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A Big Ash Wedding

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June 28, 2014 at 10:44am

From Tim May of The Columbus Dispatch and buckeyextra.dispatch.com:

White Wedding

Before Chris Ash decided to move from Arkansas to join the Ohio State defensive coaching staff in January, he already had made another monumental decision. He had proposed to Doreen Buttery, and she had accepted.

“We’ve known each other for six years or so, and the time was right,” Ash said.

Today, they will be married in her hometown of San Diego.

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Congrats to Coach Ash.

buckeyedude's picture

I loved the 80s. Partied my azz off.

Oh. And congratulations to Coach Ash and his new bride. Cheers to hoping you have a bunch of little Ashes running around the house!



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allinosu's picture

Is she going to use her maiden name as her middle, Buttery Ash. Congrads.

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Seattle Linga's picture

I thought about writing something unique with Buttery as her last name but I instead chose against it as my mind went in a completely wrong and different direction.

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Between Big Ash and Buttery Ash, not sure which I like butter.

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buckskin's picture

Congrats!  Their kids will forever hear "I'm going to beat your little Ash if you don't stop it."

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Congrats to coach  Ash and his bride to be.  I hope they have many wonderful years ahead of them and I want to welcome her into  buckeye nation. OH-!

Step aside Nick, Urban is the real rock star!

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Congrats to Coach Ash.  If Rains of Castamere starts to play run like hell!

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Expect lots of press coverage on the honeymoon.

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