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IF We Got Anthony Lee...

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March 25, 2014 at 6:56am

Would he start at the 4 or the 5? I know the guy is only 6'8" so on most teams, he would be playing the 4 and our starting lineup would look something like this:

G- Shannon Scott

G-D'Angelo Russell

F-Sam Thompson

F-Anthony Lee

C-Amir Williams

While that lineup might actually grab a few rebounds, would it be better to start Lee at the 5 and start Loving at the 4?  For how crappy Amir played down the stretch, I still think he showed himself to be a serviceable big man throughout the season (not good, but serviceable) despite his lack of fire.  But talent wise, having Loving on the floor could potentially give the Buckeyes 4 scoring threats and Shannon Scott (Michigan game was the anomaly, not the rule).  Would that scoring be worth the major sacrifice on the boards?

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We could see Scott and D'Angelo at guard, with Kam coming getting playing time, a rotation of KBD, Sam Thompson, and Loving at forward, and Anthony Lee at center, with Amir getting some playing time, or switching to a lineup where we play big sometimes, with Lee at forward and Amir at center.

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I hope so much Kam's bout with mono doesn't derail his career at Ohio State. The setback cost him his freshman year (redshirt). I just want to see him pan out...that dude had a full repertoire on offense coming out of high school. Inside, outside, midrange, etc. He could efficiently score the ball. Hope he doesn't wind up getting lost in the shuffle and transferring.

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He does feel a bit like Sibert already (mono notwithstanding obviously).  But I think he'll play a big role this year.  He's a combo 1/2 guard, right?  As of now, we have no true PG to backup Scott next season.  We also don't have a ton of options at the 2 besides Russell (I think Tate and KBD are more wing players / forwards).  So even if Kam doesn't start, he's the primary backup - for now - at both the 1 and 2 spots if he doesn't grab the starting SG spot ahead of Russell.  I realize that the trio of Sam / KBD / Tate could all theoretically play the 2 but they fit the 3 / small 4 spots a lot better.  I guess same goes for Loving with his size and outside shooting ability.  I just see all four of those guys taking up the SF and PF positions.

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They'll be rotating guards. Kam is a combo guard but seems to be instinctive as a scorer. Sibert at least got a shot and bricked it over and over again. I just hate it when a guy who we have high hopes for gets lost in the shuffle due to a set back he had early one...especially when it's not something he can help, like getting sick. We're definitely going to need him next year. We don't have anyone else to rotate with Shannon, Sam and D'Angelo at either guard spot. D'Angelo and Kam both have the ability to play both guard spots which is good.

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I don't personally think we have to worry about Kam getting lost in the shuffle.  Even with this top-tier class coming in, only Russell is a true guard, and as of now the only true guards on the team are Scott, Russell, and Kam.  Sam is most definitely a 3 - his ball handling is nowhere near the level needed to play as a 2 guard.  Tate could possibly play some 2, but he's also more of a 3 or undersized 4 early in his career.  Plus, the labrum surgery may derail any attempts of him trying to really improve his jumper in order to play more guard.  That will probably have to wait another season.

From everything I've heard, Thad is very high on Kam.  Just watching him in warmups, I don't think there is any doubt Kam has/had the most offensive potential and dynamic ability with the ball in his hands on the team.  He's a straight up pure scorer.  I don't know where his defense lies, but as I mentioned in a different thread, I wouldn't be surprised to see some zone next year to offset the lack of individual defending ability of some the guys next season.

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Any line up where Amir is on the bench for 30+ minutes is fine by me.


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I want this guy, if for no other reason, than to hopefully push Amir. With KBD and Lee, that should give AW worries about his playing time. At that point, he would either have to step up, or get put on the bench for a majority of the time.


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KBD will not play the 5, so...not sure what he has to do with anything regarding Amir's PT.

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This past year, at times when they went small, Slam was basically put into the 5 position. He's also naturally a 3 and if AW doesnt give you enough to keep him on the floor and they go small, you might see him. As far as starting lineup, he wont replace him, no.


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I don't think Amir worries about his PT...

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Agreed... I think Lee would be a perfect fit no matter if he played the 4 or the 5 position, and that's what Amir needs to be threatened with non playing time. Basketball is a team sport best played when ALL 5 men on the court play as 1 unit and that's where Amir hurt us the most. If he gets motivated play him, if not sit him. He has to learn this is a privilage, most people leave college with a degree and debt, he is on scholorship and needs to start playing like it. Im not bashing the kid but either play hard or don't play at all.

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A player on scholarship doesn't have to play hard to keep his scholarship.  He just has to show up.  He doesn't even have to play.  Is there such a thing as a talented seven-footer who doesn't mind watching from the bench?

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Anyone else hoping that Amir gets pissed and comes out on fire next year...? I'd prefer that over just benching him.

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We've wanted that for 3 years...and have seen it for maybe 7 separate halfs/halves of basketball in those 3 years.

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Hearing Iowa State might be the "leader" right now.