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Ted Ginn signs with...

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March 13, 2014 at 8:35pm

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Damn, I was hoping Cleveland would have given him a call, but best of luck to him in the desert.


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Johnny-Shane_Utah-Falco's picture

Yeah, I feel ya. I'm a Bengals fan, but heck, I'd love to see him go to one of my team's rivals (CLE, PGH, BALT) just so I could watch him play at least twice a year.

Speaking of, I'm betting part of his motivation (besides getting a 3 yr. deal) was getting to face San Fran. twice a year, a team that underutilized him.

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Ted's last visit to Arizona


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Such a melancholy feel watching that play.

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He has a great history when he's played on that field. Hopefully that continues.

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Minus the whole teammate celebrations with him that take him out of the game 13 seconds in or whatever ha.

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Yeah Carson has a big arm so Ginn should fit nicely as a deep threat. 


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As a 49ers fan, I hope he takes the first kickoff to the house against us. Hate that Baalke was an idiot and didn't want to keep him.

And yes, I may be a little bitter.. You'd be bitter too if you had a authentic $260 #19 San Francisco Ted Ginn jersey in the closet never to be worn again that took two months to deliver... Why'd you leave me Teddy....why! *goes to corner and cries*

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With Palmer as the QB, Ginn will probably have 40 tackles by the end of the season.

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What a wonderful surprise. Had no idea. thanx. I've got a feel good moment going on here. Best of luck to Theodore.

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Boy I hope he has fun in AZ - it's a great place to live in the fall and winter

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I see Carolina actually gave him some time at WR; guess he's finally starting to learn how to run a route. Hopefully he finally develops into a pro WR.

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