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Predict Ohio State's 2014 Football Season

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March 7, 2014 at 2:34am

at Navy

vs. Virginia Tech

vs. Kent State

vs. Cincinnati

at Maryland

at Penn State

vs. Illinois

at Michigan State

at Minnesota

vs. Indiana

vs. Michigan






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at Navy - W 42-14

vs. Virginia Tech - W 31-27

vs. Kent State - W 56-13

vs. Cincinnati W 38-28

at Maryland W 42-7

at Penn State W 35-28

vs. Illinois W 63-16

at Michigan State W 23-20 OT

at Minnesota W 44-0

vs. Indiana W 70-21

vs. Michigan W 33-16

B1G vs. Wisconsin W 49-0

Playoff 1 vs. USC W 27-22

National Championship Game vs. Oklahoma W 41-38 (Braxton with a Vince Young moment to end his career)

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Navy 42-31(Navy is pretty good)

Virginia Tech 42-14 (Tech has to start over with a new quarterback)

Kent State 56-14

Cincinnati 38-28 (I like your prediction on this one)

at Maryland 48-17

at Penn State 42-21 (Bold prediction, but I think they are not ready just yet)

Illinois 63-14 (huge blowout hopefully)

at Michigan State 31-21 (Defense does better)

at Minnesota 48-27 (Minnesota is pretty good, but our offense may be too fast)

vs. Indiana 56-21 (indiana defense will be better, but not significantly better)

vs. Xichigan W 35-21

BIG vs. ? I don't know ( If it's Wisconsin 45-14) 

Playoff 1 vs. Oklahoma ( I like your prediction) 

National Championship vs. Bama 24-21 ( I think we win on a last min. drive, because our defense shuts down the run all game)

*All these scores are based on if Chris Ash fixes the secondary enough to cause offenses problems



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Undefeated season and National title, if Chris Ash fixes the defense, and if Braxton stays relatively healthy.

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Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.
Bruce Lee

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I also predict that Bosa will have 11 sacks, Spence 8, Washington 7, Marcus 9, Lewis4, Holmes 5. I think our D-line is that good.

And Dontre will be scary good!!!!

This is all wishful thinking.................but hopefully true

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.
Bruce Lee

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I don't have the time to go game-by-game, but I have to pee in the punch bowl and suggest this is a 10-2 team next year.

Waaaay too many ?? for me, including coaches' and captains' ability to preserve a united locker room.... to be bullish about running the table. That ship sailed last season.

Hey,  hope springs eternal, so here's hoping the rest of you are a lot more right ...than me.

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Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.
Bruce Lee

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Definitely a possibility. Like I said my predictions are based on what the defense does. D line will be amazing. That's the only thing I can Guarantee.

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.
Bruce Lee

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Agree.....but as the D finds its way, it will still be up to the Offense to be high octane and score a lot of points.  With a new O Line and the yet-to-be-seen progress in the passing game, just expecting this O to be a scoring machine is a risky assumption.  But it will need to be.

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I predict I'm going to enjoy it immensely.

I'm thinking about keeping tabs through this one fansite I know about, it's pretty cool.

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A bit nervous about Va Tech, MSU and maybe Penn State.

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Navy W 56-27

Va. Tech W 41-24

Kent W 63-10

Cincy W 38-31

Maryland W 45-28

Penn St W 42-31

Illinois W 63-14

Sparty W 28-27

Minny W 34-21

Indy W 49-21

U of M W 38-17

B1G championship vs Nebraska W 31-17

Nat'l semi vs Fl. State L 38-35


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I think that we will roll Virginia Tech on the national stage and make a statement. I'm worried about the Penn State game. Do NOT overlook them! James Franklin is bringing some much needed energy into Happy Valley. Obviously talent wise they aren't on our level but this game is at their place and could easily be similar to the Northwestern game from last year. Michigan State should be a great matchup. They lose quite a few starters on defense but this is a November away game and should be a night game. I think it will be a slugfest and I believe our defense will make a statement because I think we all know how good Connor Cook truly is. Then of course we have THE game which is never easy. I think we will play Oregon in the first playoff game while Florida State plays Alabama. We'll see Jameis for the crystal ball! Braxton and EZ-E gonna take us to the promised land!


