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Long time resident of Columbus (born) and raised in Whitehall, Dad was a Columbus cop who worked the games every year. Attended tOSU 1969 - graduation in 1974, BS in Aero Studies. Joined the USAF, got an MA from Ball State in 1986, retired Lt Col, pilot. Now in Montgomery, AL, bankruptcy attorney at Memory & Day. Lifetime member of tOSU Alumni Association. Get back about 4 times a year. Married HS sweetheart, prior RN at tOSU Medical Center (she helped deliver many Buckeye babies).


  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU v. Miami, 2003, OSU v. Arizona State - Rose Bowl 1997, Last three games of the 2014 season!
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Comment 26 Jun 2015

I dunno, I love all aspects of the game (especially defense). But nothing gives you that visceral satisfaction of a long, high punt that dies at about the three yard line and is downed by one of the piranhas at the 1/2 yard line. It has the same feeling feeling as driving a stake into their heart while you stare into their Cam and Sean have wet dreams about things like this.

Comment 18 May 2015

There was also a restaurant on Olentangy River Road near downtown called La Bota. Spiral staircase, restaurant was downstairs. Great Mexican. Closed in the early to late 80s maybe? BTW, it is not the same as La Bamba....

Ditto on the Kahiki.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

I also question theOSU's numbers. Unless I am missing something, I see nothing  that accounts for tickets sold to ALUMNI. We are allowed to purchase two tickets to one game per year. I see numbers for public, faculty/staff, and students. I don't think we qualify under any of those labels, and we definitely aren't comped tickets.

Oh, and Muck Fishigan....Go Bucks

Comment 23 Apr 2015

Ok folks, maybe I can head this off. Let's try this:

Dr, James Andrews
Born    September 1942 (age 72)
Homer, Louisiana
Residence    Mountain Brook, Alabama (Birmingham)
Nationality    American
Education    Louisiana State University
Tulane Medical School
Occupation    Orthopedic surgeon
Known for    Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center
American Sports Medicine Institute
Alabama Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center

Further, the WikiPedia entry says, among Dr. Andrewws patients are ....Braxton Miller....

Andrews is well known for performing orthopedic surgery on high-profile athletes from a wide array of sports and was the subject of an article that praised his talents and listed some of his notable clients. One excerpt from the magazine stated that "[Andrews] is the alpha doc at the center of a sports-medicine network that extends well beyond doctors. Every athletic trainer, physical therapist, strength-and-conditioning coach in the land seems to have Andrews' cell phone number".[4]

Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center
805 St. Vincent's Drive, Suite 100 - Birmingham, AL 35205
2217 Decatur Highway, Suite 101 - Gardendale, AL 35071
201 Doug Baker Boulevard - Hoover, AL 35242
3143 Pelham Parkway - Pelham, AL 35124
(205) 939-3699

Comment 08 Apr 2015

In June of 1969, 1.89 GPA (lower third of my class, loved school, hated work), a resident of Ohio. Met with my guidance counselor who said I had little chance of completing college. Spun my wheels from June through July. Thought, "what the hell", so I applied. Got my acceptance letter in August. Tuition was $210- $220 range, books about $50.00. Academic probation fall quarter, on the brink winter quarter. Campus riots (and closing the school for a few weeks) gave us all a pass on some of our grades so I was able to recover from the "brink". Graduated with a 2.72ish.

I now have a Masters Degree (3.75 GPA), Juris Doctor (3.89), and managed to successfully complete one of the military's most intense and difficult programs (pilot training, distinguished grad, academic and leadership awards AND navigator training). Retired from the USAF as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Moral of the story? High school guidance counselors are idiots (or at least mine was). 1) We all don't grow (physically or mentally) at the same rate; 2)  Some kids just need the chance; 3) Higher education needs to be affordable (the student loan industry is like borrowing from the Mafia, in my best Ray Liotta voice, "F you pay me"). I was a big fan of Gorden Gee but, under his watch, tOSU became less available and affordable. If Drake does anything (and it looks like he will), he will remedy both of those issues. 

Comment 25 Mar 2015

Thin mints, frozen, right from the freezer