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Braxton Miller predictions

Tampabuckeye85's picture
March 6, 2014 at 4:54pm

So I was bored yesterday at work and thought I might dig around some. I was looking at his stats for the last three years and thought I would try and make a prediction based on his increases from year to year. Now last year his stats were skewed based on missing almost 3 games. But here are the stats I'm predicting now assuming he is healthy and plays all year.
Att - 290 - 300
Comp - 197 - 204
Comp % - 68%
Total Yrds - 2,642 - 2,733

Att - 185
Yrds - 1,017
Yrds per - 5.5

Tell me what yall think would be interested to see what everyone else predicts.

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KeithMC33's picture

I'm really torn as to what i think he will do this year. part of me thinks he is going to run less because of all the wear and tear he has faced, but the other part of me thinks he will go balls to the wall to get that Heisman. 

With that all said, i think he is going to throw for about 2900 yards, rush for about 900 and his completion percentage will be in the upper 60's. i really do think he will get yanked earlier in blowouts to get Cardale and JT some PT.

WesPatterson23's picture

I hope to see the passing yards increase to hopefully 3,000 +, and see the rushing go down to maybe 400-500 yards!

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InvertMyVeer's picture

Is two wins in the college football playoff too much to ask for?

Football is complicated...

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m5987usus's picture

IMO Braxton will have a really good season, will run less, and pass a lot more and more efficiently with better receivers and better play makers.


Tampabuckeye85's picture

The two wins would definitely work for me. I just thought it was pretty crazy based in what I figured he finished with 255 attempts last year had he played the whole season would have finished with about 313 which is crazy since people say he runs too much. I think he will run more but also think that the transfer from GT will be a big target that allows him to get some good gains on limited attempts if that happens. I know there are some others I'm the running but I believe if he plays like he did the first half of last year and gets numbers anywhere close to what I put he wins the heisman. With that said I think that's enough to get us to the title game as well.

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osu07asu10's picture

I would like to see less carries from him but I think you are pretty spot on with those projections for yards. 

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No matter what he does it will end up like pretty much every year since 2003.... Build up until we are considered a contender then choke in the NC Game or in another big game. 


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I hope somebody archives this comment and shoves it in my face next January.


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ab1993's picture

If his passing game is consistently on point like in the Penn State game then he will win the Heisman and bring us a NC.

Seattle Linga's picture

He'll run less 

Pass more

Have a better completion percentage 

and not lose a game

You can call me a homer - I'm ok with that

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e135800's picture

I think he'll have a good amount less than 1000 on the ground. The staff will get him ready for the NFL by keeping him in the pocket more, just like the staff kept Troy in the pocket more his senior year.



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Tampabuckeye85's picture

That makes two homers. I always wear my scarlet glasses but I'm ok with that. Just because I think we are the best every year doesn't me I dont get pissed at some of the stupid stuff that happens.

Ahh Saturday's picture

What Braxton does next season is highly dependent on what the OL does, and what the OL will do with four new starters is a mystery at this point.

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I think he tries to pass for over 3000 this year.  600 in rushing.

deddy214's picture

I think he's primed to run a lot less this year. So many weapons on the field. 4 more than capable running backs and a ton of talent at wide out. If he just improves even a little at the mental side of the game he could have a damn good year.

ScarletNGrey01's picture

We are seeing a lot more "hybrid" QB's in the NFL these days, guys that have a good arm but are also opportunistic runners.  So, the cliche that only a pocket passer can thrive in the NFL is no longer applicable.  Granted, BMill has to improve his passing, if he could do all season like he did a few games in the middle of last season that would be great for him AND the team.  HOWEVER ... it's in his DNA to run, I don't think it will be Troy Smith senior season part II, it's what he does and he'll still put up some big running yardage stats I think.  Tampabuckeye85's prediction looks pretty reasonable IMHO.

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kareemabduljacobb's picture

Well if we play 15 games next year, to get to 3,000 yards passing Miller would have to average 200 yds/gm... to get over 1000 rushing he would have to average 66.6 yds rushing a game... I think (if we do play 15 games) both could be achieved.   I think he'll run less, but when times get tough and games are close you know Meyer is going to keep the ball in his hands, plus he should have a lot more weapons around him, playing bigger roles that defenses will have to focus on...  however with the 4 new starters on the OL, who knows what the rushing production in general will look like.

IF we play 15 games, my prediction will be:

Passing - 3,250 yds 33 TDs 5 INTs

Rushing - 900 yds, 12 TDs.



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WhySoSerious's picture

62%, 3199 yards, 43 total tds 34 passing 9 rushing, Braxton still gonna run, so I'm going with 1027 yards rushing. Heisman, big ten player of the year again, davey o'brain award, national champs. 


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OSU069's picture

68% completion percentage, 3050 pass yards, 33 Pass TD and 6 interceptions. 1150 rush yards, 11 rushing touchdowns  

TheBigCat's picture

A lot of improvement with his reads, both in the read option and in the passing game.  I really think that Braxton's injury could be a blessing in disguise.  It gives him the opportunity to sit back and just focus on the mental part of the game, and observe the offense from the outside looking in.  This could really help his mental game grow leaps and bounds this off-season.

Better touch on his throws.  He really struggled with this the last few years, especially with intermediate throws and swing passes out of the backfield.  Can't be throwing lazers to our RB's.

A lot of short throws and WR screens.  We finally have the athletes in our offense that really fit Meyers system.  A big part of Braxton's role this year will simply be getting the ball to these guys and then letting them do their thing.  I thing with guys like Dixon, Wilson, Samuel, Marshall, who are explosive in open space, Braxton's passing yards may be really inflated due to those guys breaking long runs.


bedheadjc's picture

I think next year will be more of the same, with him NOT fading in the last few games because of better decision making, etc. Maybe the wins are more convincing. I just don't see a final big "breakout" offensive explosion.

I'd really like to though.

hit_the_couch's picture

I just hope he shows up with an arm this year; I hope someone is capable of replacing Hyde to take the load off of Miller running as much. He seems to have low pain tolerance. 

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