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Matta doesn't play the bench and we lose again

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February 11, 2014 at 11:34pm

I felt like the twilight zone again. We had a good lead, stopped rotating the bench and lose by 10. Craft and Scott should not be playing at the same time for so long. When Scott rotates in for Craft they're both fresh on D and actually score some points. Not to mention, when the bench rotates the other guys make shots and are much better on D. As the game went on we made more mistakes, missed more shots and got out hustled. The games we've won, the bench scored and played significant minutes, and the 6 we've lost the same guys played the final 10 minutes. If Matta doesn't play the bench with the way he wants us to play D, we're gonna lose like we have every time.

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Ehhhhh...the bench isn't too promising.  If Matta would have played the bench more and OSU loses, people would just complain and ask why he played the bench so much in the end.

OSU simply isn't a great team this year.  They have an average at best center, no go to scorer, not enough height, no knock down three type of player.

I like the bux.

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Well it's not a great shooting team, so help yourself out and don't shoot 20 threes.

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As I said in the skully, passing up on the threes is a big part of what caused the losing streak.  You end up driving into the teeth of the defense instead and turning the ball over a lot more.  Taking a 35% 3 is not a bad shot.  It is worth more than 1 point per shot and you can get an offensive rebound if the defense is scrambling.  Stop being results oriented watching basketball games.  Some games you will shoot poorly and sometimes in the same game your opponent will shoot well.  We aren't a great shooting team but we won't go 3-20 that often.  The shot selection was not poor last night.

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I agree to an extent. If you are hitting keep shooting. If you aren't hitting, then work the ball around to a higher percentage shot. We scored 16 out of our first 17 shots from the paint, and proceeded to jack up 20 threes, after 8 of which we should have known it was going to be a cold night.

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OSU got into the paint with ease and extremely often in the first 10-15 minutes. 11-14 shooting? Then the 2nd half rolls around and they start jacking 3's. Lenzelle was the only player to make a 3 against scum. He shot 30%. Probably about average, but the problem was Q. He scored a lot but settled too much. scum had no one to contain him and he didn't attack enough when they needed it.


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Nobody who thinks rebounding is that important......

ONE Not Done!

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I thought Dalla Valle (spelling?) has been pretty good recently. I think anyway.

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He plays somewhat out of controll on occasion, but definitely seems to care when he is out there

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If they make the NCAA, they will be out the first weekend and possibly lose the first game.  This team has gone south in a hurry.  Should be doing a lot better.


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So is this a Fire Matta thread?

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I could have sworn this was Fickell's fault.

Read my entire screen name....

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Constructive critiscm. He's one of the best coaches we've ever had but isn't known for using his bench, especially in big games. This years squad is built on defense and guys get tired in the 2nd half when they play the whole time. We need the other guys to play and keep everyone fresh.

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I used sarcasm font in my comment. I was just joking.

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Nowhere near a fire Matta thought process but I am also getting sick and tired of the Craft/Scott backcourt. It isn't working.

When the starting lineup of Craft, Smith, Thompson, Ross and Williams was in, the team was dominant. When the lineup was Scott, Smith, thompson, Ross and Williams; also pretty good. But having Craft, Scott and Smith out there together is just a mess. there is no one out of those three that really concerns anyone.

I think keeping Loving on the bench was fine in the second half. He is struggling right now. But should at least put Amadeo out there for a few minutes. When the team is struggling shooting the ball, how is he not the first guy in?

they still can be pretty good. I say sweet sixteen good but not if they keep trying to use lineups that have no offensive weapons of at least 4 positions.

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Della Valle is hitting 35.5% from three-point range, That's worse than Ross's and Smith's percentages, and barely better than Thompson's and Craft's. His free throw percentage is next-to-last on the team (McDonald is in a class by himself there).

Somewhere along the way he got a reputation as this great shooter, but it's not so.

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He might not be as good as Smith and Ross but he certainly is better than Thompson, Craft and Scott!

and I said WHEN the others start going cold, bring him in. It's not like I was saying he should start ahead of anyone, just bring in someone who might be able to spark something instead of rotating guys who are ICE COLD!

and mainly I have more issue of the fact that CRAFT AND SCOTT REFUSE TO SHOOT MORE THAN MISS! The one time Craft actually pulls the trigger, he is completely out of sync and airballs it when he passed up so many open looks when he was in rhythm. At least Amadeo wouldn't be afraid to pull the trigger. Plus it helps to have a guy that "has a reputation as this great shooter" on the floor as opposed to TWO guys that have a reputation for not only being WORSE but also won't even try to take a shot. Its not just US FANS that think he can shoot, opponents respect it also! They don't respect Craft or Scott, especially when both are on the court. Whether or not Amadeo will make shots, he will keep defenses from filling the lane more than players who are KNOWN for not being able to shoot.


