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Rules for the 2015 Ohio State Recruiting Game and Link

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February 7, 2014 at 9:25am

Using confidence points, select and rank 10 players from the list on this blog post.

You may pick any player from the list provided from the link above. Any players you select not on the list I provided will not be counted.

If a player commits to Ohio State before you post your selections you will not be able to select that player.

You will be automatically disqualified if you commit any recruiting violations trying to get a player to sign with Ohio State. 
Seriously, this just a fun game. Let the coaches do the recruiting and we'll do the guessing.

You may be wondering "what should my selection sheet look like?"

Don't worry buck-a-roo, I've got you covered.

Use my selection sheet from 2014 as a guide:
Confidence Points, Player's Name, Position, City, State

10 Marshon Lattimore   ATH   Cleveland, Glenville

9  Dante Booker Jr.       LB     Akron, St. Vincent St. Mary

8  Malik McDowell        DE     Detroit, MI

7  Montae Nicholson    ATH   Monroeville, PA

6 Elijah Hood               RB     Charlotte, NC

5  Alex Bars                 OL      Nashville, TN

4  Jamarco Jones        OL      Chicago, IL

3  Quin Blanding         DB      Virginia Beach, VA

2  Caleb Henderson   QB       Burke, VA

1  Drake Harris           WR      Grand Rapids, MI

Last year I received 23 points for getting my 10, 9 and 4 point selections correct.

FYI six of the Rivals Top 100 who had interest in Ohio State in February 2013 signed with the Buckeyes in 2014.

2-14 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Any posts, or edits, made after the deadline will be disqualified.

Go to this blog post to see the list of players.
Post your 10 selections below (Don't forget your confidence points).

Good luck, have fun and Go Bucks,


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Mortc15's picture

Here goes nothing...

10. Torrance Gibson QB Ft Laud, FL

9. Justin Hilliard OLB Cincy, St X

8. Minkah Fitzpatrick CB Jersey City NJ

7. George Campbell ATH Tarpon Springs, FL

6. Terry Beckner Jr. DE East St. Louis, IL

5. Damien Harris RB Berea, KY

4. Brian Cole ATH Saginaw, MI

3. Sterling Jenkins OT Pitt, PA

2. Hjalte Froholdt DT Warren G Harding, OH

1. Tarvarus McFadden S Ft Laud, FL





stittracer99's picture

10  Torrance Gibson  QB   Fort Lauderdale, FL

9   Justin Hilliard   OLB   Cincinnati St. Xavier

8   Sterling Jenkins   OT   Pittsburgh, PA

7   Drew Richmond   OT   Memphis, TN

6   Tim Settle  DT   Manassas, VA

5   SoSo Jamabo   RB   Plano, TX

4   Terry Beckner Jr   DE   East St Louis, IL

3   Jerome Baker  ATH   Cleveland Benedictine

2   Larry Scott   RB   Hubbard

1   Tarvarus McFadden   S    Fort Lauderdale, FL

BassDropper's picture

10. Torrence Gibson

9. Jerome Baker

8. Steven Gonzales

7. Justin Hilliard

6. Nick Connor

5. Devante Peete

4. Drew Richmond

3. Sh'mar Kilby-Lane

2. Darius Fullwood

1. Terry Beckner Jr.


Matt Gutridge's picture


Thanks for posting your picks, but players must be on the 247 Top 100 from 2-5-14.

8. Steven Gonzales 7. Justin Hilliard 6. Nick Connor 5. Devante Peete 3. Sh'mar Kilby-Lane 2. Darius Fullwood are not on the list and will not count.

An easy fix is to edit out the players listed above with players on this list.

Also, please follow the Sheet Selection form that I posted above.


BassDropper's picture

10. Torrance Gibson

9. Jerome Baker

8. Justin Hilliard

7. Terry Beckner Jr.

6. Christian Wilkins

5. Drew Richmond

4. Ricky DeBerry

3. Minkah Fitzpatrick

2. Tim Settle

1. Jashon Cornell



bucknut8's picture

Hilliard is in the top 100. Just an FYI. that way Bass gets his pick back in their.


