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I guess it's a human thing.

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August 9, 2014 at 9:35am

Since spring I log on and quickly scan the topics here while holding my breath a little, hoping one or more of our players hasn't made a bad decision and cost themselves and the team. I still do it but now but it's injuries that I dread might be coming.(the OMG reaction) If it were not for the history of these things happening, I would be concerned that I was living negatively. I'm guessing it's not bad to hope these young men stay out of trouble and be injury free. Then it goes a little farther, is our defense really getting better, is our O line making the progress it needs and is our back up Quarterbacks going to cut the mustard because if Braxton is hurt more than is being let on then the staff is handling it the way I would. I know we will be good no matter what but how good is still up in the air. I know I'm not alone in this because I read  different versions of this sort of thing here and on other sites for other teams. In the end I know these thing are out of our control and we have to be patient. Our team has to put it on the line to achieve greatness regardless of injury. So I'm embracing a little differently starting today with a 'go for it' attitude and embrace the consequences. Although I am convinced the months from the spring game to the first game does pass slower than the fall months. I will still hold my breath a little because I'm human.

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The thing i am most concerned about are injuries. You never want to hear anyone get injured. I had my fair share of injuries, and I am still paying for it several years later. Seeing an injury or hearing about one, especially one of your own (within the buckeye family) is terrible all around; For my rooting interest, for the team, etc, but most importantly for that young mans development in the sport and in life.

So I guess, yea, when I do sign into 11w, I always hold my breath a bit, whether it be consciously or unconsciously, that no injury news will pierce my eyes first thing. I hate injuries. Even small ones, because those bastards can nag for a LOOOOONG time.

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I hear ya DubJay especially with the devastating injuries that Nebraska has recently had including their starting LB with a torn ACL yesterday, Sometimes no news is good news. 

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You guys jinxed us!!!!!!!!

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WOW. But it is a minor surgery.

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I too pray that the Buckeyes can make it through the off season with as little injuries as possible and with no off season drama (looking at you Tracy, stay away from those type of clubs).

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