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If YOU were tasked with replacing North Carolina on the 2017/2018 schedule, what would be your top 3 choices?

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August 14, 2014 at 11:27am


Of course everyone wants a shot at Alabama in the regular season.  So do I.  Getting The OSU and Alabama together ON-CAMPUS for a home-and-home would as big as the National Championship game.  Ratings would be through the roof and each stadium would overflow.

Florida State.  Again, huge ratings.  Big hype.  The whole nation would tune in for this ACC-B1G matchup.

Florida.  Urban Meyer, opposing sideline in the Swamp.  Enough said.


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Rematch with Texas and revenge against USC 

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Texas is already on the schedule.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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A man got to have a code...

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This was my immediate first choice. I would love nothing more than to pound his fat ass into the ground.

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Like, in the Biblical sense? Cause I think you could do better than that guy. You're a good lookin' young man!

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Georgia, Texas, USC.

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I definitely like Georgia. My top 3 would be:
1) LSU
2) South Carolina
3) Georgia
Honorable mention Texas and Florida Gene Smith just won't schedule 2 tuff teams in one season. Hopefully the B1G gets better soon.

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1. USC- redemption

2. Texas- Should be another great series with Charlie Strong taking over and Texas ultimatley transitioning back to the top NCAA team in Texas

3. Notre Dame- I fucking hate Notre Dame

I can't wait to poop in the PL bathroom.

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BrutusBuckey3's picture



Notre Dame. 

And kill all of em. 

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Tennessee - smack talk ends now

Arkansas - Bert

Oregon - consistently rated too high

Florida - It'd be nice to have Florida block for us when we're on offense.

"Can we please stop the message board fighting? I really can't stand the message board fighting..."

"No. You're an idiot, and your posts are terrible."

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Tennessee - smack talk ends now

They've gone 5-7 three straight years. Nothing will end their trash talk.

Oregon - consistently rated too high

They've had 9 or more wins 8 out of 9 years.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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.....and Oregon hasn't won anything that mattered....

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

They won the Pac-10/12 three times, and 2 BCS games. That matters.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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We already have a Home and Home sch for Oregon coming up

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Agree with Florida and Alabama. Not too keen on FSU. Maybe LSU?

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Bama, Georgia and Stanford.

The person responsible for toes clearly wanted you to stub them.

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Let's play beat Michigan twice.


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1. Arkansas - no explanation needed

2. Texas Tech - I wanna see if they are really turning it around. They seem to have a lot of promise, and our defensive backs would certainly get a good test.

3. Stanford - I think this would just be an awesome game to see.

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Sorry, going with more than three.

I want some 90's bowl losses back - Auburn ('90 Hall of Fame), Georgia ('93 Citrus), Alabama ('95 Citrus), Tennessee ('96 Citrus).

Oh...those are SEC schools as well.

I want some 00's bowl losses back - South Carolina ('01 and '02), Florida and LSU (sparing details).

Oh...see above.

A couple of other SEC schools, just because - Kentucky (pay the price of admission to recruit Ohio), Arkansas (seems like Bert is due for another loss to Ohio State).

Throwing in USC for reasons already stated above.

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I really like South Carolina, as well. Good call. As long as the OBC is there, it would be an awesome rivalry renewal with UFM.

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I like the idea of crushing UK to set the record straight though it'd be a waste of time to give them a return trip to Lexington

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Notre Dame, Texas, Alabama

Embrace it.

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Dream choices of mine are
1. Alabama
2. Florida State
3. LSU
realistic dream choices
1. Clemson
2. USC
3. Texas A&M

Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it-John 1:5 SEC meet Ohio State, Ohio State meet SEC

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Would love to see a home and home with either Albama, Florida State, Texas, Notre Dame or even LSU.  Don't think we will get a true home and home with an SEC opponent.  That leaves me thinking maybe Notre Dame, Texas and even Florida State are the most obvious choices.

Perhaps Florida State or Notre Dame in Washington, D.C.?  I remember reading that the B1G is seriously considering playing a game there in the near future.  Then take on Texas at Jerry's World the next year?