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you forgot Rutgers...

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Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.
Bruce Lee

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( @Penn State, @MSU, Micshitigan, BIG Championship, Bowl Game)

I see us only going 3-2 in those games. 

Navy will be  a close game, ball control offense limits OSUs possessions. 

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at Navy  W:35-20

vs. Virginia Tech   W: 27-24

vs. Kent State   W: 45-17

vs. Cincinnati   W: 31-20

at Maryland   W: 38-24

Rutgers   W: 45-14

at Penn State   L: 31-28

vs. Illinois   W: 45-13

at Michigan State   L: 27-24

at Minnesota   W: 37-20

vs. Indiana   W: 45-34

vs. Michigan   W: 28-27

10-2 overall Regular Season. Just miss the B1G Champ game on tiebreaker.

Bowl Game vs. Notre Dame   W: 31-27  (Just a SWAG)

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Realistically Ohio State will probably lose 1 - 2 games (inluding B1G title game, but not including possible playoffs) But if you go down their schedule I just don't see when. Michigan State to me is the only real toss up, but Ohio State usually gets their revenge. 

"You're damn right thats daddy" - Urban Meyer 

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I agree. I find it unrealistic to expect an undefeated national title run every single year. However, looking at this year's schedule, I don't really see a loss. Now, there will most likely be a loss somewhere in there, but it is hard to pick out where.

Here is to hoping that I am wrong, and that Ohio State does go undefeated.

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Also Rutgers is on the schedule. You almost scared me, I was going to be very angry if for some reason Rutgers wasn't on the schedule. 

"You're damn right thats daddy" - Urban Meyer 

BuckeyeRealist13's picture

Also Rutgers is on the schedule. You almost scared me, I was going to be very angry if for some reason Rutgers wasn't on the schedule. 

"You're damn right thats daddy" - Urban Meyer 

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I don't think the Virginia Tech game will be that close.


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I think people are giving Cincy too much credit.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I have extremely high hopes for the offensive line to just reload next year. Obviously the DB are the biggest question mark but the pieces are there to put it all together. I think they're going to be much better and the offense will again carry them until the defense finally gets a solid foundation mid-season and I see this team going into the playoff undefeated. (wishful thinking, maybe, but I've always had high hopes for buckeye football and it's time Urban gets the program to elite status again)


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I said this in another thread but I still think 2015 is the year for the Bucks. And I am not saying 2014 will be a failure but I just don't see this team being National Championship caliber just yet. Offensively, we will probably still be able to score with any team in the nation.  I truly believe that our offensive line will be just fine and I think we have a plethora of talent on the edges (and, of course, Braxton). But there are too many question marks on the defensive side of the ball. As Auburn showed us, it is possible to make drastic improvements from one year to the next, but I still think that the D's youth will cause us some issues mainly in the secondary. Even though we lose Braxton, I think the offense will have enough weapons for JT or Cardale to step right in and contribute plus I think Urban will get his guy for 2015 and we will see a two QB system with a true freshman getting some snaps, all of these young guys in the secondary and at LB will mostly be juniors and sophomores, and we won't be replacing 80% of the offensive line. Plus, I have a feeling our LBs in 2015 will be scary good.


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WAAAAAY too much credit is being given to some teams. Especially Cincinnati. Michigan State loses a ton on defense. I think we go in there and slap them around to be honest with you.

Navy W 49-21

Virginia Tech W 41-21

Kent State W 70-17

Cincinnati W 52-21

Maryland W 48-31

Rutgers W 59-21

Penn State W 38-14

Illinois W 35-17

Michigan State W 42-14

Minnesota W 31-24

Indiana W 45-14

Michigan W 41-17

B1G Title Game - Nebraska W 38-10


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Best one I've seen yet, I'm with you on MSU

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I think that the MSU game will be a prime time, high caliber game, but I agree with you, I think that they lose too much. If Ohio State can fix the pass defense, I think that they will shock everyone with their performance against MSU. That is a big "if" however.

