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Our Opponents best Fan sites?

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August 18, 2014 at 6:57pm

I'm a very curious person and I often spend some time trying to figure out what fans from other schools are thinking particularly when they are about to face off against the Buckeyes. I assume this may not interest many people but I know there are a few of you out there who like to scout other fan bases as well. 

I was hoping that those of you who do have an interest in this could provide me with the links to the best fan sites of our big ten foes or a website out there that may have a compiled list. Anything close to finding an 11warriors type community on the web from the other schools would be great considering that I think this is a top notch gathering of OSU fans.

Appreciate any help 


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All I know of is Black Shoe Diaries for Penn St. 

MGoBlog for Mich.

and the Red Cedar for Sparty. 

Those 3 are always good fodder for melts and wig outs. 

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BSD is pretty awful, although to be fair I haven't gone there in months, and they were still in full JoePa meltdown mode.

MGoBlog isn't the dumpster fire that people here seem to think it is. I very rarely poke my head in and they seem to be (gasp) pretty similar to 11W, only from the perspective of the enemy.

Otherwise, Black Heart Gold Pants (Iowa) is good from what I've seen.

/r/cfb above all, though.

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I live right in the middle of SEC country, so I spend some time on SECrant. That place is pure gold in entertainment.

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I lived in Blacksburg/Roanoke, VA for 8 years in the 90s before moving back home to the Columbus area.  I have some ties to Virginia Tech and do follow them a little bit.  The above link is the best Tech indie site out there.  Check it out.

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