“Right now, Michigan is not at the pinnacle of college football, and that’s all Urban Meyer cares about...He’s been there and knows what it takes to get there.” 

You can't spell chump without UM's picture

LSU in The Horseshoe, but that'll never happen anytime soon. And has anyone thought off playing Boise State on the blue turf?

Brady Hoke ate my comment

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I HATE, I cannot emphasize that enough, the blue turf. It literally hurts my head trying to watch a game on TV from Boise. Same thing with the red turf at Eastern Washington. (I hope that's the right school.)

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Notre Dame. I love beating up on them!

"They don't know what they don't know." - Coach Mick

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If I'm not mistaken I believe we already have Oklahoma schedules that year so I don't really think we should play another elite team in the non conference. 

1. Tennessee( done with their smack talk.) 

2. Notre Dame( don't like ND)

3.  Arkansas( no explanation needed) 

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Dream Choices:

More realistic choices:

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We need a win in Florida for recruiting, I'm a UCF grad, and they have the hot name, so UCF.

Georgia Tech....to play in a major media market and close to home for several Buckeyes.

TCU.  and then we buy all their bill boards.

Boise, but only at home or a neutral site, never on the blue turf (Dangerous and no reason recruiting wise to play there)

Games are realistic, winnable, can easily be set up, and won't cost the athletic department a fortune.  And unlike most (not all) of the teams above, they would be willing to play in CBus.

"because we couldn't go for three"

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jamesrbrown322's picture

1. Alabama - No brainer, IMO.

2. Tennessee - Really building some momentum, and think Butch will have them to the 9-10 win level by then. Plus, I live here, so bragging rights.

3. FSU/UGA/LSU/Tex A&M - I'd take any of the, honestly. I just want an elite team on the schedule that OSU has not played frequently.

As you can see, I want OSU to play some SEC teams and end all that talk ASAP.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

OSU_1992_UFM's picture

Oregon (Just to shut them up)

I'd like to see them play Baylor (good test for our DBs as long as Briles is still there)

You just can't say no to Arkansas, Bert and his blondie seem to have forgotten how we do things here #karma

Spring football is like non-alcoholic beer.  It looks like what you want, but only intensifies your desire for the real thing--Earle

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Bama or bust. That is all.

KB3RG's picture

to those listing Oregon. OSU has them scheduled for 2020/2021.
Texas is listed for 2022/2023

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Arkansas, so Bert can talk more crap, then have to eat it...followed by trolling him by flipping a recruit or two

Florida, so their fans can hate hate hate, Bucks kick their ass, and then they hate hate hate even more

Pretty much any team from the south or the west that people will say "LOL OSU can't beat them", then OSU does and they go back to whatever hippie dippie/redneck activity they were doing

Class of 2010.

labuck's picture

UCLA, South Carolina, LSU

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Any SEC team. obviously ALA, Texas A&M but at least a SEC team

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I'm not gonna lie, when I saw the title cut off at "If YOU were tasked with replacing North...," my first thought was "If YOU were tasked with replacing North Korea's Government, how would YOU do it?"

Is that bad?

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence" - Calvin Coolidge

OscarSierraUniform's picture

Oh.  I have ideas for that too. 

See ball, get ball.


Whoever Gene Smith gets he'd better know it affects the SOS for the playoff so I hope at the very very least it's someone from a major conference who is competitive. UK and Tennessee would be interesting just from the idiotic crap their fanbases would post leading up to the game. So would Louisville, ND, Clemson or USC/UCLA.

Maybe we'll schedule Arizona just so we can hang this up again...

Always will

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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I do like Rich Rod more. Happened in 2011. I hope he wins the PAC12.

Citrus's picture

My top 3: 

Florida A&M 
Alabama State
Little Sisters of the Poor 

Texas State University Fightin' Armadillos (i'd love to beat that smug look off their scrappy faces but they'll never play this far north).  

