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Joe Blundo says Ohio State should drop "THE"

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March 26, 2014 at 6:29pm

A writer for the Columbus Dispatch says The Ohio State University should drop "THE' because it makes them sound arrogant and is easily mocked... 

Here is the link to his article, I could not access it today because I don't subscribe to the dispatch but I figure some of you can. 


But I was able to read the article yesterday somehow and found it ridiculous and stupid. 

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"THE" lol why? It's part of the culture isn't it?


Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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I just read it, whatever, it's what you would expect. Saying it's arrogant, and people make fun of it. People also made fun of The U too, but they built the strongest brand in college football (without the tradition of Notre Dame, Bama, Texas, Oklahoma, USC, OSU, and Michigan). People are going to hate anything that sets a school apart if they aren't a fan of that school. I hate Oregon's facilities, and I hate Michigan's fight song, and I hate (but only in the recruiting sense) USC's sweater girls. Would I change any one of those if I was the school known for them, of course not! People in the comments section of the article talk about Harvard grads thinking "The" is funny. Harvard grads look down at everything, that's why they suck too. If they wanted people not to hate them, they wouldn't tell people they went to Harvard, but it still always seems to come up. Jealousy is the highest form of flattery, and that's what Dayton was doing, I have no problem with that. Yep, they beat the Buckeyes, they should celebrate, they should make fun of OSU, because Ohio State is elite in the two money making college sports. Just wait 'till Urban gets that crystal ball, the hate is going to be unbelievable, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Unfortunately, there won't be a crystal football to get any more. Dr. Pepper is the new sponsor of the playoff. Agree with the rest of  your post though!


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I believe Dr. Pepper has been the sponsor of the trophy for a while. It was called the Dr. Pepper Coach's Trophy for the last several years. 

"You're damn right thats daddy" - Urban Meyer 

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You don't just drop that. It's part of the tradition. Love it or hate it, it's here to stay. 

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Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

Haters gonna hate.. son.

I speak the truth but I guess that's a foreign language to yall.~~Lil Wayne

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Just when I almost forgot why I disliked the Dispatch. Thanks for the reminder, Blundo.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Yep, I really feel like Joe should drop the Blundo. Makes him seem like a real dumb ass.

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Thanks, for getting me in trouble w/the wife. I actually laughed too loud and woke her from her nap. Not good.

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Gen. John "Black Jack" Pershing, U.S. Army

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Blundo is the sort of name that sounds like a disgusting sexual act.

"Hey, bro! I just gave that chick a wicked blundo!"

"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

THE Ohio State University

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sounds like the word 'blunder" which obviously his parents made

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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Lou-hahaha right it does

Joe can go to hell-sorry that wasnt very nice but we will aways be The Ohio State University

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Joe Blundo looks like a pedo with that creepy mustache.


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Our "The" came up on my Facebook feed the other day, as a friend from Kansas posted the Dayton Daily News frontpage about the ballgame in an effort to stir up controversy. My response was, "They earned it, no burn here," but the post engendered a lively debate about our use of a definite article as an identifying characteristic. My comment then, and I maintain it is the case now, is that non-Ohio State people now make this a bigger deal than we do. ANYWHERE I go, someone will see my Block O lapel pin and say, "OH, so you're from THE Ohio State University, huh?"

And I'll reply, "You're goddamn right I am."

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When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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I can't remember the last time I said The Ohio State University, I have to admit. Also, never forget that it was considered awesome, rather than arrogant or stupid, when Peter Warrick announced his school as being his High School on Monday Night Football, and Laverneus Coles said "Old School" instead of FSU.

We all just have to accept that there is a lot of anti-Ohio State backlash right now. I can accept the hate, but would just like some more championships to go with it!

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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This Dispatch should drop the Columbus so the local people no longer need to be embarrassed. 

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Yeti's have feelings too.

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CJDPHoS Board of Directors // Best friends with Homey Hache

The 0 is silent.

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Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

Joe Blundo graduated from Kent State.

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osu07asu10's picture

Was just about to post this. Not to disparage those who did not graduate form THE Ohio State University...but when you graduated from Kent State...it just comes across as sour grapes.

CJDPHoS Board of Directors // Best friends with Homey Hache

The 0 is silent.

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Can't write, can't read, Kent State....seems appropriate with this guy.

Rock over London; Rock on Chicago. Timex: It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'

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My wife and I graduated from Kent State and are damn proud of it and we have one son currently at OSU and the other at Kent State. But we are scarlet and gray all the way.

