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Rick Reilly on Aaron Craft

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March 18, 2014 at 8:12pm

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Pretty solid piece. Assuming Craft gets drafted, a couple years in the league would go well beyond paying for his desired Med school path.

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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His future sure is bright

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Ironic to say the least. 

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I love this line:

"He doesn't drink. He doesn't have sex. And he doesn't have much of a jumper."

In case you're curious, it's Mr. Spray

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Dan Dakich would say something like that.


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Let the Tebow comparisons begin

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Sure wish he was dating my daughter.....

"Stand and Deliver!"

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And if his NBA career doesnt work out, im sure he has a very promising future in the medical field. That is much better than my fallback plan which entails me living in my parents basement

"You win with people." -Woody Hayes

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Nice - we've all been there and done that at one point or another.

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If I was ever going to read Rick Reilly, this would be the piece. But...I can't do it.

Rick Reilly will write about anyone if he can get a few clicks out of it.

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He's probably the worlds cockiest journalist. He loves himself way too much

"You win with people." -Woody Hayes

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I know what you mean, but any journalist writes for page views. It is a business after all. 

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Upton Sinclair and Jacob Riis just spun in their graves.

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I wouldn't call what Rick Reilly does "writing" at this point. He shamelessly recycles his own columns. And just a sidenote: That's the third article that Deadspin has run about Rick Reilly plagiarizing his own columns. Dude's been phoning it in for years.

Oh, and remember this from last year?

Rick Reilly used to be great, a long time ago, but now he's just embarrassing himself. I'm not even going to bother reading this column because I know it'll be the same cookie-cutter bullshit that Reilly always writes.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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Interesting that Craft was compared to Wooden.  If he wasn't going to be a doctor, I'm sure he would likely be an outstanding coach.  

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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Wait, huh? Didn't Reilly write some strange stuff about Craft last year? I'm pretty sure I remember someone on staff here at 11W writing something about how lame Reilly's article was & how Reilly was at a press conference & kept badgering Craft about what he thought about nobody liking him. Something like that. I'm a little hazy on this & way to lazy to use Google, but I'm almost certain Reilly wrote something contradictory just one year ago around this time. Yeah, Reilly seems to be a man hunting for clicks more so than a journalist.

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No, it wasn't contradictory to this, even though I haven't read this one yet I can tell it praises him from teh comments here so far. Last year Rick badgered him at a press conference and then wrote that the kid doesn't get rattled, doesn't get upset, stays even keeled even when a jackass is badgering him at a press conference.

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That's not entirely accurate. His article last year was about how annoying he is. A lot of people took it as a negative article. In reality, I think it was neither positive nor negative. 

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Craft doesn't slap the floor.  Yet Reilly claims he'll miss him and his "slap the floor defense."  You'll miss him, but it's quite obvious you don't even watch him now?

doesn't even look much like a modern college athlete.

Not sure what that means - but A.C. is about as athletic as they come for 6'2'' point guards.  And he was a mobile QB in high school.

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