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I predict heart attacks, ulcers, and message board meltdowns during the early OOC schedule as OSU gets used to four new OL and a completely overhauled back 7 on D.  Buckeyes drop one of those games and enter the B1G 3-1 and clinging to a spot in the top 25.  Buckeye start the B1G schedule with away games at MD and PSU and will drop one of those games, dropping out of the top 25.  Fire Fickell threads reach an all-time high, and we see the first "has Urban lost his edge" threads popping up.  Blow out win over Illinois at home, and the Buckeyes head to E. Lansing at 5-2 and a TD underdog.  Buckeyes win by a couple TDs against MSU and people start saying, have the Buckeyes turned it around?  The answer is yes.  Buckeyes roll through the last three games, including  an overdue blowout win over Michigan, finishing the regular season 10-2 and ranked just outside the top 10.  Buckeyes head to Indy, beat Wiscy, but finish the regular season just outside the top 4, leaving us Buckeye fans raging for some kind of new playoff system.

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Hard to argue with this.

"Buclkle your chinstrap, we're gonna grind meat!" - Woody Hayes  

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Wow, more people saying we are going to lose one or two games in this thread than I expected.

Before I do this, I am saying a few things. My predictions are solely based on Chris Ash fixing the defense, our defense becoming the Silver Bullets again, and a severely pissed off, yet monotonous as usual, Braxton Miller. I also highly expect Decker to be a leader on our O-Line, encouraging the younger guys. Elflein may be green, but he stepped up big time and I think our line is going to be just fine.

at Navy - 45 - 21; If they are still running the triple option, they are putting at least 21 up...

vs. Virginia Tech - 56 - 17; Statement game... beamer ball is going to get railed

vs. Kent State - 63 - 10; Kent read, Kent write, Kent play football (sorry to any Kent St. Alums offended by this)

vs. Cincinnati - 49 - 10; Showing Cincinnati fans that they don't want any part of us... ever

at Maryland - 38 - 21; Welcome to the B1G.

at Penn State - 35 - 24; This game could be one of the closest of the year, especially in that ugly white out.

vs. Illinois - 56 - 20; Bounceback game... Buckeyes are still on a mission

at Michigan State - 63 - 28; Connor Cook is likely to put some points up, but I think Ohio State is dying to make a statement after last year.

at Minnesota - 28 - 17; I have to put that one anomaly game in which Ohio State tries to lose... might as well be this one, although I doubt it.

vs. Indiana - 70 - 35; Let's play offense only

vs. Michigan - 42 - 17; Ohio State is not only at home, but likely still pissed about letting Michigan come so close last year.

B1G Champ:

1. Wisconsin - 31 - 10


2. Nebraska - 45 - 19


I expect a National Title this year, so I might as well predict one. Of course, I can also see the scenarios earlier mentioned occurring as well.

They need a 2 to tie, a 3 to win it; Sylvester for threeeee... OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHH WITH FIVE POINT ONE TO GO!!!

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Navy W 49-27

Virginia Tech W 35-24

Kent State W 56-13

Cincinnati W 38-10

Maryland W 45-20

Rutgers W 59-21

Penn State W 28-17

Illinois W 66-17

Michigan State W 31-23

Minnesota W 41-7

Indiana W 56-24

Michigan W 49-34

B1G Title: W Wisconsin 27-21

NSF vs. Alabama W 24-23

NCG vs. Florida State L 37-45


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at Navy (Baltimore) - W 38-24
Noon games suck, and noon games the first weekend are even worse—especially against a semi-decent team. Think this game could be VERY frustrating for a half, maybe even through the first 3 quarters. Guessing the score is 24-21 heading into the 4th, we're all sitting here punching holes in our walls and screaming before we pull away with a solid ending. If we come out sleepwalking, well, this could be uncomfortable till the end. Soon after the game, the doom and gloomers will take to the boards and will bombard us with negativity. Can't wait!