I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

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Matta has always had issues with rotation. I personally don't think he has recruited enough gamers, I mean the 2014 class is going to infuse the team with some dogs that have been missing, but that needs to be much more consistent. With this team however, In NO situation should Craft, Smith, & Scott be on the floor at the same time. That's essentially all defense, hustle, and no consistent scoring.

These lineups need balance. The starters of Craft, Loving, Thompson, Ross, & Williams and then the second unit rotation should be Scott, Loving, & Della Valle. They need to run better plays that get guys shots, especially since Della Valle & Loving are supposed to be spot up guys.

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We have been running much better offense and executing better the last 4 games including last night.  We just didn't make the 3's that we made the previous 3 games.  I am more concerned with the defensive backboards if you want to point at a particular adjustment other than slight tweaks to the lineups we put out there.

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I can't help but LOL at this topic.  Correlation is not causation.  It wasn't the bench rotation that lost the game last night or lack of hustle.  There's a systemic hole where we help aggressively on drives and leave rebounding lanes open.  We need to rotate earlier on the weak side to block out the bigs after Amir alters/blocks the shot or tell Amir to be less aggressive in his help and stay at home more.

Or just feel free to come up with dumb reasons why we lose basketball games that are recycled from the same dumb theories of the past 5 years.  

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Disagree the rotation, or lack there of, caused the issues losing the game. It was obvious the guys were tired as hell and it caused poor D leading to easy baskets, lack of execution on offense and terrible shooting down the stretch, whether FGs or FTs. Amedeo had proven he can score double digits when given the chance and also brings good energy. For this team energy and confidence are major factors in how we perform on any given night. If nothing else playing the bench keeps the starters fresh for the final 10 minutes to close out games.

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The team just isn't that talented, period.  The coaching staff missed on both the bigs, and Craft, Smith, Scott and Thompson have the same game that they had as freshmen.  Now they were good as Frosh, but none of them have expanded their game and the coaches in the B1G are exploiting that fact.  Good thing is that KBD and Russell look like big time shooters and scorers and will really help next yr.  We really need Myles Turner btw

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I don't think talents the issue here. Scum doesn't have much talent without Mcgary, yet they're on top of the standings. The problem with this years team is energy and confidence. Last year craft would grab a guy's jersey to get everyone going but haven't seen any of that this year. We've heard it from smith himself said they lack leadership and confidence at times and it shows.

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I do think talent is the issue.  Not athletic talent, or defensive talent, but scoring talent.  We just don't have enough guys who can put it in the basket with regularity.  I love Matta, and I hope he is at OSU as long as possible, but hopefully he learned a lesson this year and will start recruiting some shooters.  It's great to have a Sam Thompson who can jump out of the gym and a Shannon Scott who is a defensive specialist, but you have to offset that by recruiting some Jon Diebler types too.  We are a team of athletes and slashers, and that makes it way to easy for defenses to sit in a zone against us.  You have to have the ability to shoot yourself out of the zone and we simply don't have the weapons to do that.  

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Right now we don't have a guy that truly wants the ball in crunch time. Craft usually ends up having to try to make a play or Ross tries to do too much. Thomas last year helped smooth over some of these deficiencies because the offense ran through him, making the offensive end much easier for players like Ross, Craft, LSJ, and Thompson. Ross has shown he can score but needs to add more of a post game much like Thomas did.

Matta has had some tough luck recently with his recruiting. Williams hasn't been all we hoped, Thompson still isn't there yet and Scott hasn't been quite as good as advertised just yet. For a while he recruited athletes first basketball players second (Thompson, LSJ, Scott, Williams), and now looks like he learned his lesson and is trying to get balance by recruiting more  high basketball IQ type players (Loving, K.Williams, Russell, Bates-Diop). Future is bright and this team could still get hot yet. Not a team too many NCAA teams want to face especially when we play the kind of defense we did against Michigan.