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Comment 28 Jul 2014

Competition is the best thing you could have. Like Drayton said, if it takes 4-5 guys to match Guapos production from last year, he'll run with 4-5 guys. 

Personally I think it's going to be a mixture of EzE, Dontre and Rod Smith. EzE is running at around 225-230 now I believe and he is even faster than last year and has an even better grasp of the playbook. He should get a majority of those touches. Rod Smith if he can get his fumbling issues correct will be a nice guy to have in the redzone and Dontre on 3rd down situations where you can line him up in the backfield, in pistol, in the slot, out wide, etc. 

Here's to hoping I'm wrong and that every single back is too good to keep off the field and we see a heavy mix of Dontre, EzE, Curtis Samuel, Dunn, Smith, and Ball. 

Comment 26 Jul 2014

I'm sorry, TheSucksOwl 

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Anyone know the main Tennessee forum that I guess would be their MGoSuck/Eleven Warriors? Asking for a friend....

Edit: I found VolNation. 

Edit: I friend found VolNation. 

Comment 25 Jul 2014
Comment 25 Jul 2014

Reading that Gibson just told Tim May that Buckeye fans are going to be really happy with his new ratings.

Edit: Also saw that Miles Joseph and our very own Jordan Wagner, tweeted out the same thing earlier than May. I'm not really good at citing sources so I'll just pull a Broussard and say Multiple Sources. #davebiddleisprobablypissed

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Braxton talking with Gibson

Comment 25 Jul 2014
Getting him on campus is huge. And it's not even an official visit. Hope FNL leaves a big impression on him and he also offically visits for a game before committing in October. Why make the drive if not still highly interested in Ohio State? Reel him in Urban.
Comment 23 Jul 2014
Good move by TTUN. I usually hate anything associated with them but this was something I could get behind and cheer on. Kudos to them, classy. Also a little sidenote. If you guys don't understand BassDropper by now, then you're to blame. If you actually pay attention, you'll catch that he actually is pretty passionate about the Buckeyes and has a lot, and I mean a lot, of quality posts on here. Yes he does troll, but that's what we love. I actually laughed. Watching the Make a Wish video and then reading Bass' comment. It is all in good fun. I actually thought it was blantantly obvious that he was joking but that's just me. Classy move by Jabba. And as for you BD... You can come out from under your bridge, these bad men are done yelling at you.
Comment 21 Jul 2014

In my honest opinion, I really think he could be good this year. The simplifying of the defense, the added walkout linebacker will all be great pluses for Grant. When you don't have to think about 20 things before the ball snaps, it's always a good thing. More base defense will be a good thing. The walkout linebacker is great for Grant, a linebacker group that can consist of 3 guys that can mesh and be thrown out there against any offense they have to face is really really, really important. I'm rooting for CG. He needs to perform on the field and also lead some of these young linebackers that will be playing for the next couple years. Curtis Grant is important, we need him to be. 

Comment 21 Jul 2014


@BillisKing What school gets tons of credit for being a major powerhouse ever year, but only has 1 title in almost 50 years---

Uhmmm? Notre Dame...

Is this guy serious? lol. 


@BillisKing Just like they did in 2012 the nation is underestimating this Notre Dame team

You know who didn't underestimate ND? Bama.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

While I think TTUN could actually be a decent squad this year, I still will watch and hope they lose every game. Ohio State doesn't need them to be good. If the Buckeyes take care of business throughout the year and then play/beat a solid team in the B1G championship game, which I'm assuming will be a 10-11 win Sconsin team, our boys should be in the playoffs and then after that, it's all in their hands. 

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Sorry to bump this thread just for this, but I was led to believe it was Washington as well. But it seems it's Curtis Grant. Which is no surprise because that dude is a freak athletically. 

Comment 18 Jul 2014
I still think OSU will have a decent shot. Personally I always thought they could win out in the end with him being in state at the time. People forget though, VJ isn't from Ohio, so it's not like he grew up idolizing the Buckeyes. I thought the lure of LeBron supporting OSU, his favorite player also, would help. Who knows, hopefully he does choose the good guys.