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Starting offensive line

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May 13, 2014 at 4:59am

I just rewatched the spring game and focused primarily on the offensive line. Heres some thoughts on the starting 5 up front.

Left tackle- Taylor Decker. He didn't play in the spring game but he is primed for a huge year. Urban Meyer said he was our best offensive lineman at the end of last season. He is more of a true left tackle than Mewhort, and Mewhort was a good one. We'll need him to be a leader in the Oline meeting room and film room because he has far and away the most experience. 

Left Guard- Pat Elfein. He didn't play in the spring game either. This guy was really impressive when he saw the field in two of our biggest games last season. He has the perfect frame to play guard. He is a former wrestler and it really shows. He plays with great leverage and always keeps a good base. He's going to be one of those 3 star Ohio guys that end up being great Buckeyes. 

Center- Jacoby Boren. He is a little bit undersized but he understands how to use angles to create running lanes. He's not going to drive a 350lb nose tackle five yards off the ball but he will move him with good feet and body control. He seems to always stay in front of his man while pass blocking. He has seen valuable playing time since he's been at Ohio State and has never had a bad snap. He will be a solid center for us. Plus he's a Boren. 

Right Guard- Chad Lindsay. The Alabama transfer will bring valuable experience to our young offensive line. Before rewatching the spring game I would have said Chad Lindsay will be the starting center and Antonio Underwood would start at right guard but Underwood was not very impressive in the spring game. It was his first time playing football in The Horseshoe in a year but he was consistently beaten by Michael Hill whether he was run blocking or pass blocking. Summer workouts will be important for Chad Lindsay because he needs to get quicker and slimmer so he can pull effectively. Demetrious Knox will come in right away and compete for this spot. 

Right Tackle- Daryl Baldwin. This guy  looks the part of an All Big Ten tackle. He has a massive frame with long arms and good feet. He has paid his dues at Ohio State and I think he will be a solid right tackle for the Buckeyes in his senior season. If he can consistently play with a good base he has a chance to be good. 

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Good reading. We will see.

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It'll be interesting once Lindsay gets involved. I don't necessarily think he is a shoe-in to start, because he has to come in and earn it, but its pretty clear that the staff's intension is for him to be one of the five. I like him at center when its all said and done but who knows.

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Good analysis TVB. Agree with your projections, though I'm eager to see how the depth chart settles and which of the younger guys earn pt (Price, Knox, J.Jones).

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i like the suggestion on Lindsay. very interesting to think about. Excited to see how this all shakes out

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Plus he's a Boren. 

I cannot wait for something like this:

(can someone post a picture of Boren just tackled Garder from the TTUN game? My photo upload thing does not work.)


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I still think there's a possibility a true freshman ends up on this line. I don't know if it will be the first game, but I don't think it'll take long. 

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I think at the least you need to change the guards.  Elflein is pretty slotted to RG, the pulling guard (more frequently).  Then, Lindsay doesn't have to learn to do it as well.  I'm pulling for Boren, but he was quite a dropoff from Lindsley last year, so I hope whoever takes starting center doesn't have as much of a dropoff.

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Wouldn't we rather have Lindsay at center because he is not as athletic as others, so he doesn't have to pull as often etc?  Just my 2 cents on that. 

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Billy Price will beat out Boren.


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This. I don't think we should count Billy Price out of anything. The guy is very smart, and VERY strong which are two attributes you want in your interior linemen. I think there's a great chance he starts at the LG and I think him, Lindsay, & Eflin will make some real nice lanes for EZE and company.

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Adding Price over Boren gives us a physically imposing line for sure. Decker - Lindsay (or Price) - Price (or Lindsay) - Efflein - Baldwin.

As another poster stated, it all depends on how well Lindsay moves his feet. I would add Baldwin to this thought as well.

Boren will play solid minutes, but I do think Price beats him out.


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Not very far into the season this line may be better than last years.

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Give me that starting 5, and I'll be a happy man...EzE will be pretty happy as well:)

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I agree but I think that it'll be a battle between Price, Underwood, Farris and 11W favorite Meechy Knox for the LG spot. Wouldn't be shocked if Jamarco beat out Baldwin eventually.

