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Comment 13 Feb 2014

I'm sorry I haven't posted before on some your posts, but I just wanted to say I really do appreciate them.  Has provided some knowledge especially while watching some of the increased coverage on BTN.

Comment 23 Nov 2013

Getting Michigan week started off the right way, Angel's Envy Rye.  Also... HATE!





Comment 20 Sep 2013

Please read some history on Block O, i borderline find this comment offensive, not enough time to inform this padawan

Comment 27 Aug 2013

I attended tOSU and my twin brother went to Virginia Tech.  My older sister attended VaTech during the Vick years and we saw more than a couple games.  The two of us (brother) have been anticipating these games for awhile now and you can expect us to be in the front row, reppin' our respective teams.  Very excited for this.  One of the hilarious things is though my parents shelled out far more dollars to VaTech, they both are stronger Buckeye fans, frustrates my siblings to no end.

Comment 27 Aug 2013

This was fantastic.  Thanks for putting in the work.  Hopefully it catches on with other fan bases.

Comment 06 Aug 2013

It appears Andy is all good; seems to be a major conference in his industry is going on and he is a speaker this morning.

Andy Vance ‏@AndyVance 1h
Looking forward to addressing the opening session of the NIAA/USAHA Joint Animal Disease Traceability Forum later this morning. #agchat


I know it has been covered a zillion times but... how do I embed tweets again?


Comment 22 Jul 2013

No, just no.  You absolutely did not say the same thing.  Punks and thugs are not listed in the message you're replying to.  Neither is generalizing about an entire generation of players or giving up rooting for the Buckeyes.  

Comment 15 Jul 2013

perspective on Johnny football is spot on.. rock on Mr. Johnny... and the people who expect him to be a saint/role model, well that's your problem, prerogative,  and NO (could've gone for alliteration here but NO)

Comment 11 May 2013

I have a twin brother who attended VT while I attended tOSU.  I've been to more than my fair share of hokie games including quite a few during the Vick era (sister also attended VT) and can testify that the atmosphere is amazing.  We are going to attend both games in our series and will be pressing to get front row tickets.  Pretty pumped about it.