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EzE getting some national love

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March 26, 2014 at 7:26pm

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Doesn't SI know he plays like a Freshman. 

How freaking unfortunate is that?

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I want to see this kid succeed but he needs to win the RB job first. Rod and Dunn are gonna push him for that position. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Ezekiel Elijah Elliott Freshman Highlights 2013: 

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You said SI and football in the same sentence...

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He's not quite as truck built as MoC but he really does have that sidestep and explosion like Clarett had. The ability to get small and hit a hole but still deliver a blow at the end of it. He is going to be really special, we've got a good one!

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That side-step against PSU, wow. Eze is an interesting case because he could be very versatile moving forward. Apparently he's up 10lbs. from when he came in as a freshman. So he could stay there and keep the quickness or he could continue to gain some weight and be an ideal every-down back.

This year it seems like they're setting up Rod Smith to be the first-down, sure yardage back. That's why I don't think they mind Eze being the size he is, so that he can come in and exploit the edge.

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EzE is already perhaps my favorite Buckeye...

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I think I'm with you on that one.

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Too many horses in the stable, not that I'm complaining, though I do think EzE will be well utilized.

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Those horses are going to be having the B1G coaches running for cover...


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This kids name is about to explode on the National scene like an atom bomb. Take no prisoners,he will join the watch list this year. Might even steal one of those September awards away from an annual *ichigan player.

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I love me some number 15

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He makes it look so doggone EzE.

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Remember if it dont work out for him running the ball.... We could never have enough take your head off Safties

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Speed to the edge will come in handy with a young line.  If Rod isn't getting holes between the tackles he will have a hard time getting to the second level.  Not a knock on Rod at all but a big back with a young line can make for short gains. 

Nice thing is, you put speed at the edge and most teams start cheating their LB's out a little bit and suddenly the middle is soft.