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jordan hall nfl , and pitt Brown and former lb

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May 19, 2014 at 5:53pm

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Add Dorian Bell to the ex-Buckeye list of players possibly making the Steelers roster. Good luck to them all, I hope they all make it. 

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Watch Pitt Brown go on to become one of the best safeties in the league lol.


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It's pretty crazy that the entirety of our defensive roster from last year is probably gonna be drafted or is gonna get a chance at trying out for an NFL team and yet we were so goddamn awful. We probably have 4 first round defensive lineman + Shazier+ Roby+ Bryant + our D-line coach now in the NFL and now all of these undrafted free agents. And people wonder why there were calls to fire Fickell. 

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Our scheme last year definitely didn't compliment the talent we had on the defensive line.  I won't arugue with you on that.

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I was one for calling for the head of Fickell but the more that has came out. I will say that it was a break down between the 2 D cord. cause whiters was running the soft back end. If you guys think about it when we had haycock and fickell togather yes it was bend but do not break but the WR where not always getting free releases of the line.



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You're missing two other LBs/nickel back in your formula.  And Barnett.  And D. Grant.  It takes 11 guys to play D.

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Always was a Hall fan. Finally getting the chance he deserves. 

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I wish Cleveland would sign a few local kids as UFA's once in a while. I know there is little chance they will make the team but it would generate some preseason interest (Of course with Manziel, that won't be an issue this year). Imagine Jordan and Coreys friends buying preseason tix to see him play in the hometown uniform. Steelers make a couple bucks.. Fans pay a little more attention..seems like a win-win

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I put not a lot of faith in Cleveland's but,,,  u may be surprised , and they sight former OSU guy L Grant

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