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Where Do You Rank Braxton Among OSU QB's All Time?

T-townBuckeye's picture
August 21, 2014 at 12:42pm

On the horrible, horrible day which the Braxton injury reports came out, a couple buddies and I were under the assumption (as I believe many others were) that Braxton's career as a Buckeye was over and he would leave for the NFL at the end of the season. Although that doesn't seem to be the case, at the time it sparked a heated debate among us as to where we rank Braxton among the all time great OSU QB's at this point in time. I thought I'd bring the debate here to see what you guys think. Being that we don't know for sure that Braxton will play for OSU again, (shoulder doesn't respond to surgery...fingers crossed that doesn't happen, Barrett plays exceptionally well this year and beats him out next year, etc.) I think it's still a valid question. My friends and I are students so we've certainly missed out on seeing some of the greats being that we are young. Our biggest argument came about when comparing Braxton to TP. They argued TP's BCS wins and Big 10 titles made him better overall than Brax. I was infuriated and said that the 24 game win streak and incredible stats make up for Braxton's lack of championship hardware. Not to mention that if Braxton had an even mediocre pass defense last season I think we're in the national title game. Regardless this argument isn't just about Brax vs. TP but where he ranks among all OSU QB's in your opinion.



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rdubs's picture

I'd have to put him behind both Troy and Pryor.  Remember Pryor didn't just win BCS games, he was the MVP of those games.  And Troy Smith had a Heisman to go along with the other team awards.  I don't have much knowledge of QBs prior to Hoying, so I am not sure where he would fit in with some the older greats, but with those 3 I'd probably have it Troy, Pryor, Brax.

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I think you've got it pretty solid RDubs..same thing with my knowledge of QBs age wise.

1) Krenzel (Beat ttun, 2 BCS victories, 2 BCS mvps, holy buckeye, the entire 02 season)

2) Troy (Heisman, slayer of all things michigan, 2 BCS games)

3) Pryor (BCS games, Michigan)

4) Germaine (Rose bowl, statistically best passing season by a QB)

5) Miller

EDIT: Thanks for keeping me on task SM.

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Braxton led the 24 game winning streak which was awesome, but it ended in consecutive defeats in 2 of the biggest games he'd played in during that span (minus scum of course) that wasn't something that happened to the guys ahead of him on the list.

Until if and when he wins a major bowl game next year, and maybe a Heisman he isn't in the conversation at the very top. He's one hell of a player that we were all lucky to get to watch to this point though.

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Pryor is so good you got him twice!

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He doubled down. It was the smart play with his hand.

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Thanks for taking care of me SM...sometimes I feel like Kenny

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For my money, he's behind Troy, Terrelle, Joe Germaine, Krenzel (yes, Krenzel- beat TSUN and win championships and you get in my rankings) and Rex Kern. I have him ahead of Hoying, Schlichter, Cornelius Greene, Tomczak, Jim Karsatos and Greg Frey. I debated having Greene and Schlichter ahead of Braxton too. It is debatable. .

I probably should have Horvath in there but that's too far back for me.

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I believe I'll wait until he's done, and then maybe wait some more.

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MAVBuck's picture

Agreed, ask me in 10 years. Im also only 31 so its hard to fairly rate guys like Greene & Schlichter when I didnt get a first hand experience of how good they were. Its always going to be tough for someone to beat out Krenzel, Troy Smith, and Germaine for me.

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GreatLakesBeer's picture

Troy Krenzel Art Braxton Pryor Green

If you will it dude, it is no dream

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SoDakBuckeyeFan's picture

Hard to put them in any list but if I had to win a game and could pick any of them I'm taking Krenzel. Dude just found a way to get it done and he damn sure wouldn't lose the game for you. 60% of the time he won every time. 


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He had real bits of panther in him, so you know he was good

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Ahh Saturday's picture

The thing about Braxton is that he still has a chance to pass all of them.

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Wait, no one has Herbstreit, Belisari, or Bauserman ahead of Brax?

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nikolajz1's picture

Below Smith and Pryor, but above Krenzel. 

