 

I hope JT does work this year and I'm confident he will, but that man up in those pictures with Dr. James Andrews is our QB and he deserves his Senior year for sure. Get better 5!

Comment 25 Aug 2014
Same here. Was a DE and my favorite stunt was "Nurse" which was a Nose under End stunt. Our nose tackle was 6'4 and around 340 but with fast feet. The guard was always so confused and would basically throw himself into the tackle when he saw our NT diving to the 4 which would leave me a gap and free run into the backfield.