In all honesty Kent State is a beautiful campus and has changed drastically since we were there in the mid 80's.

And average Joe should just shut the F up and stick to something like dodgeball.


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Johnny-Shane_Utah-Falco's picture

Hey Blundo -- get a stomach!

What kind of a weak-minded va-j-j worries that much about what people think about them?

When you're a leader like THE Ohio State University --- people are going to be jealous and hate on you.

Who cares what they think.

It's a cool trademark...keep it going!

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Sounds like Blundo is THE biggest asshat at the Columbus Dispatch.

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BoFuquel's picture


I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Does anyone remember the last time Blundo wrote anything worth reading?

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And with that, I've heard the first and last of Joe Blundo.

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southernstatesbuckeye's picture

In all fairness to Blundo, HIS school (Kent State) did drop the term "Normal" from their moniker in 1929.  They were originally Kent State Normal College, and by dropping the "Normal" allowed themselves to accept abnormal applicants like the Joe Blundos of the world.

He is simply looking for a little consistency among our institutions of higher learning.

Give him a brake.  Hell, throw the entire rotor at him.

I like cookies.

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Sounds like a hater to me.

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edr4225's picture


lets go bucks!!

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DannyBeane's picture

Well its alright. Clearly not everyone can have a right opinion. I graduated from THE Ohio State University. Anyone got a problem that can go blow themselves.

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I don't know this Blundo, but Mark May thinks he's a Douche. 

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“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win.” -Urban Meyer-

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When people bitch about it I tell them, "We do it to piss people like you off."

"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

THE Ohio State University

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This reminds me of something that the plain dealer would print. 

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Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

The Pennsylvania State University
The University of Alabama
The University of Iowa
The University of North Carolina
The University of Tennessee
The University of Texas

(...and many others)

People just get pissy because Ohio State football players started making a point of using "The" during the Monday Night Football intros a decade or so back in order to have a little fun.

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Whoa Nellie's picture

Wait a sec, are we talking about The Joe Blundo?

“Don’t fear criticism. The stands are full of critics. They play no ball. They fight no fights. They make no mistakes because they attempt nothing. Down on the field are the doers, they make mistakes because they attempt many things.”

buckskin's picture

Damn Joe, you really need to find something worthwhile to write about.  This has always been the name, the "arrogance" rub started when MNF started allowing players to introduce themselves and the college they played for (as one poster noted).  To me, the players were stating that they played for THE Ohio State University as a point of pride in their former college.  Oversensitive PC crap (sorry, THE oversensitive PC crap).

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kramalanj's picture

Perhaps " Joe " should start here...


I think not.

Bugsyk's picture

Many people don't know the history:  It was purposeful legislation in the 1800s to distinguish the university as the only land-grant university in the state of Ohio.  Hence, THE Ohio State University denotes the university that has the major responsibility for agricultural research and teaching responsibility as well as a major "outreach" or extension education mission to the public.

-and knowing is half the battle.

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jamesrbrown322's picture

Also, some of it springs from the stupid lawsuit that OU filed against OSU. Everyone overlooks that.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

Ohio University didn't file a lawsuit against Ohio State. Ohio University registered a trademark on the name "Ohio" and Ohio State filed to have it voided in order to protect it's own use of the word.

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jamesrbrown322's picture

Well, I would argue that OU initiated the lawsuit by filing such a stupid trademark that they knew would lead to a fight. My apologies for inaccurately portraying OU's actions. At least I'm qualified to work for FoxNews and ESPN now...

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

Found a period article:

2 schools battling over right to a certain 4-letter word Use of O-h-i-o pits State vs. University

IIRC the main reason that OU filed for the trademark is because they were trying to be proactive after Clemson sent a cease & desist over the paw print logo (which Clemson had trademarked).

The whole thing exposes just how silly Hoke's attempt at a dig is.


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andretolstoy's picture

Until OU can show they have the likes of the historic-hero THE Jesse Owens dawning OHIO on his/her jersey, they can waive their copyright documents all they want.

It's stinkin' Athens, OH. If it wasn't for their Halloween party and their communications department no one would notice ...


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hodge's picture

Make sense, since it was originally chartered as "Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College".  

I think another reason it's become so prevalent today is because of the rebranding the school did under Hollbrook to show their increased focus on academics and research.

toad1204's picture

Can Mindy Drayer do a depiction of this please?

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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I am making the 45th comment on a post about something Joe Blundo wrote...so me thinks he did his job.

That being said, it must be slow at the office if this is all he can come up with...hasn't Lindsey Lohan done anything newsworthy lately?