vs. Virginia Tech - W 34-20
Ohio State plays a sound, strong game against a pretty young Hokie team at home. Unlike Navy, this could be close on the scoreboard at half, but it won't feel close at all. One of those games where we could leave points behind and probably should have won by more, but a good win on national TV nonetheless.

vs. Kent State - W 48-15
Blowout win, noon game, BTN, we're home and doing chores for the ladies before the 3:30 kicks. Sans-Archer. Kent pulls the stupid late "fighting" 2-point try late in the game, and, of course, we'll all get mad about it.

vs. Cincinnati W 31-28
I hate this game. Expecting this to be a noon kick, very little national coverage despite us Ohioans making it a big deal, and flying under the radar. UC has some speed, they'll play inspired, and if we're sleepy early, this one could be a squeaker. I'm not seeing the blowout victories some of you are—not at all.

at Maryland W 42-20
Maryland's uniforms will make our eyes bleed (some of our older friends might actually die) and the defense will struggle for the first half before buckling down on the road. This could be a shootout for a bit, especially considering Maryland will be a somewhat veteran team, but there's no reason why we don't put pressure against their pedestrian offense down the stretch. Good road win. Curious to see if Maryland opts to make this a night game,

vs. Rutgers W 48-17
The new guys come into Columbus, Buckeyes are rest and we're playing our best game of the season. It's a beautiful fall day, sun is shining, and we're rocking and rolling every time the offense gets the ball. Rutgers is just average, and like we always should, we expose their flaws. Of all the B1G games this year, this one feels right.

at Penn State L 27-28
Despite the road warrior mentality of us vs. the world, especially in big game environments, this game has me the most concerned (I see I'm not alone). I envision we're sluggish from the travel, it's a damn night game, and—wouldn't you know it—Penn State's coming off a bye. Something I'm concerned about with Penn State this year is that the team, and even us as fans, are still remembering last year's DESTRUCTION, and we'll overlook them, even if it is a White Out. ["Remember last year?"] I think Hackenberg really frustrates us, is punching 5-10 yard gains against our secondary and OLB's regularly, and probably throws ~40 balls. Franklin will have PSU juiced up emotionally. After the game, Eleven Warriors goes into complete meltdown, and I'll be here for comfort.

vs. Illinois W 48-20
Rebound game at home, the offense is clicking against Tim's Illini, and we're back to happy days. Like Rutgers, Illinois is just OK. There will be some concern coming off the Penn State game, but this is a different offense (spread)—one that Fickell's done well against in the past (Clemson the exception).

at Michigan State W 27-20 OT
We're all nervous as hell going in, especially knowing that this probably decides the B1G East. This game is THE game for us next year, and a lot is riding going in. No storyline can go unreported, and we're all looking at weather reports, wind patterns, and lunar forecasts because those things matter—IT ALL MATTERS! Michigan State does Michigan State things: Sound strategy, nothing too wild, straight-laced and pedestrian. Braxton is contained and has to make things happen through the air, but mostly across the middle in short-pass situations. Buckeyes get the job done in the first OT; score first, defense holds, and we're partying with our pants off.

at Minnesota W 34-24
Meh. This game could either be a blowout (42-14), or hell, it could end up being 20-17 and methodical as all can be. It'll be damn cold up in Minneapolis, the Gophers are decent, and of course they'll get up for Ohio State at home. Expecting a big game here for Miller on the ground. We get the win in some fashion. Little concerned about the back-to-back road games.

vs. Indiana W 55-41
This game lasts 14 hours, we all run out of beer, and the "FIRE FICKELL" shirts see a 456% increase in sales. Indiana will be pesky as can be, Wilson will throw the kitchen sink at us, and we're left needing to answer back quite often. Same storyline, different year: Indiana's defense isn't good enough to keep them in big games late. Buckeyes win and we're acting like spoiled babies afterwards.

vs. Michigan W 33-17
Hoke gets fired 8 days later. Short and sweet.

