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Chic Harley Memorial Garden

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August 1, 2014 at 3:31pm

Several of us have mentioned in the past that Chic Harley should have a statute built in his honor outside Ohio Stadium, or the edifice known as "The House that Harley Built." While I haven't come across any plans for that to happen (aside from Woody at the WHAC and President Thompson in front of his eponymous library, our campus isn't exactly littered with statues of our legends), it appears that Champion Avenue is soon to be home to a Memorial Garden in Harley's honor.

From Bob Hunter at The Columbus Dispatch:

The Chic Harley Memorial Garden at 689 S. Champion Ave. will start taking shape on Aug. 11, when Builderscape, a Plain City landscape design company, begins work on sidewalks, brickwork and a retaining wall.

A statue of Harley, a former Ohio State football star who lived at the address from 1911 to ’13 while he attended East High School, has been completed.

The structural work is being paid for with $25,000 sponsored by City Council members Zach M. Klein and Hearcel F. Craig from the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department budget. But the nonprofit organization ChicHarleyGarden.org is still trying to raise $6,000 for plants.

Hunter has apparently been involved with the project for the past couple of years. There is little more to be gleaned from the sponsoring organization's website, aside from this artist's rendering of what the landscaping will look like at completion.

For more on the indomitable Chic Harley, be sure to read Remy's synopsis of his life and career, part of the annual Remy Countdown to Kickoff series.

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We have so much room for a statue of Chic Harley outside the Shoe and yeah, for a stadium known as the "House that Harley Built," it's extremely fitting. Could easily put it outside the south end.

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Totally agree.

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a harley and a woody statue are long over due. Definitely needs to be out in front IMO, North end. 

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Not really sure where you would put it. The Jesse Owens memorial is right there and right underneath the rotunda doesn't seem like a good spot imo. Not much space out front.

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Andy, Thanks for sharing the information about the Chic Harley Memorial Garden. Congratulations to ChicHarleyGarden.org for completing the project. Hats off to Zach Klein and Hearcel Craig for donating $25,000. 

Hopefully a Harley statue will be on campus in the near future.

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Obviously, I love this. I wasn't the biggest OSU football buff when I starting going to OSU, but I saw all the names of our legends in the Shoe and decided to look up "Harley." Loved his story, "the house the Harley built" moniker, and that big, infectious smile.

As an aside: what area of town is Champion Ave? I'm not familiar with it.

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I only learned of Harley because of the great historical perspective provided by both staff and posters! Im Happy some ground is breaking and im thankful for this site!

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