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Question: Scheduling not favoring Ohio State?

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March 18, 2014 at 9:18pm

I had a question to ask my 11W brothers. In 2013 it almost seemed like we got every teams best shot. If I remember correctly it was because a lot of the schools were coming off bye weeks. I just checked in 2014 for two games I consider to be big, at MSU and at Penn State, in which I'm guessing will both be night games and both teams are coming off bye weeks. What gives?? I haven't checked any of the other teams but it just seemed odd. Am I the only one who noticed or? Just wanted to get your guys opinions on it.

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We'll still whoop both of their asses.


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I trust URBAN will have the troops ready for battle

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We're the anti-Alabama.

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In 2013 it almost seemed like we got every teams best shot.

Are you including Penn State? XD

This wasn't really anything new. Ohio State has been the most consistent program for a long time now. Teams always circle games against the Buckeyes.

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