+5 HS

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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I thought Sinbad only wore windbreaker

If you will it dude, it is no dream

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jamesrbrown322's picture

Only if they retain Kathy Ireland circa 1992 as their kicker...

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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OSU_1992_UFM's picture

This=100,000 UV's

Spring football is like non-alcoholic beer.  It looks like what you want, but only intensifies your desire for the real thing--Earle

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I would love to see us develop a nice regional rivalry with Kentucky, Pitt  and West Virginia in both Football and Basketball. Plus it would great to put an end to their S$%t-talking and i think OSU/KY bball would be fun once football is over.  

Strictly for recruiting purposes, i would like to see us play UCLA, Virginia and now that we have a foothold in the DC area, i would like to add in Boston College to get the NE area talent to think about OSU more. 

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I don't care who we fill the game with as long as they come from the following conference:

Big 12

*Listed in order of the conference I want to face. I also wish to start the conference games earlier so in October/November we can have a non-conference foe.

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1) Alabama

2) LSU

3) Any other team in the SEC including Florida, Texas A&M, Mizzou, Tennessee, Georgia


1) UCLA/Stanford

2) Washington

3) Hawaii (could help with recruiting knowing you get a trip to Hawaii, haha)

Hate is a strong word.  I hate ESecPN almost as much as I hate the whole SEC conference which is a close second to TTUN.


Don't we play Hawaii next year?

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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Isn't there an exception given to any team who plays a road game at Hawaii that they can schedule an additional game, so we would actually be able to have a 13 game regular season?

jamesrbrown322's picture

There was on NCAA Football 98 I think...

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

JohnnyKozmo's picture

I thought USC used this one of the years they couldn't go to a bowl game as an unofficial bowl game/trip.

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jamesrbrown322's picture

I also believe that *ichigan played Hawaii to finish the season at some point.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

New alum's picture

Yes, 1998.

Proud Michigander, OSU grad. Life is complicated.

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New alum's picture

...and 1986.

Proud Michigander, OSU grad. Life is complicated.

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I would like to see tOSU play a home and home during the regular season with:

1.  Tennessee 

2.  Arkansas or Georgia or West Virginia

3.  Arizona State or Stanford or Notre Dame 

Alabama, Florida State, Texas A&M, Oregon, and Southern Cal, etc., we will meet yearly in the playoffs.., 

Silver_bullet_tex's picture

Texas A&M... I live in Houston and am selfish.

What Would Troy Smith Do's picture

Me too.  Will try to make it up to Ft. Worth or Austin  when they play there.

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GreatLakesBeer's picture

1. Notre Dame

2. Kentucky

3. Florida State

If you will it dude, it is no dream

GoBucks713's picture

Any Pac12 team but Colorado, and Any SEC team. Also, WVU just because I get tired of the dolt in the cube next to me droll on about WVU.

-The Aristocrats!

kevdale86's picture

I'm stuck around WVU and Marshall fans. Nobody brags about almost winning a game more than Marshall fans.

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I would love to see a home and home with Bama, but I want the first time these two collide to be in the playoffs.

1. Tennessee

2. Notre Dame

3. Ole Miss (just want to go)

OscarSierraUniform's picture

I think you mean "the next time these 2 collide."  We are 0-3 v. Alabama.  6-35 in '78 Sugar Bowl, 10-16 in the '86 Kickoff Classic, 17-24 in the '95 Citrus Bowl.

See ball, get ball.

osubuckeye134's picture

Great post, so +1 for making me think about this while I'm "working"

So - first off, you have to remove the teams we've already got scheduled - like Oklahoma, Oregon, and Texas.

That leaves:

I'd love a home-home with Alabama...we'll see.  I'd fret over it for 24 months in advance and my best friend will ask me to be in a wedding that day...but it'd all be worth it!

OR give me Florida State, schedule it now so that they don't have a chance to collapse into oblivion before we play them.  I still have heartburn from the bowl game beat down they gave us back in the 90's.

