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Can anyone tell me if section 4aa is a public seat

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July 31, 2014 at 10:35am

I have the option of buying a ticket in section 4aa but I want to make sure I would be able to even sit there. I tried calling the ticket office to make sure but the girl on the phone said she's not sure but it's either block O, the band, or the student section.. Where as block o north is section 1a and 2a, the band is 39a, and the student section is 3-7a. 

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That's around the area of the small visitors section in the north endzone. 

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So do you think it would be a pretty good place to sit?

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You can see for yourself here:


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@Danderson05 I use to work at the ticket office when I was a student at Ohio State. Section 4 AA is the lower "Lower" bowl per se that was added when the Shoe was remodeled. It will be in the North Endzone BELOW where Block-O North is located. This is the section right next to the Ramp and typically where the visiting band sits if they are brought to the game. If you are able to get tickets in the section it is likely the away team is not bringing their band to the game. 

As far as good place to sit it depends. There are only 10-rows in this section and seat 1 is always on the right. Which would be closer to the ramp in this case. You will be straight on looking at the field so plays down towards the south stands may be hard to see, but having one of the largest scoreboards/video boards will help with that in being able to see the plays. I hope that helps...I'll check back if you have any other questions. 


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I sat in 5AA for the Iowa game last year.  Here's what I can report:

If you like to be near the action on the field and don't mind watching the bulk of the game on the score/video boards, then these are great seats. 

If you like to see more than 1/3 of the game action or, like me, have trouble seeing a play develop from the back end of the defense, probably not the best option.

As for being able to sit there, as long as it's a General Admission ticket (no Faculty/Staff/Student ID requirements), you shouldn't have any troubles.

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Im envious Rube- you had to have the best view of that Carlos Hyde pinball touchdown.  That is what makes AA great.

I was in AAs on the 40 for the Brax-to-Devin Wisconsin back breaker.  Brax stepped on the "4" right in front of me and let 'er rip.

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