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Offseason Topic - Troy Smith

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March 23, 2014 at 2:01am

Browsing through highlight videos I just wanted to give my respect to my favorite Buckeye of all time... Troy Smith

The clutch level, elusiveness, pocket toughness, arm strength, elite game level that he pushed at us from an athlete not directly recruited to play QB is amazing.  Everyone says Krenzel ( i get it, NC) but Troy has my heart with the deep 40 yard post or fade route, Holy Buckeye excluded.  Hello Heisman.




I love ya #10





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Johnny-Shane_Utah-Falco's picture

In my opinion, Troy Smith is the best quarterback to ever play at OSU, and he maybe had the best season by a QB in B1G history.

I'm not talking about pro careers, Tom Brady, etc. ... I'm just saying that 2006 season was special. Very very special.

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Who says Krenzel?

I season my simple food with hunger

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Yeah I dont think anyone thinks Krenzel was good. He was ok, but a good QB doesn't only put up 10 points against Purdue. 

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I don't think Krenzel was the best QB to ever play, but he certainly was one of the toughest and smartest.  He was good enough to not F up in big games and big moments. He never played scared, he could read defenses, and he played hurt and the fans would never know about it because he didn't outwardly grimace in pain and pull himself out of games.  He was a true leader, and his team followed his example. 

In the national title game, Miami was out to kill him.  And yet, Coach Tress kept calling QB draws and Krenzel fought for yards the whole night.  During his sophomore year, he led us to a Michigan victory with I believe only one week to prepare.  As far as personal qualities, he had everything a coach would want in a QB.

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CK was an excellent game manager and made very few mistakes. He did have an unbelievable defense on his team and that helped but Troy was at another level in my opinion.

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Agree.  The only thing Troy may have lacked was ideal qb height.  He  definitely was the most complete qb I've seen play at The Ohio State University. 

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Seattle Linga's picture

I loved his scrambling ability

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Krenzel had to work within Tressel's system. Tressel thought offense was just something you had to do in between the real football...punting and playing defense. What I appreciate from both Krenzel and Troy was their toughness. God, the two of them took some ferocious hits and bounced back up! Would love to see some of that again. And both usually made the big play when it really counted.

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Krenzel was utilized appropriately in the Tressel system. He wasn't underplayed. Krenzel had a knack of overthrowing and forcing a pass, so the best thing he learned was to throw the ball away in many situations. Couple that with his high IQ, and scrambling (which blew my mind) - he was a pretty good QB. Good enough for a NC.

Krenzel's inabilities were not the fault of Tressel.

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I love Troy and his 2006 season was the best by an Ohio State quarterback that I have ever seen. I will say the shellacking we took in the BCS Championship Game makes that season hard to go back and enjoy. In my opinion the senior leaders, especially Troy, really failed in that game and failed to get the team ready. While I am still a fan, could you image the change in cosmos that would have occurred if we won that game. Urban likely isn't the hottest commodity in college football, the idiots at ESPN can't spew that crap about Ohio State being undeserving of elite status, and Ohio State is a two-time BCS Champions in a 5 year span. Oh what could have been. Having said that I always wish Troy success.  

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I loved watching Troy ball for us. He got great pocket presence. Him and Bobby Hoying(spelling?) are 1a & 1b for me. 

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I love Troy, but oh man, the downfalls of In 'n' Out.

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In N Out burger is the only place I could wait patiently for 10 minutes before eating something from a "fast food" joint! 

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For fun we'll add everyones favorite highlight that we've all seen a million times... Ginn

also we have to bring '...' back



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Killer highlight reel.  TeddyBallGame, indeed.  Some of those games Ginn outscored the opponent with just his contributions.  He just destroyed _ichigan and _ichigan State.  If you had an injured linebacker, don't even play him against OSU, Ginn is just going to abuse him.  I think he had 1 receiving, 1 rushing and 1 punt return for touchdown against MSU in that reel.

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Troy Smith is without a doubt the Best QB to ever play for the scarlet and gray. And no matter what anybody says, is a top 5 QB in the history of the B1G. What hurt Troy Smith in terms of NFL potential was his height, and most importantly in my opinion was his work ethic. It seemed (just my opinion) that he may have felt entitled once he won the Heisman trophy. Came in to the NC game overweight, and out of shape. If not for a lack of work ethic, he would definitely be on an NFL roster right now, maybe even starting in the right situation. 

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#10 needs to be retired and hanging in the Horseshoe is all i can say.


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The average age of this board is never more apparent than when Troy Smith's name gets brought up lol.  Troy was great and he earned his Heisman and every trophy he ever won.  But there's a reason that almost every single season passing record belongs to Joe Germaine.  The dude was a killer and the numbers don't lie.  

Troy could scramble, but as far as a pure passer, he can't carry Joe's lunch on his best day. 

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Troy Smith is never off-topic on a Buckeye site.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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"You gotta be born with what #10 just did."

He deep pass down the middle to Gonzalez in 2006 was unbelievable. Probably the greatest OSU play that I have seen in my lifetime.

@Niblick - I loved Germaine. He was the most accurate passer I've seen at OSU. However, Troy was electric! Also, never forget this - Troy was 3-0 vs. *ichigan. Germaine was not. Germaine also had David Boston, OSU's best receiver since Carter, and whom I have not seen anyone surpass since. Germaine was great. A lot of people also gloss over how good Hoying was.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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Troy had Holmes, Gonzalez, Ginn, Robiskie and Hartline.  All 5 of them drew NFL paychecks and 4 of them are still in the league.

Germaine got to start for ONE year in 98, and he beat Michigan also.

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Germaine was platooning on two teams that lost to Michigan. Hey, like I said, I love Germaine. He was a better passer, but Troy was by far the better athlete and playmaker, therefore, IMO, a better overall college QB. Heck, Troy had significantly more success as an NFL player as Germaine, which is sad, but true.

And NONE of the above mentioned receivers were as good as Boston. Germaine also had Dee Miller, who was no slouch. Rambo and Germany also were there, and they drew NFL paychecks too. Germaine was a great, no doubt. However, I'd take Troy. Go back and watch film of his 2006 season. It's pretty ridiculous. Troy's passing numbers weren't like Germaine's b/c OSU blew out more people and had better field position consistently. Also, do not forget that Germaine played for Cooper, and Troy for a coach who truly believed that the punt was the most important play in football.

Either way, we were lucky as Buckeye fans to watch both!

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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Germaine was drafted by MLB out of high school. He was a tremendous athlete.