Matt Gutridge's picture


You are correct, my fault. 30 wet noodle lashings for me.



bucknut8's picture

haha. was just letting you know. Im sure you knew just had a brain fart.


+1 HS
ab1993's picture

10 Torrance Gibson   QB   Fort Lauderdale, FL

9 Justin Hilliard   OLB   Cincinnati, OH

8 Christian Wilkins   DT   Suffield, CT

7 Jerome Baker   ATH   Cleveland, OH

6 Terry Beckner Jr   DE   East St Louis, IL

5 Tim Settle    DT   Manassas, VA

4 Christian Kirk   WR   Arizona

3 Jaques Patrick   RB   Orlando, FL

2 Larry Scott   RB   Hubbard, OH

1 Taj Griffin   RB   Powder Springs, GA

Tjames43's picture

10 Jerome Baker

9 Torrance Gibson

8 Drew Richmond

7 Justin Hilliard 

6 Ricky Deberr

5 Damien Harris

4 Tim Settle 

3 Tarvarus McFadden

2 Terry Beckner

1 Kevin Toliver

DMcDougal24's picture

10 ATH Jerome Baker

9 DE Terry Beckner Jr.

8 LB Justin Hilliard

7 QB Torrance Gibson

6 OT Drew Richmond

5 RB Damien Harris

4 DT Tim Settle

3 LB Ricky DeBerry

2 CB Minkah Fitzpatrick

1 RB Larry Scott


Would love to see the 11w staff participate for comparison. 

RunEddieRun1983's picture

10. Terry Beckner Jr.

9. Jerome Baker

8. Torrance Gibson

7. Tim Settle

6. Justin Hilliard

5. Minkah Fitzpatrick

4. Damien Harris

3. Ricky Deberry

2. Sterling Jenkins

1. Jacques Patrick


I don't always downvote, but I do always downvote a Michigan fan trolling the Buckeye boards.

Turtlebuster's picture

10-Drew Richmond

9-Jerome Baker

8-Tim Settle

7-Torrance Gibson

6-Rick DeBerry

5-Justin Hilliard

4-Jashon Cornell

3-Terry Beckner Jr

2-Shy Tuttle

1-SoSo Jamabo

osubuck57's picture

10-Jacob Daniel

9-Jerome Baker

8-Ricky deberry

7-Brian Cole

6-Drew Richmond

5-Calvin Ridley

4-Torrance Gibson

3-Taj Griffin

2-Terry Beckner Jr.

1-Shawn Burgess-Becker.




EB5514's picture

10-Jerome Baker

9-Damien Harris

8-Torrance Gibson

7-Drew Richmond

6-Tim Settle

5-Justin Hilliard

4-Larry Scott

3-Sterling Jenkins

2-Christian Wilkins

1-Jashon Cornell



route4buckeye's picture

10. Drew Richmond OT

9. Torrance Gibson QB

8. Jerome Baker ATH

7. Minkah Fitzpatrick CB

6. Tim Settle DT

5. Terry Beckner DE

4. Justin Hilliard LB

3. George Campbell WR

2. Sterling Jenkins OT

1. Soso Jamobo RB

hardkorethree's picture

10 Jerome Baker          ATH      Cleveland Benedictine, OH

9  Larry Scott             RB         Hubbard, OH

8   Justin Hilliard          LB         Cincinnati St. Xavier, OH

7  Tim Settle                 DT     Manassas, VA

6  Drew Richmond          OT    Memphis, TN

5  Ricky Deberry             OLB      Richmond, VA

4  Torrance Gibson           QB      Fort Lauderdale, FL

3  Damien Harris               RB        Berea, KY

2  Minkah Fitzpatrick   CB       Jersey City, NJ

1  Jashon Cornell          DE      St. Paul, MN   

bucknut8's picture

10. Jerome Baker ATH Cleveland, OH
9. Drew Richmond T Memphis, TN
8. Torrance Gibson QB Ft. Lauderdale, FL
7. Justin Hilliard LB Cincinnati, OH
6. Damien Harris HB Berea, KY
5. Minkah Fitzpatrick CB Jersey City, NJ
4. Terry Beckner Jr DE East St. Louis, IL
3. Tim Settle DT Manassas, VA
2. Sterling Jenkins T Pittsburgh, PA
1. Jacob Daniel DT Clovis, CA



