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Difference in reporting

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March 5, 2014 at 3:24pm

I frequent this site and other Buckeye websites when looking for news on our beloved team. I noticed a lot of times there are differences in reporting from site to site. Example I could provide Is on the spring report. On here it mentioned that EZE got all the first team reps at running back with the other guys getting reps here and there. When you read the Ozone's report it states him and Rod Smith shared reps with the ones. My question to everyone here since I know most of you frequent this and other sites as well, is how much difference in reporting do you guys find on little things like that? I love this site and its the one I frequent the most just trying to get an outside perspective. As always Go Bucks

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Kyle's 11W story on practice said:

The running backs didn’t really have an order behind starter Ezekiel Elliott. Warren Ball, Rod Smith and Bri’onte Dunn all received carries, as did Dontre Wilson and Curtis Samuel. The last two also caught passes.

That doesn't read to me as you stated 11W reported, or maybe you are taking from another story/post?

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I would say that the reporting, analysis, and observations of 11w are top notch.  I mean that with no disrespect to other sites, especially the Ozone, however 11w is just creme of the crop.

You will generally see that not only does 11w usually report it first, they report it accurately. Also, the level of analysis on this site shames many others. If you haven't, do yourself a favor and read all of Ross Fulton's X and Os breakdown of the games, season, offense/defense units, etc.  

Thanks 11w! (Jason for babysitting us, Ross for the analysis, DJ for his dedication and sarcasm, Birm, Jordan, and John on the crootin' trail, Walt for the picture porn, Aubrey for hockey, Johnny, Kyle, and Ramzy for their content, and anyone else I forgot!)


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Oh I would agree this is the best site I have found when reading about the buckeyes. I have also read many of Ross's breakdowns. Like I said just trying to get an idea of how much disparity people notice when reading other sites about the same subjects related to the team.

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I don't think the example you chose (EzE) is really a "disparity" per say as much as just a style in reporting.  Is Darron Lee the "starter" at WILL LB? Not at all, but he was the "starter" yesterday in the sense that he ran with the 1s, first.  Same with EzE, he ran with the 1s first and was the default "starter". Long way to go in spring ball and fall practice before a depth chart is solidified. 

I wouldn't read too much into it.

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It is written as if EZE is the starter when in reality he split reps with Smith. Its just a matter of perception on my part if that makes sense. EZE has not been named the starter yet its assumed by the way it is reported. Other outlets reported reps were split as well. I notice things like that all the time and was just providing that as one example. Trying to get an idea on how much people notice things like that when reading about the team through other outlets.

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The fact that the press at practice are confined to a very specific area for the press and are only allowed cameras at designated times is going to cause some differences in experience. These guys are trying to figure out who is getting more carries from 70 yards away watching with their naked eyes when there are probably 5 different position drills happening at the same time. All while standing at field level, no less.

I'm impressed their is any level of consistency between reports.

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Anyone want to play telephone and see what comes out? 

It's two different views, I'd guess 1 EZE, 2 a RS 2b Ball...

Take the facts, make you're own assumption.  Since we weren't there but our fav. reporters were you get two opinions.  Better than just one. 


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Did Meyer specifically say he was not impressed by Jones and Berrett? I saw the interview and he didn't mention anything about them.

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Motivation has several forms.  Especially hearing your coach tell America "He's not impressed".   

Learn, they will.  Get better, they must.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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^^^Yes, he did say that.^^^

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Just like he originally panned the O-line in 2012, and look how they turned out. They took the bait/motivation and became quite the force to be reckoned with.

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11W brings it each and every time with accurate reporting. They won't settle for anything less - unlike others who brush it off with only being right 75-80 % of the time.

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Thanks appreciate the response guys. I love the site. Awesome source of imformation. As always go bucks

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I see your point about the differences, but anything of that nature should be taken with a grain of salt. There's bound to be differences in observation. Unless there's press conference material mixed up I wouldn't put too much stock in it. Kyle could have been watching tackling drills while Rod Smith got carries. It's best to read the provided info and draw your own conclusions. Based on the example I would assume EZE and Rod Smith are 1-2 with no clear order. Since the others weren't specifically mentioned, you could assume those two are currently top dogs.