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Who's Going to the Navy Game?

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August 18, 2014 at 3:25pm

Hello fellow Buckeyes.  I'm attending the Navy game in a couple weeks and couldn't be happier about it!  I'm attending with my good friend and Navy alumnus.

Couple questions:  Who else is going (out of curiosity)?  And, anyone know of any good tailgates pre-game?  It's our first time in Baltimore so we are a bit out of our element.

Hope to see and meet many of you there.  Go Bucks!



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If you are interested in bars, I posted this earlier:

Baltimore Gameday 8/30

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I'm going to try to do a good write-up on stuff to do/see for the weekend. Gotta knock out some work and school stuff first.

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Me and my wife are going-can't wait.

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Going with a Badger convert.  My fandom for the Buckeyes was so strong i turned him to a Buckeye.  Also we were at the Smooth jazz Concert two years ago against Purdue, so that helped seal the deal.  Theres nothing like the Shoe!!!

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osubuckeye134's picture

Was that two years ago?? SWORE it was last year!  Time flies...

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I'll be at the OSU/Navy game, then head over to the JMU/UMD game... going to be a busy day.

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Well, not sure about tailgates but Cahrm City offers a few things to do:

The Birds (Orioles) are at Camden Yards. The Birds are hot right now and Camden Yards is a great park. Grab some Boog's BBQ and enjoy.

The Inner harbor has the oldest Ship in the Navy - the Constellation, as well as a WII diesel boat and a USCG cutter to tour.

If you like trains the B&O museum is a must see.

Be careful where you wander - the area can get rough quickly.

If you are driving, consider parking at a light rail stop and taking the light rail in. Traffic will no doubt be a bear on game day since all traffic basically dumps into a two lane street from the beltway.

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I'll be there, ready to leave now.

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Taking my 11 year old to the game.  Flying across country for it.  It will be his second game (Braxton's 1st game vs. Akron in '11 being the first).  We're going to go see the Orioles on Sunday and are staying near the Inner Harbor where we'll spend any "down time."  Really looking forward to it, as is my son...GO BUCKS!!

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Guess my son's second Buckeye game will be another Buckeye QB debut.  Here's to you, JT Barrett...!!  (I think...)

"When I look in the mirror, I want to take a swing at me."

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My 10 year old and I are already planning our first trip for next season - Can't wait should be a blast.

Enjoy Baltimore's Inner Harbor - It's a real nice place - my sister lives nearby and we've been there to visit. Enjoy the game with the kid! 

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Solid 5 day weekend for the Florida Crew in B More.  No wives allowed.  GO BUCKS

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Im'a be there


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Im going! Cant wait!

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Bumping this cuz it's Game Week.  Looks like most who are going are hitting up the local OSU-friendly bars.

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This was going to be my first away game. Then life happened. Stupid life. Have fun in Baltimore (if that's possible).

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I'm still trying to find a hotel. Looks like I will spend my night at the Horseshoe casino and stumble to the MARC train in the morning.