B1G vs. Wisconsin W 42-10
Urban's demeanor remains the same in 2014 going into Indy, but the pressure of win-or-die isn't as strong. Ohio State's probably sitting around #5 here, their destiny in some other team's hands, and just needing to do their thing. And they do. Miller goes out and plays one his best games of the season, we bottle up Wisconsin's run game singularly, and we force the Badgers to do things they don't want to do. Wisconsin's defense won't be as stingy this year, and really, I don't know they don't have 2 or more losses going into this game either. We get into the #4 spot afterwards thanks to some unlikely upset—somewhere, somehow.

Playoff vs. #1 Florida State L 17-30
We're simply overmatched on both sides of the ball, but especially vs. FSU's offense and overall team speed and size. Miller's running for his life for most of the night, the running game is abysmal, and we're left throwing more than we ever want to. On defense, we're doing great vs. the run, but we can't stop the bubble screens and annoying designed keepers, and every so often we're crushed vs. the long ball. The game just won't be close—not like we thought it could have been vs. the Noles last year.

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So do you expect last year's team to be better than this years? Or do you just think the schedule will be more challenging?

HilltopHustle's picture

Thinking a little of both, Wes. What are your thoughts?

For better or worse, the team is going to be relying more on Miller than ever before—for passing and running, of course, but also for leadership. Something I personally love about Miller is that he doesn't get too hyped, but it'll probably be important for him to take handle of that vocal role. He has to as a senior, too. That offensive line won't make things as easy as 2013, and we need some production out of the very young, very green receivers. I'm cautiously optimistic. I think this team can score points and do so quickly, but I also think they're capable of being slowed in certain games as well.

The schedule itself is more challenging, no doubt. The OOC is finally legitimate, and the two road games in East Lansing and State College are better than anything we had last year alone. VT, Navy and the Bearcats are welcome additions. The pro here is that I think we could get into the playoff with a single loss—not for sure, but it is possible. Last year? Not a chance... not with that schedule.

WesPatterson23's picture

Yes, I definitely agree the schedule is harder, which certainly is a great thing for us. But, I do think this year's team will be better than last year. Of course we lost Carlos, 4 senior linemen, RDS, Roby, Vrabel and others but I like what I've heard. I don't think that the line will be as big a problem as we think. I believe Ezekiel, Rod, Brionte, and Dontre can make up for the loss of Carlos and more. And I also think that Braxton won't run it as much, but will be more focused on distributing the ball to all of our playmakers. I'm hoping that Chris Ash can fix our pass defense which could help make up for the loss of RDS. So, in all I just think this years team may be better than last year's. The defense will struggle at times (not as much as last year) and the offense will just be so dynamic that it may break all of last years record.

HilltopHustle's picture

Wes, I respect your opinion and I agree with parts. I don't think the running game is going to struggle at all, and that the depth will plug in and be quite formidable. I think where I'm worried is where the offensive line comes in in protecting Miller, and I'm not as amped on the outlook. We'll see. But the schedule will be really fun to watch down the stretch, and I'm happy we are where we are.

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15-0. We were first to 14-0 . GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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It depends, is there gonna actually be a defense present this year?

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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only sensible reply yet.  If our defense still resembles a clown show train wreck, don't get your hopes up.  If it gets back to what it has been the past 15 years, we're undefeated heading to the playoffs. 

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So, out of the 40 posts in this thread, the only "sensible reply" happens to be the one that confirms your opinion.  What are the odds?

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Either you didn't get warm milk before bed last night or are slightly disappointed he/ she didn't like the the short literary novel you enclosed above. In essence, cheer up, bud.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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Lose 2 games and get an at large BCS bid and win.


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When we lose those two games are we sent through a worm hole back in time to an age of BCS bowl games?

OSUFlash's picture

Evidentally we are. :)

I still have a flip phone too.


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I predict more fire Fickell threads


^ best post ever ^