If Braxton comes back next year beats Michigan, wins the B1G, and wins the national title I think he becomes #1. 

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Buckeyebrowny919's picture

Too early. Another whole year to play!

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TURD_BUCKET's picture

Troy Smith






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I honestly don't know.  He has something like 9 school records, most of which factor in his rushing from the QB position (total yards by a single player, etc.).  He's certainly unique amongst QBs in that regard.  The only QB I think you can really compare him to is Cornelius Greene, who was part of Woody Hayes's rushing attack.  But, Braxton was far more productive simply by nature of Urban Meyer's offense.

As a passer, he'd probably round out my top-5 (Germaine, Schlichter, Hoying, Troy Smith, Braxton).  Certainly as a rusher he's the best that has ever played at Ohio State.  Combined, he has been rather prolific, and I think this season was going to make him a sure-fire bet to contend for best ever at OSU on records alone.

Ask me again in 2016.

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OSU069's picture

1. Pryor

2. Braxton

3. Troy 

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ohst8buxCP's picture

This^^^. Call me young and Naive but based on the footage I've seen of Germaine, Tomczak, Schliester and Kern I'd put Braxton/T.P/Troy ahead of all of them.

1.) Troy Smth

2.) Terrelle Pryor

3.) Braxton Miller (Possibly higher based on 2015)

4.) Craig Krenzel

5.) Joe Germaine

OSU069's picture

Ya. I know people like Krenzel a lot because of the national championship but Miller, Pryor, and Smith are the 3 best and most explosive QB's in OSU history. The order of those 3 is up for debate 

XUbuckeye's picture

1. Troy Smith

2. Joe Germaine

3./4. Rex Kern/Craig Krenzel

5. T.P.

6. Braxton

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Buckshaw79's picture

This is the correct Answer, Troy smith (minus the in and out burger tour) was a outstanding player in every aspect, and Joe Germaine was the best pure passer OSU has ever had. 

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BuckeyeGrownFloridaLiving's picture

I'm taking Braxton over Pryor. If Pryor played when Braxton did, he couldn't have won with the limited talent at the WR position and overall bad defense.

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logamaniac's picture

if you don't think that pryor wouldn't have carved up this big10 regardless of who was his coach you're insane.  He would have won the 24 straight without a doubt and still probably beats MSU.  Its not like TP had elite receivers to throw to either and QBs make receivers anyways so if we don't have top end players at wideout thats not on TP. 

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T-townBuckeye's picture

I think it's interesting to see the emphasis put on championships in this discussion. I understand the thought process, nowadays it seems every great player is judged on championships. I feel that a championship is more of a team effort and is hard to judge a single player on. For instance, as much as I love Craig Krenzel I think if you put Braxton on the '02 team we don't have a close game in the regular season. If you look at each of their abilities as a player side by side I think Braxton is better any day of the week. This is why I have Braxton so high in my ratings. I see going 24-0 with a terrible defense as a huge accomplishment for a QB even if last season didn't pan out. Keep in mind the 2012 team would have likely been in the national title game (and would have won against an overrated ND team IMO) had it not been for that god forsaken bowl ban. Just some food for thought. 

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how many games did krenzel miss in that 02 season because he got hurt?  one thing you guys aren't considering is that if we don't have guiton come in and ball hard we ARENT 24-0 anyways.  

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Bucksfan's picture

Couldn't agree more with your take on championship emphasis.  Craig Krenzel is probably my favorite Buckeye, but that doesn't mean he deserves discussion regarding the best QBs at Ohio State.  He definitely bailed us out so many times that season with his legs and body, but I bet from a pure football analysis standpoint he should have been able to find his receivers better.  The passing attack was abhorrent the next season (78th in yards or something).

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Championships count!   I'll add at Krenzell Smith and TP were all more clutch than Braxton. That's why they won big ten and national championships.  Say what you will but those guys have roughly 8 Big Ten championships and 5 bcs bowl wins, a heisman, 7 wins over UM and a national championship.  Braxton has 0 and 0, and is 2-1 as of today..