kareemabduljacobb's picture

10. Torrance Gibson

9. Jerome Baker

8. Terry Beckner Jr

7. Christian Wilkins

6. Drew Richmond

5. Justin Hilliard

4. Damien Harris

3. Minkah Fitzpatrick

2. Tim Settle

1. Ricky DeBerry

buckeyebowhunter's picture

10. Jerome Baker

9. Justin Hilliard

8. Terry Beckner Jr.

7. Torrance Gibson

6. Damien Harris

5. Drew Richmond

4. Sterling Jenkins

3. Ricky DeBerry

2. Minkah Fitzpatrick

1. Tim Settle

BengalErnst's picture

10 jerome baker
9 Drew richmond
8 torrance gibson
7 ricky deberry
6 justin hilliard
5 sterling jenkins
4 damien harris
3 terry beckner jr
2 tim settle
1 minkah fitzpatrick

Nicholas l Ernst

Silver Bullet 10's picture

10 Jerome Baker   ATH   Cleveland, OH

9 Justin Hilliard   OLB   Cincinnati St. Xavier

8 Torrance Gibson   QB   Fort Lauderdale, FL

7 Christian Wilkins   DT   Suffield, CT

6 Ricky DeBerry   OLB   Richmond, VA

5 Damien Harris   RB   Berea, KY

4 Minkah Fitzpatrick   CB   Jersey City, NJ

3 Drew Richmond   OT   Memphis, TN

2 Terry Beckner Jr.   DE   East St Louis, IL

1 Tim Settle    DT   Manassas, VA

BUCKEYE_JIM's picture

First time poster here and I thought it would be good to get things started with this contest.

10 - Jerome Baker
  9 - Justin Hilliard
  8 - Torrance Gibson
  7 - Terry Beckner Jr
  6 - Christian Wilkins
  5 - Drew Richmond
  4 - Ricky DeBerry
  3 - Sterling Jenkins
  2 - Damarkus Lodge
  1 - Soso Jamabo


+3 HS
Matt Gutridge's picture

Welcome to the site and nice picks Buckeye Jim.

Will gladly give you your first helmet sticker.

BUCKEYE_JIM's picture

Thanks for the kind words.  I am looking forward to earning access to the premium member lounge. ;)

SOF_Buckeye's picture

10. Torrance Gibson        QB Fort Lauderdale, FL

 9. Tarvarus McFadden      S Fort Lauderdale, FL

 8. Justin Hilliard              OLB Cincinnati, St. Xavier

 7. Jerome Baker              ATH Cleveland, Benedictine

 6. Drew Richmond          OT Memphis, TN

 5. Terry Beckner Jr.        SDE East Saint Louis, IL

 4. Minkah Fitzpatrick        CB Jersey City, NJ

 3. Tim Settle                   DT Manassas, VA

 2. Sterling Jenkins         OT Pittsburgh, PA

 1. CeCe Jefferson       SDE Glen Saint Mary, FL

"The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender." Woody Hayes

OSU069's picture

10. Jerome Baker

9. Torrance Gibson

8. Justin Hilliard

7. Terry Beckner Jr.

6. Tim Settle

5. Tarvarus McFadden

4. Damien Harris

3. Ricky DeBerry

2. Drew Richmond

1. Minkah Fitzpatrick


Matt Gutridge's picture

10 Jerome Baker       ATH     Cleveland Benedictine

9 Terry Beckner Jr    SDE     East Saint Louis, IL

8 Torrence Gibson   DQB     Fort Lauderdale, FL

7 Larry Scott            RB        Hubbard

6 Tim Settle             DT         Manassas, VA

5 Damien Harris      RB         Berea, KY

4 Drew Richmond   OT         Memphis, TN

3 Sterling Jenkins   OT         Pittsburgh, PA

2 Taj Griffin             APB       Powder Springs, FL

1 Shaun Crawford   CB        Lakewood St. Edwards