We've played USC enough recently, as bad as I'd like revenge - they won't exactly bolster our strength of schedule.  Ditto for Notre Dame, I enjoy beating them so much - and I've seen it quite a bit in just my 32 years as a fan.  

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+1 for arguably the greatest avatar.


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Alabama, Florida State, and for a cupcake game, Kentucky.

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Texas A&M


1stYrBuckIClub's picture

I hate to break this, but these spots likely won't be filled with a marquis non-conference, and here's why. With the new 9-game conference schedule, the year we only play 4 home conference games is when we play a good opponent (see: Oklahoma). OSU will not give up 7 home games. So that leaves 2 home games needing filled. The alternating year, we have 5 home conference games, and our good opponent is away, the other half of the home-and-home. Again leaving 2 home games filled, thus no room for another marquis home-and-home. All thanks to our conference wanting a 9 game schedule, it weakens our SOS two ways (limiting home-and-homes + weak conference opponents).

OscarSierraUniform's picture

I think everyone here understands that.  But who would be YOUR choice if you were in the position to ink Ohio State's side of the contract?

See ball, get ball.

Rob Reese's picture

Alabama - because nothing would help implode that bandwagon more than a good old Buckeye beat-down.

LSU - their fans suffer from penis-envy directed at Alabama.  As a result, they've become some of the most obnoxious fans on the planet, in any sport.

Florida - Purely for a little payback and to read butthurt UF message boards for months due to losing to Meyer.


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An undefeated B1G team will never be omitted from the playoffs. So, I prefer two cupcakes sandwiched between a cream puff.

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OSU_1992_UFM's picture

Remember you said this...so when it happens we can have official record. Sorry, but I respectfully disagree

I could see them leaving out undefeated OSU/MSU/ hell who knows PSU, in favor of 1 loss Bama/OU/FSU just based on the conference they play in. But! If the rest of the B1G can get it together (which I think is currently taking place) then we shouldn't need to worry

Spring football is like non-alcoholic beer.  It looks like what you want, but only intensifies your desire for the real thing--Earle

Ashtabula's picture

For entertainment sake, I prefer all of the above suggestions, but allow me to ask you a question: Which Ohio State team is more likely to be snubbed, an undefeated team with a weak non-conference schedule or a one loss team even though that loss came to  Oklahoma in Norman?

OSU_1992_UFM's picture

That would depend on who the OOC schedule is, and their final record.

Same with Oklahoma....think NW from last year, looked like a great win at the time, but ya know Northwestern went all Northwestern like. So if Oklahoma has a great season after tOSU, I don't see how they could be left out, but if they nose dive after the win I could see being left out

There are so many variables in this conversation that it's virtually impossible to make a prediction without seeing the teams IMO

Spring football is like non-alcoholic beer.  It looks like what you want, but only intensifies your desire for the real thing--Earle

Jack Burton's picture




It's all in the reflexes - Me

Jeeves's picture



Notre Dame

Toilrt Paper's picture

The logical group to chose from: West Virginia, Pitt, Kentucky, Vanderbelt, Tennessee, ND.

Our closest neighbors from power conferences and the #1 Independent. My first choice, Tennessee. They think they're special and are trying to make inroads into Ohio State's prime recruiting territories. Show those recruits why it is a mistake not to come to Ohio State.

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allinosu's picture
  • UCLA 
  • Miami
  • S Carolina
Curt Heinrichs's picture

Notre Dame



sivaDavis's picture

Kentucky. For the love of God please Kentucky.

"I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good." - Woody Hayes

Unky Buck's picture

This is an easy list...

  1. Stansbury
  2. Faber College
  3. Port Chester University (or better known as PCU)

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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Hovenaut's picture

Excellent choices...three evokes fuzzy fond memories:


+1 HS
ponder10's picture

I'd propose:

1. Oregon State


3. Oregon State one year and UNLV the other.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.” ~ Baba Dioum

OSU_1992_UFM's picture

You are so clever!

