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Comment 6 hours ago

I think after Haskins and Burrow were battling it out for that #2 spot and no mention of SC I think they (he and his family) started to map out a different path for him. He graduated in three years which is amazing and is already started on his masters. I think having him as a GA would be a good deal for both sides. Kinda like how I'm hoping if Barrett unfortunately doesn't make it on Sundays, he comes back to be a GA.  

Comment 17 hours ago

Don Brown will be a pain but he walked into a loaded defense. Kind of like how Harbaugh walked into the 49ers loaded defense. When you have this many new guys, that's when your coaching prowess starts to show. 

Thats why I was begging and pleading for Coach Coombs to stay, his work with the defensive backs has been a godsend. No knock on guys like Roby, Grant, etc but consider me excited for him to get Wade Okudah and my personal favorite to breakout, Riep. 

Comment 17 hours ago

Don't mean to rain on the parade but the moment LSU hired Coach O it was over. Now if they would have let him go, I'd be screaming Ohio State. Florida State would be close but I think he'd elect to attend OSU with his boys. With Coach O down at LSU and how they strung together a couple of wins to end the season, he might as well be committed to them. 

Comment 18 Jan 2017

Bosa is really good already and is going to get better but I'm not understanding the hate on Hubbard. Dude played pretty damn well this year and will only get better. He sets an edge too, he's not Joey rushing the passer but he is smart and rarely misses assignments. He can take on two guys and not give up contain still. I think we'll see ALOT more of Lewis, Holmes, Bosa, Hubbard together this year. No slight to the DTs but there is just too much talent to keep off the field. I personally believe you could bulk Bosa up and throw him at 3tech full time and he would be a monster. He's a tad shorter and stockier than Joey was, also stronger from what the coaches say.

The defensive line will be dominant this season. Hopefully I'll get my dream scenario in some blowouts of Young/Landers/Bosa/Cooper "rushmen" package. I've seen few DTs that blow up a play like Landers.

Comment 14 Jan 2017

I wasn't talking Birm specifically, I was talking about the people he gets his "insider" information from. Wasn't meant to be a shot at him, I used to follow everything Birm related, every post he had, every article every comment on a forum post. I love Birm, I was just talking about his sources. Ever since he left it seemed like he's been being fed information that might not be as trustworthy as when he was here. I know I know call me crazy but with Lindsey pledging just minutes ago after reading that article about possibly Ohio State still having a chance to get him back, then the early Darnay news that had everybody fooled, including even Wiltfong, The Peoples-Jones news that went on for it seemed like weeks (I know Birm never wavered on DPJ being all blue) and the "sources" saying that actually he was down to OSU and FSU and Michigan was out. I don't know, either he was being caught in a few wild smokescreens or the sources weren't being trustworthy, it's a long offseason and I need something to obsess about man! Forget I commented!!

Comment 14 Jan 2017

I'm taking a chance here of making people mad but doesn't it seem like ever since Birm left his sources have gotten....a little worse? Feels like he's swung very hard and missed on the last 3-4 big recruiting stories. Maybe it's to get clicks or something but man, I'm starting to feel bad for him, are his sources just feeding him B/S nowadays? Tyjon specifically said with a passion that he wasn't coming here anymore. In Wasserman's interview the kid looked petrified. Maybe I'm the only one thinking this way.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

WRs is my biggest concern. This is a make or break year IMO with Smith. I think the biggest thing was Thomas Miller and Marshall all strived to be great, hence all the videos of them in the WHAC every night catching balls. Do any of the current WRs have that? Victor should get a chance to start if he can grow in the offseason and be good in run blocking. Other than that, who steps up? Hill? Campbell finally? Mack take that turn? 

P.S. I don't want this whole rotation with the WRs. Put your 2-3 best guys on the field for a majority of the game. 

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Oh I agree I think he's good to go but injuries of that severity can always linger and it may not even be the bone. In any case with compound fractures it's more vascular worries than anything. To have it happen to both legs is an unreal thought. I think wherever he lands is gonna get one hell of a player. 

Comment 12 Jan 2017

I absolutely love Morgan Ellison's game. I know the cop out is to compare him to Bell but heck it's a good comparison. That's why I wanted to get LJ Scott as well. Bigger backs but have breakaway speed. Let's just hope Morgan can stay healthy! 

Comment 11 Jan 2017

I think there was more to his decision but I don't think it was a push by the staff. Wasn't there a few times Brown was in the dog house this year? Maybe he decided he would rather try and get paid then go through school again. With another injury in the back of his head lingering I think it all boiled down to a combo of all of it. Can't blame him 

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Lol the "Barrett can't throw" crowd is hilarious. I wish I could go back and find your comments from all of the 2014 season.. Does he have he best arm in his own QB room? No. But he can make all the throws. 

Watch his footwork in 2014 and then watch it this year. The difference is staggering. Mostly comes from not trusting your offensive line.  

Comment 10 Jan 2017

It also helps that a guy who should be a HC at a top school is still kicking back, okay with being just a defensive coordinator; Venables. That man is a master at defense and how Dabo is keeping him locked down is a myst- wait nevermind I know why it's because Clemson actually pays their assistants big money when they are that important...

Comment 09 Jan 2017

Yeah I know that's what sucks. I still believe he could have benefited being on campus early and adjusting to the college life and routine. From what I've read his knee is doing really well, he isn't 100% but at the least he could have adjusted like I said earlier. The WRs will need some help starting next year. Even a guy like Austin Mack who enrolled early seems to have hit a wall during his freshman year and even though I think Grimes could play as a freshman because he's so talented you would like to have those guys come in already knowing what's in front of them balancing college classes and D1 sports and whatnot.