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Some NFL Draft History on the Bucks

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February 7, 2014 at 11:25am

The most number of Bucks going to the NFL in a year was 13, happened in 1971 and 1975.  The most number of first round selections was 5 in 2006, the next most was 4 in 1971.  The most number selected in the first 2 rounds was 5, in 2006 and 1971.

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I thought OSU had 14 selected in 2003, which was a record. And, that doesn't include additionally selected free agents.

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Not sure why you got a DV, you are correct though... the record is 14 and held by the tOSU. 


1st Rd:  Will Smith, Chris Gamble, Michael Jenkins

3rd Rd: Darrion Scott, Tim Anderson, Ben Hartsock, B.J. Sander

4th Rd: Will Allen, Alex Stepanovich,

5th Rd: Drew Carter, Robert Reynolds, Craig Krenzel

7th Rd: Shane Olivea, Adrien Clarke

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There were 5, Doss in the 2nd, Peterson and Grant in the 3rd, Wilhelm in the 4th, and Nickey in the fifth.


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oh, sorry, I was thinking overall drafted in the entire draft


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3 years from now I think they'll be up around those numbers if not above.

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There were, I believe, 19 players off the 02 title team selected in the 03 and 04 NFL drafts. Bucks43201 is partially right. 14 players were taken in the 2004 NFL draft, and of course they all played on the 02 national championship team. Five players were selected, as pointed out above, in the 03 NFL draft. That's 19 players in all drafted off of Ohio State's last title team. Impressive...