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Stadium Updates

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July 19, 2014 at 3:27pm

Just wondered if anyone has pictures, or an update on the renovations going on at " The Shoe". Is it going to be done for the home opener?


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Just got home from a recruiting visit, my daughters a gymnast being recruited By tOSU, and I was lucky enough to get a tour of the Shoe. Yes, renovation will be done well in advance of the home opener and the new lighting looks sick. I did not see it at night, but I think it's going to look incredible. They told me the new tunnel is going to be a "new" tradition", so I can't wait for that. The additional 2500 seats make the stadium look a lot more enclosed. With 30,000 student tickets sold I was told the games are expected to reach much higher decibel levels than ever before.

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Does anyone know how many student tickets they use to sell? I feel like 30000 is a lot more

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I can't much info on years past in regards to student ticket sales. But I did see that OSU is selling about 1,500 more than the original allotment for this year. On the flipside, *ichigan is expected to sell around 12,000 or 13,000 student tickets this year, down from 19,000 last year and down 21,000 from 2012.

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I was there with my wife and kids yesterday (7-18) and took this picture:

Ohio Stadium 7-18-14

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Craig Krenzel doll was also there:

Krenzel Doll

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Anyone have pictures? 


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No pics as of right now but I could get some tomorrow or Monday, seeing as my summer class is right by the Shoe. Just from what I've seen though, the seats they're adding look to be coming along well, and they've already installed most if not all of the permanent lights. The lights look badass. 

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If anyone knows how to embed videos from Instagram the football team posted a quick video of the stadium. The new seats make it look pretty intimidating I think. 


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I don't recall where it is at, but that video of the crane hoisting the lights in sections over the stadium was pretty kewl. I think it was a link in a Skully a week or two ago.