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Off Season News

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June 17, 2014 at 10:16am

Great flow chart courtesy of 

Off Season News

 The Roanoke Times. 

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I used to live in Roanoke as a kid.

Read the Times near-daily, always straight to the sports section.

They nailed it again, thanks for sharing DM.

National Champions

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How Firm Thy Friendship

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It's scary how accurately that represents the conversation around here. 

+2 HS
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Can you provide a link? I have no way of enlarging it and its too small for me to read it 

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Jim "DooDah" Day
It is hard to play dirty against a man who picks you up.

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Flow Charts, hours of designing them for video game information, storylines, movements, and scripting are coming back to me.... *shakes fist*