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Long time resident of Columbus (born) and raised in Whitehall, Dad was a Columbus cop who worked the games every year. Attended tOSU 1969 - graduation in 1974, BS in Aero Studies. Joined the USAF, got an MA from Ball State in 1986, retired Lt Col, pilot. Now in Montgomery, AL, bankruptcy attorney at Memory & Day. Lifetime member of tOSU Alumni Association. Get back about 4 times a year. Married HS sweetheart, prior RN at tOSU Medical Center (she helped deliver many Buckeye babies).


  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU v. Miami, 2003, OSU v. Arizona State - Rose Bowl 1997, Last three games of the 2014 season!
  • NFL TEAM: Cincy
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Comment 25 Mar 2015

Thin mints, frozen, right from the freezer

Comment 24 Mar 2015

Our law firm switched over in  the past six months. The Google Drive is nice, especially with three attorneys and a para working on documents from the office, home, and some days in court. Only problem we have had is syncing the latest version of a document. It can sometimes take a bit. Once, it was as much as 20 min. It is nice to not worry about backups, especially when you are working with leal documents and records. I feel a bit better about paperless now.

Mail is mail. I miss some of the features of Outlook.

We use a separate calendaring billing program (Clio) that syncs well with the calendar app.  We use the separate program because of its legal billing capabilities.

Contacts, no complaints.

All told,  it is cheap, easy to use, and accessible anywhere. Best is that you are doing all through a web browser, not a stand-alone or server program. 

Comment 18 Mar 2015

In defense of some of the young whipper snappers, there was a time that you could work to pay fees and books and graduate in 4-5 years (Fees in 1969, $200/per quarter, books, usually $75). Also, learned to fly at Don Scott (OSU Field) for $600.00 (ground school was scheduled as a class two times a week so included with full-time tuition). 

Of course, that meant that if you weren't going to school, you were working. I am afraid that that time is over, and not for a good reason.

Comment 17 Mar 2015

Irritable Bowel Syndrom Trifecta of Death - Meals at Skyline, White Castle, and Taco Bell, all on the same day. Just the gas alone will keep the coyotes away....

Comment 12 Mar 2015

Your proposed exit was fun but that Buckeye Lake report in the C'bus Dispatch hit me like a ton of bricks. Most of us old codgers grew up with that lake, fishing there, boating.

I remember having a bad day in 1971; I mean a really bad day (fired from my job). My Dad didn't say a thing. He grabbed our fishing gear, threw it in the car, we got in, drove to BL, sat there and fished for four hours. Nothing was said. I might add, no fish were caught. Best therapy in the world.

Wife's family is from Millersport too. It is more than just a lake. 

Comment 12 Mar 2015 magnificent bastard! Ok, next time, what about tOSU's all-time saves? Kenny G against Purdue. Cardale Jones B1G, Sugar Bowl, NC Win. Maurice Clarett, NC steal. Michael Jenkins, catching the Holy Buckeye. Anthony Gonzales, catch versus Michigan...etc.

Comment 11 Mar 2015

Four-star cook, I can generally make a great meal with whatever is in the fridge.

I work remote controls like a Boss.

I find shit on the web that no one seems to be able to find.

Can do all my own laundry and house cleaning.

Why is this starting to sound like an eharmony post?

Comment 11 Mar 2015

True dat...upvote for one of my all time favorites (see my profile). Best part was the deflation of the Brent Musburger commentary.

Comment 22 Feb 2015

I live in Montgomery, AL. I miss the snow. You know those nights when there are huge puffy snow flakes and the snow cover muffles the sound. It is so peaceful and serene. I love blue moon nights when it is below zero, clear, and the moon lights a fresh cover of snow. It casts a wonderful blue glow over everything.

i also love it here when idiots absolutely freak out because it is going down to 30 degrees and, oh my God, we have to get to the store and buy bread, and milk, and maybe some candles. The next day, you see them walking around, like Michelin Tiremen, with every stitch of clothes on they have....and their faces covered like they are wearing a burka.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

Keep thinking of an old meme, Urban Meyer saying "Chill the F out...I got this".  I have no doubt that, however this all shakes out, he's got this. On the even brighter side, we are presented with three QBs who will be healthy before spring. I just hope the decision is based on performance and leadership and not on entitlement. 

Comment 04 Feb 2015

Now that we no longer need to worry about the SEC (sarcasm font), I guess that over signing is no longer an issue (bold sarcasm font), since we have signed 89 with a limit of 85...?