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Van Jefferson sets visit date....

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July 9, 2014 at 5:22pm

Longtime Ohio State wide receiver target Van Jefferson has made it apparent that he will be taking a visit to Ohio State on Jul 16. This is a huge visit for the Buckeyes and a commitment wouldn't be out of the question. Jefferson isn't a blazer, but he runs excellent routes and is extremely fluent. He's one of the best pure receivers in this year's cycle. At 6'2 he has good size and can position his body very well between the defender and the ball. Ohio State hasn't brought in a ton of wide receivers like Jefferson the past couple of years and a commitment from the Tennessee native is sure to pay off wonders in the future.   SOURCE....Austin Kemp


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Birm mentioned an OV was in the works yesterday. To add to your post, Birm also mentioned that after Jefferson visits OSU, he's visiting another big school, UGA I think. He'd be a nice addition, but far from a lock. 

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Birm said Jefferson plans to visit Georgia after his OSU visit. 

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Mrs. Jefferson told me today that a UGA visit is in the works but is not confirmed. He is goin to commit before the summer ends.


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I'm not feeling great about this one. Van's father Shawn Jefferson is the WR coach with the Titans. He coached the last couple years with Tracy Rocker, who was the Titans DL Coach but wasn't retained during the transition to Ken Whisenhunt.

Tracy was a certified badass at Auburn in the late 80s. He won the Outland, Lombardi, and SEC MVP award as a DT. That's pretty rare. Knee injuries derailed his pro career, but he's been in coaching for about 15 years. He was on Auburn's staff when they won the NC, and has also coached at UC, Ole Miss, and Arkansas. He's know at Georgia. I know the Rocker's well, and know they are very close to Van's family. I fear UGA more than UT on this one, despite UT being the in state school.

I'm hoping, but not that hopeful. And I know either way, we'll be fine. 

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If during his tour someone takes him near the Olentangy,  would that be a Van down by the ...nevermind.

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If we don't get Jefferson and if Cager earns a scholly offer here soon and pulls the trigger we will be just fine besides the real prize at WR is Kirk if we get him I don't care who ends up being the other receiver in this class.

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Can't believe nobody has said anything about him being "fluent"

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Yes, I was thinking the same thing..I had that once...it's BBBaaaaaaadd!

Go bucks!

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If we miss on Van, there's still plenty of quality WRs left. Besides I'm feeling optimistic. The kid obviously wants Ohio State while his dad wants someone else, hopefully this visit can get his dad completely on board with the Buckeyes.

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Buckeyes on the upward trajectory with Urban. The team is coming together and we are stockpiling depth with talent via recruiting. If he wants to go to a stagnant UGA program or an unstable Tennessee program, well then thats fine. I just think with the style of offense that we are perfecting, any WR who wants to be a playmaker would be begging for a chance to be a part of it. Dixon will be a super star under Urban, I think Van needs to ask himself he wants to put himself in a similar position. Be a nice addition to the family, but if not, best of luck to the dude. 

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