Go Bucks!

Thank the Maker that I was born in Ohio, cradle of coaches, US Presidents, confederate-stomping Generals, and home of The Ohio State University Football Buckeyes- 2014 UNDISPUTED National Champions!

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DJ Byrnes's picture


Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

Buckeye Chuck's picture

I understand the whole point about the backlash from the Monday Night Football intros, but the thing is, the university has been referring to itself as "The Ohio State University" in its PSAs and its publications for as long as I can remember. The course catalog from my freshman year, 34 years ago, had the phrase right there on the cover. The key point here is that the players started joking around during the intros because they were already used to hearing the phrase.

No one thought we were arrogant when we were losing to Michigan all the time. Anyone who has a problem with it needs to take it up with the 1878 legislature.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

Sebastian's picture

Must be a slow news day

Furious George 27's picture

I just dropped a blundo after my morning coffee.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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WezBuck28's picture

I think it sounds bad ass personally..especially on game nights on Monday night football when former grads announce where they came from..

NW Buckeye's picture

LOL - Sent an email to Joe, and he actually answered it: 


Actually, when my grandfather arrived from Italy, it was DiBlundo. So we've already dropped our syllable. Now it's Ohio State's turn.

Joe Blundo

-----Original Message-----
From: Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 9:00 PM
To: Joe Blundo
Subject: Blundo Name Drop

Dear Joe, Please drop Blundo from your name. Just something about Joe Blundo that sounds really stupid. You would be doing yourself a real favor if you just went with Joe from now on.


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hodge's picture

But, Mr. Blundo, if OSU followed the same lead as your family, wouldn't it be The Ohio State 'Niversity?

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Buckeye in Illini country's picture

What the hell is 'niversity?

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  "We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!"

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Toilrt Paper's picture

"The Ohio State University" is chiseled into many marble edifices around campus. So the word "The" will have to sandblasted off these many statements of the name of the University. I can see it now, they will read, "#### Ohio State University". That or millions of $$s more will be spent to remove and redo the entire name to "Ohio State University". 

All documents, stationary, envelopes, forms, etc will have to be scrapped...millions of pieces of paper AND reordering all new paper replacements, How many tress will be killed to do this?. How about we keep "The Ohio State University?, but pass a federal law making it a felony to say, "THE Ohio State University" ? 

Buck Commander's picture

Blundo????????  And with the lack of one condom an entire lifetime is wasted.

Every time I set my DVR to record Biggest Loser......It always records Wolverine Football Games!

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Scarlet_Buckeye's picture

THE only people that hate it are the people outside of Ohio State.

All THE people inside / associated with Ohio State LOVE IT!

Why would THE school/people drop it?!

route4buckeye's picture

LOL. He gave me the same e-mail response.


Joe Blundo
To Me
Today at 4:14 PM

It was DiBlundo when my grandfather came over from Italy. So we’ve already dropped a syllable. Now it’s Ohio State’s turn.



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route4buckeye's picture


What argument is there to make, Mr. Blundo? It's cut and dry. Here, since you seem pretty incompetent, let me explain it for you.

THE - an article
OHIO - a state
STATE - in this sense, a state funded school
UNIVERSITY - a higher place of learning

It is the State of Ohio's University. What do you not get? The funny thing is, most fans and alumni don't even say it. It's idiots like you who say it and make a big deal about it when there is no big deal. Ohio State is the premiere university in Ohio. Not Kent State. I can see why you're butthurt, Joe.

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Yea, that's why you don't create forum posts with links to the trolls' works. It helps them accomplish what they set out to accomplish. Page views.

There's a reason ESPN lists headlines that look like "Jim Tressel once rigged a raffle and killed a guy in a bar fight?".

Sort of like when the talk radio host that you find so obnoxious says something... obnoxious, and people call in to tell him he's obnoxious. 

Not science folks.

"It's a double-barreled pistol that fires hard work and victory..."

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I like the 'The' in front of tOSU. Plus, I think it definitely pisses others off.

Tina Fey likely shortened her name because she didn't like it or because she's a comedian. I hope Dispatch circulation drops because of this ass clown.

I suppose I should also stop referring to Texas as UT- Austin. It sounds arrogant to the other schools abbreviated UT, and the other campuses around Texas.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

Seattle Linga's picture

How else would you spell tOSU?

Urban_Can_Recruit's picture

In other news, Joe Blowjob should go fuck himself. We are THE Ohio State University. Deal with it!

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Who is Joe Blundo? 

rbesr's picture

What the heck's a Blundo???