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Wanna be Pantoni's assistant?

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February 18, 2014 at 8:23am

According to this, Ohio State is seeking applicants.

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Could you even imagine? It would be a great gig but as with anything tOSU football, expectations would be high and I don't think that this job would come with much time for sleep. Famed '15.

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This would require a ton of energy and a lot of hard work. You don't want to disappoint Pantoni but you definitely don't want to disappoint his boss.

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be a ton of work 

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Although it'd be cool to be around the team and the coaches, etc., this has to be a really miserable job in terms of compensation for hours worked.  Doesn't Pantoni make like $80k per year?  If that's true, his assistant isn't going to make more than half that right?  So you're going to make around $40k or so per year to work 100 hours a week in a super high stress environment where you're too tired to even enjoy being around the team?  Sounds awesome.


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That's the foot in the door. Urban didn't start at the top.

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Snooze buttons are not allowed for those working  under Myer.

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Would that entitle me to preferred student seating without having to wait in line?

(Big Nut wants to know, but is afraid to ask)

Acronyms are hard to remember.

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I thought it was odd that the candidate must have 1 year coaching experience - that is one way of weeding out everyone plus - if your willing to run with the big boys - you're gonna have to learn how to walk first.

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NCAA 14 counts, right?

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I was the coordinator of midget football for two years. Does that count?