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It's Demetrius Knox...  

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And of course our future starting LG, hopefully sooner rather than later.  Maybe by the middle of the year we'll see Decker, Knox, Lindsay, Elflein, and Baldwin.  Boren/Price can slip in at C next year, and we'll have a fight for RT.

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Well Urban said he expects you and Jamarco to come in to push these guys and I don't doubt that you could come in and get it done immediately (as a matter of fact, I've got you starting in my 2015 NCAA '14  roster, pre-Lindsay transfer)

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I believe he is pointing out the fact that the OP misspelled his name.

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Anybody know what the deal is with Kyle Dodson?  He was a 4* OT and is now entering his third year as a Buckeye on a line that has to replace four starters, but I never hear his name mentioned.  Is he having health issues, grade problems, attitude problems, or is he just not developing?

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He came to OSU with a serious shoulder injury, and red-shirted. In my opinion he wasn't 100% last year, and this will be his first year fully healthy, and ready to go.

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LG- see below

C- Lindsay *- I doubt we would have recruited him to play one year if we didn't expect him to start. Only thing that worries me is if he's had shotgun snap experience?

RG- Elflein

RT- Baldwin

I honestly can't make a pick for the final guard spot right now. Everyone is on about the same level and no one has separated themselves from the pack IMO. I see Underwood, Price, Knox, Hale, and Farris going to battle in fall camp for this spot. Wouldn't surprise me to see a 2 man rotation there if someone doesn't separate themselves early. 

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The final offensive line will be finalized in fall camp and it will have 5 starters. No one spot is going to rotate. You need chemistry and consistency on the o line. You'll have a 2 deep and that's about it. 

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I've played on O-lines that rotated guys and honestly as long as there's not a major talent drop off it doesn't effect chemistry as long as you can trust the man next to you to do his job. Case and point Elflein coming in for Marcus Hall. There was no talent drop off or lack in chemistry. Nothings ever finalized right away, people compete for spots every week. Look at Brewster coming in his freshman year and eventually starting same thing with Bosa on defense. Meech could come in and be more talented then the guys but might take him an extra few weeks to learn the college playbook, o-line calls, and adjustments which might prevent him from starting the first few weeks and eventually start later in the season. 

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my thought on the OL is i am always very concerned when seniors that have never cracked the starting lineup before are suddenly made starters (see pitt brown last year at safety) as seniors.  there's typically a reason they aren't starters yet, and when they are all of a sudden starting as seniors, it's a good sign you're going to have a significant dropoff from the prior year (except in the case of Lindsay since he's a trx). i will feel a whole lot better about our OL success this year if guys like price, boren, and meechy are starting by the time the season starts than if we start the season with baldwin and underwood as 1's.

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Anyone have a thought on how Baldwin did at RT during the Spring including the Spring game?  It seems many of you feel he is the lock for RT, but curious to know how he stacks up against Decker in terms of skill (vs run/pass, etc).

I know the early part of the season will be learning one another during real games, but the truth will be in the pudding when we start analyzing the number of scrambles X-Brax has to make vs last year - and pray he doesn't get hurt (again)

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Offensive line will be our weakness this year especially in pass protection at the OT position. While I enjoy your optimism for Decker's ability at LT I have to disagree. IMO this is the one area Urban has been unable to raise the bar in recruiting talent. I firmly believe that the 2013 and 2014 classes will eclipse their predecessors at every position besides OT. I have no idea why we cant get a top 3 OT to OSU. If he has the frame, I know the coaches and Mick would make him a 1st round draft choice. I really like our interior OL and their grit when it comes to grinding it out. Obviously the OL is as much about playing as a unit as individual talent...until Jadaveon Clowney or that guy named Beasley from Clemson is doing a blow-by on your LT and blindsiding your QB. The LT position has to be filled by a stud athlete and right now we do not have one on the OL. I hope Decker and whoever plays RT prove me wrong but I am not close to being sold at this point.

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I can agree slightly. Urban has knocked it out of the park recruiting every position except stud athletic LT and QB. Now the guys we have gotten are no slouches but those are 2 areas I think he would request a do over on. Our run game will remain dominate and will be the identity of our program going forward.

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