Spring football is like non-alcoholic beer.  It looks like what you want, but only intensifies your desire for the real thing--Earle

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allinosu's picture

Looks as though we just scheduled UNLV and Oregan ST.

PasadenaBuckeye626's picture

USC, Notre Dame, and Florida would have been exciting

Go Bucks!

JLBNYC's picture

Since Oklahoma is already there, I wouldnt go crazy with upper-tier teams, but I would have liked to have seen something better than UNLV.     Louisville, Kentucky, WVA, VA, Arizona, ASU, Texas Tech, Kansas, BYU would have been fine additions.

For 2018, I'm ok with Oregon State, but would like to see another school from a  power conference added (looks like there is still an opening). And i certainly wouldnt argue with a marquee game.

awlinBrutus's picture

UNLV,Oregon State and Boston College


buckeyedude's picture

USC(s). Both of them. Revenge vs. the surfers and vs. Spurrier. Would love that.



JakeStevensIsSwag's picture

1. Bama

2. Bama

3. Florida

Buckeye fan from PA

seafus26's picture

I've been to just about all the storied college football stadiums (not just for Ohio State games), except Oklahoma. I've been to Norman though, and not much being missed. I like the hospitible  places with great foods, good looking ladies and incredible weather. Those 3 seem to go together. 

LSU- I've never been disappointed there. They know how to throw down and have the best tailgate foods I've eaten anywhere. They won't let you not have something to eat or drink in your hands, at all times.

Stanford- I'd never considered that a storied program or stadium before, so I've never been. 

Hawaii- Id make more than a long weekend out of this one. My travels to this point in life have mainly been to sporting events or sites, not that this would be different in that respect but I'd take in the islands and skip the touring of campuses and must see program relics (there probably aren't any).

Oh, maybe UNLV. An excuse for another Vegas weekend? Sign me up.

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!

Knarcisi's picture

Whoever was in my bonus package. Gene?

Brutus1972's picture

Georgia, South Carolina and Auburn. The 3 SEC stadiums closest to where I live. I'd rather play Bama, LSU or Florida in the playoffs or on the big stage at Jerry World.

Habu71's picture

Clemson, Arkansas, Tennessee. 

Eph97's picture

Alabama - Saban is vulnerable to good spread teams. Shut those SEC hicks up about "Saban ran Urban out of the SEC"

Georgia - Haven't played them in over 20 years. Fertile state for recruiting

Texas A&M - Same as UGA

All 3 schools are SEC powers and winning all 3 would be huge.

ghalephoto's picture

ichigan dumped Notre Dame, I would love to play them a few years in a row.  But realistic it will not be Georgia that was already set up and removed same with tenn.  I like..


UCLA or Stanford

Texas A&M

Thats a top 5 sched.  with any of these.  Just hope its not filled with, Oklahoma State, Ky or Oregon St.  if we are going to play someone...go after the SEC and top programs period.

Maceyko's picture

1.  An SEC team.

2. An Sec team.

3. An SEC team.

Joebobb's picture

I would break this into 2 components.  First there are the teams I want to see the Bucks play period anytime and anywhere and the second component are teams that I would pay to watch in the Shoe but not necessarily a top tier opponent.

in the first category I list: Alabama, Texas, LSU and Florida - These programs are often the top as far as passion of the fans and the excitement surrounding a matchup between the fan bases and media. I would watch these games wherever and a neutral site is fine with me.

In the Second Category I place - West Virginia, Kentucky, Arizona, Boise, Cincinnati, K-State, Virginia, GA Techs of the world. They are nice programs who typically never rise above the mid-tier but put a quality product on the field. These are teams that typically will not beat OSU, but can play them competitive so it can make a compelling game. They also can compete against good competition and help the SOS. I would not play these teams on a home and home ever, They need to come to Columbus, but I would rather watch these teams over MAC schools any day 

Swayze's picture

1. SEC Team

2. SEC Team

3. SEC Team

There's only one way to change the national perception of OSU

Toilrt Paper's picture

Those who said UnLV win. They get 1.4Mill to take the place of UNC.