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Comment 15 Oct 2013

It's just like they said. If it was true, we would back out because we get no value from scheduling Louisville. If we would win that game then we did what we were supposed to do and no one would really reward us for it. If we would lose then we would be out of the championship race and the perception of our program would be damaged by a program not so far from Columbus. 

Comment 11 Oct 2013

You're only thinking offense. Our defense is what excites me. Everyone who was productive on defense last year is returning and they are all veterans. They should be able to keep us in every game unless the offense just absolutely doesn't show up

Comment 26 Sep 2013

I'm sorry but you are worrying too much about something that really isn't a problem at Ohio State. As a student right now, I can tell you that the obsession with Ohio State athletics and Urban's football program is as high as I've seen in all of my four years here. No where in the world will every fan stay all game to watch a 76-0 blowout. At that point, some priorities become more important. I'm just giving some fans a voice because leaving a game like that at halftime doesn't discredit you as an Ohio State fan.

Comment 28 Aug 2013

It's too early to guess at what would be a "brutal stretch" but I think there are stretches that show some potential as of now. 

notably, starting on February 1st, we play at Wisconsin, at Iowa, Purdue, Michigan, and finish at Illinois.

3/5 Were solid tourney teams last year

Iowa went to the NIT championship game and are looking to have a breakout year in the big ten

Purdue would be the only probable break even though they were a .500 team last year.

3/5 are away at tough environments. I wouldn't be surprised if we only won one of these games and if 4/5 of these opponents are ranked by then. I'm also not saying I would be surprised if we won them all

Comment 06 Aug 2013

Apparently your reputation is a little more protected in Louisiana as we found out recently with Jeremy Hill. I guess breaking probation by punching someone from behind in a parking lot and then celebrating over their knocked out body doesn't ruin your reputation with your teammates and Les at LSU.  "Just score touchdowns and we will forget all down here"

Comment 01 Aug 2013

Since Carlos has the 3+ game suspension, does that mean he won't be allowed at fall camp? I don't know how these things work. Do you guys think if he is ineligible for camp that it will have a lasting effect on his season? Thanks for any knowledgeable answers

Comment 31 Jul 2013

Carlos deserves a suspension for putting himself in this situation and handling it in a pretty silly way for a player of his reputation. I think the suspension was one game too much but he will learn his lesson and come back strong because he has the right coaching leadership.

I'm just mainly upset that this girl thought she was so victimized when she was the initiator and I don't think she will learn the lesson that she needs to learn. I don't mean to sound chauvinistic but if ladies want to consider themselves equals in law with men, then what gives them the mindset that slapping people and trying to initiate contact is fine. It's downright hypocritical and I don't think she understands this. Not to mention she was underage and most-likely was drunk at this bar. Does the fact that she is a cop's daughter shield her from all crimes? Who knows, maybe I'm just a conspiracy theorist. 

I guess what I'm getting at is that it's sad that all lessons probably won't be learned in this case and the girl may always see herself as the victim. I won't mention her name to respect her privacy although I think many people know it by now. I mainly hope I'm wrong and she learned a lesson and doesn't get flak from OSU fans for the whole process. I think she just suffered from some illusion of entitlement and hope she learned her lesson.

Comment 04 Jul 2013

I admit I skimmed it at first and then read it this morning after you said it seemed fair. I know it's a way to attract attention but I just disagree with that way of reporting. If you have to make a title like that to attract people to the article then should it be worthy news to read in the first place? In the end I think it's just espn trying to create summer buzz out of very little and I just want the season to come so this stuff can stop. 

Comment 04 Jul 2013

ESPN had the headline as, I quote, "Meyer Endorsed Turning in Florida." Sorry I disagree respectfully but it's not journalism if you head an article that way coming from just conjectures. You have to remember how ridiculous that title was right

Comment 03 Jul 2013

ESPN and Fox reporting this story are just mad that they don't have an NCAA vendetta against Penn State or OSU to report 24/7 about. They feel their value has been nonexistent this summer (as it has been) so they have to start reporting conjectures and rumors.  But you're right, football season can't come sooner

Comment 24 Jun 2013

When Urban offers an underrated kid, to me their '3 star' ranking becomes as arbitrary as poland's calvalry in WW2. I hope that serves as a decent simile, but seriously I trust our coaches evaluations of these athletes more than the people who assign stars.

Comment 23 Apr 2013

Referring to peppers, I'm just wondering what Michigan's selling point was for an out of state recruit and how it was more effective than OSU's. The only thing I can think of is the fact that the depth at osu for db's is enough to scare him towards Michigan. If this is the case then I think that's too bad because no recruit as talented as him should have that mindset that they won't scratch the surface of the depth chart or have a hard time doing so as a 1st year unless he was coming from the juco ranks.