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Comment 27 Mar 2015

Did you somehow post this from 1968, Bucked? And if so, seek out this guy William Gates, back him and give him all your money. Trust me.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

I think he could be a really good WR on the outside. I don't see him at H simply because guys like Dontre and Jalin have shorter quicker choppy steps and work well in tight spaces (go ahead) and Campbell is more of a long strider like Ginn. So him being a deep ball threat or maybe on a few trick plays like reverses or something like that but like I said, I think he is more of a deep threat outside guy. 

Comment 23 Mar 2015

AJ: I'm interested in the study of Kinesiology which is the study of how the body works. Being an athlete, I'm very interested in getting to understand the body and how it works so I can better understand myself and my game.

Wow, what an answer. The part of wanting to be the best as well. If he keeps this attitude and embraces the grind I think he's gonna turn some heads for a few years. 

Comment 22 Mar 2015

PG position will be a troubled one...

I don't know man. If Russell comes back, that'd be a maaaaajor win. Plus I really like Lyle and Harris, each could run the point. Also I don't know if they will let Mitchell bring up the ball but that could also be fun to watch. I think next year's team could be reeeeally good with Russell. I'm talking deep run in the tourney and possible B1G title with how much is leaving the league after this year. 

Comment 22 Mar 2015

I know Braxton was working his biceps in that Vine but when you curl like that especially with the trainer pulling down for some counter weight holds, it also works the shoulders a bit. Hopefully him being able to do that is a very good sign. 

Comment 18 Mar 2015

I don't think 12 seasons is out of the question. The man just turned 50 right? Saban is what, 64? I don't think there has ever been a coach that loves the collegiate game of football more than Urban. Everything about recruiting, teaching and leading young men, bonding with families of players, etc. I think he loves every bit of it and I don't see him losing that passion any time soon. Especially with his son growing up, more than likely wanting to be like his father and coach one day. I believe both of his daughters will be out of college soon. The balance he has within his family right now is perfect like you said and I don't see that changing either. I wholeheartedly believe Urban is content with staying at Ohio State until he is either fired or dies, on the field. I think he wants to go down as the best ever and have that be known for years after he is done. If he wins say 3-4 more national titles over the next "12 seasons", that'd make 6 or 7, with 4 or 5 being in the playoff era.. That'd put him past Bear Bryant and would fully cement him, in my opinion, as the greatest college coach ever... and I don't think anyone, even Saban, could come close to touching those type of stats. 

Comment 18 Mar 2015

The look on Turner's face after hitting that shot immediately followed by Thad giving the business to Beilein made me so happy.

I can't tell you how many times I've just been at work, shooting paper balls from Diebler range into the trash... Would hit one, get up and start walking around, chest popped out, arm still held high, mocking Turner's reaction. 

Comment 16 Mar 2015

I think we really need to look into finding someone better. Yes we don't need our guys to be 220-300 like Coach Mick is made to mold almost everyone on the football team. We do need a guy that is going to get every thing out of the players physically to be in top shape especially in what I and many think is the most physical conference in college basketball. Dave Bell will be the last straw for me lol. That dude has a frame that could hold like 260 and I'm pretty sure he's still around 215-220. Trevor Thompson/Bell/Giddens could finally give us the long lengthy down low presence we've missed the last few years. I hope Russell stays but that's unlikely but if he would, with Lyles/Mitchell/Giddens and the rest of the class coming in added to the already young loaded roster, they could be very good and the Matta haters will go back into hiding...hopefully.

Comment 16 Mar 2015

2016 is going to be a special class, I wanna see how it pans out before I worry about 2017. Judson is a Florida kid, has way more access to the Florida schools and it doesn't cost hundreds of dollars to travel to one of them like it would be for Columbus. He could visit Miami, FSU and Florida 5 times each and it'd probably cost the same as visiting Ohio State once. That's why it's so special to pull kids from out west, Texas or Florida. I think people are underestimating that. 

Comment 15 Mar 2015

How about we keep Matta and hire a better strength and conditioning coach for basketball? Seriously. Throw them to Coach Mick for a month and Kam Williams will no longer be 150 lbs and Loving might have enough stamina to run around the court for more than 5 minutes.

Comment 12 Mar 2015

The superior coach, reigning B1G COY, beat Coach Meyer in a recruiting battle. Nothing to see here. Not surprising when you're on another level, coaching wise, like Kill is. 

Comment 06 Mar 2015

I also hoped Ginn would end up at Ohio State somehow in some type of position but then I would always think I'd never want him to stop doing what he's doing for all those young men at Ginn Academy and for all those men around Cleveland. 

Comment 05 Mar 2015

Yes he did hold a similiar LSU...who hired him because at the time they were the favorite to land his brother. Like they are for all Lousiana kids.

I know the family, as they are from Toledo. Went to school with Sean and Shea and their 2 sisters. Weird to thing is I was about 4 years older than Shea Patterson but now I'm 24 and somehow he's not even in college yet..

There's a lot of fire and most of it isn't even surrounding Shea but more the people around him. I'll just leave it at that

Comment 05 Mar 2015

I know this is something that should probably never get discussed on a football thread but are those really considered skinny jeans? That's usually how my jeans fit and I'm about his size (6'5 250) obviously I do not have the arms but I always thought my jeans were "fitted". If not now I understand the looks I get sometimes out in public.

I always stayed away from what I thought were "skinny jeans", the ones where you can't even fit a credit card in your pockets.

Comment 05 Mar 2015

For the love of God please no. Let's keep his feet firmly planted on the ground at least until after he leaves Columbus and gets drafted #1 overall in the Draft.

Comment 05 Mar 2015

I hope our boys come out and just blow the doors off them... 

I don't want a "just like football" chant, I neeeed a "just like football" chant.