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Comment 29 Nov 2016

I dont think I've ever heard of a defense losing all 11 starters before, that's gotta hurt. Now I see why their DL was so damn good, a lot of experience and two bookends that will probably be first day guys. Good luck Harbs, next year will be the year we truly see how that staff develops 

Comment 24 Nov 2016

Haskins just reminds me of Winston and Burrow reminds me of a bigger Hundley. I like both but I think Haskins just has that leadership quality that Barrett has. Burrow seems like a Dalton type of guy where yes he could be the QB but could he make my entire offense believe we were going to score? He just seems quiet. I guess I'm no professional but when I see Haskins spending extra time with Barrett on and off the field more than I see Burrow it just speaks to me. Now I may be wrong and Burrow could be the best Brady I just have a good feeling about Dwayne. I'm his #1 fan to be completely honest.

For Martell, you say you've watched Manziel highlights and that he was a QB that only made plays with his legs when they play broke down, Martell makes plays with his arm AND legs. Watch JF's game against Bama... enough said. Martell is that plus more. He's a game changer at QB, period. 

Comment 22 Nov 2016

Have you not watched any tape of Martell then? Kid looks like the next (college version!) of Manziel. His track record speaks for itself and from what I can tell he's a damn good leader. I don't think he'd come in and beat out Haskins or Burrow but he's gonna be great to have in the stable.

By the way, my hot take of the day... I love Joe Burrow but if Barrett comes back next year and you give Haskins another year in the system to just learn under Barrett, I'd give him the edge over Burrow just based off what I see in Haskins.

*Takes cover*

Comment 21 Nov 2016

All I've seen Lewis do is hold so if they allow him to do that all day it's gonna be a tough one Saturday. Gotta give it to Lewis though, he's smart about it. 

The one play against Indiana he got beat deep but the ball was somewhat under thrown, still with it being a 50/50 ball, Lewis uses his one hand to pull down on the WR jersey with his nearest hand while also looking back to the ball, meaning the WR can't jump as high to get the ball. When it's live you don't notice it but with the replay he has a handful of jersey but also stays close to the WR's body enough to where you can't see his hand. He might be called one of the best DBs in the country but he gets away with a ton of holding, Thomas exposed him last year, I hope CS4 does the same

Comment 18 Nov 2016

Michigan State could be ranked #1 in the country and a 40.5 point favorite to beat any team in the country and Dantonio could still talk his team into thinking they were being disrespected somehow 

Comment 11 Nov 2016

Why not put Campbell back there then? Has track speed and the vision to break one loose. KJ Hill as well. We're not Michigan. No need to put so much weight on a guy that it hampers his ability to help the team where he's needed the most. Ohio State has recruited talent and speed at all levels. Just my opinion but McCall looked better back there than Samuel anyway. Mark my words if something happens to Curt the offense will take a drastic step down. 

Comment 10 Nov 2016


He's the best playmaker on offense and one of the biggest reasons why the offense can flow smoothly. I love McCall but I don't think he's on CS4's level yet when it comes to his knowledge of the offense and reading defenses. I honestly would love to have him back there full time but why risk it when you've recruited all these stud players? You have KJ Hill for example, let him take them. DMC, Campbell, Clark, hell Denzel Ward is one of the fastest guys in the country. I'd rather not even take the chance no matter how minimal it may seem, he's just too important to the offense right now. There's a reason he has like 600 yards receiving and rushing. 

Comment 09 Nov 2016

I don't think Dontre has looked good on punt returns honestly. When he was returning kicks early in his career yes, the one against Penn State, signature spin, was filthy. He dances too much on punt returns. There's no negative in putting McCall back there full time and get his some reps. He caught punts in front of 100k people at night in the Shoe. He's not gonna have a tougher environment than that goin forward and it just gives him confidence going season. 

Man it goes by way too fast... 

Comment 06 Nov 2016

Barrett just has that leadership quality that you crave in a QB. I think if he was given for example, Cardale's size and arm, he would be on his way to winning the Heisman. Yes I know, hot take city. 

Comment 06 Nov 2016

Is Mike Weber okay? Went off grabbing his collarbone. Wondering if anyone else heard anything. Sorry if I missed it, was at the bar watching the game and the bartender kept asking me if I wanted another beer and who says no to that?

Comment 30 Oct 2016

Anything that gets the passing game going, count me in. It's like Indiana gave the rest of the teams on OSU's schedule tape on what to do against them. Offensively and defensively, it's insane. 

Comment 29 Oct 2016

I'd very much like it if we all kept it down about the boys up north. It's a lot sweeter when they come in riding a high and gets smacked around by Urban and Co. Let UM have their fun.

If you ask me, Michigan is the best thing since sliced bread and might never lose another game under Harbaugh. I honestly can't see The Game being that close with how well Harbaugh has them playing up there. 

Comment 26 Oct 2016

The staff boasts they have 3 "starting" corners they are comfortable rotating yet they've stopped rotating since I believe the Indiana game.

If they've stopped rotating, then why the hell isnt Denzel Ward the starting nickel!? I kinda like Arnette but man I just don't get having him out there and having our fastest corner in the spot perfect for his skill set sitting on the bench.

Comment 25 Oct 2016

To flip these very and solid valid points, what has stood out and some of the WRs we currently have out on the field? Other than Noah Brown's game against Oklahoma. Saying a guy like Torrance Gibson or Austin Mack or Ben Victor aren't ready when we have guys playing now that I won't name that, at least the last few games, aren't doing much of anything... maybe I'm just itching to see some young faces out there right now, aside from Gibson of course. Mack and Victor actually are pure WRs so maybe it's a strength thing or maybe they can't block good enough right now but why does that matter when we aren't even stretching the defense out wide behind the WRs? I'd rather have a guy out there that can run a route and high point ball who might not be the strongest rather than a guy whose out there just cause he's fast and can maybe block?