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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Running on the field after winning The Game in 2002 then going in the locker room with friends on the team. Also got a signed "Champions" hat given out to the players.
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Comment 20 Nov 2016

Sorry but Becks not to blame for play calling, Meyer is. He's talking in the headset almost every offensive play now. Meyer has relied too much on QB run in close games and bad weather his entire career. Let's hope it's not windy next Saturday.

Comment 19 Nov 2016

Its pretty obvious in windy weather Meyer and Co. run the same conservative game plan. Empty set QB runs and zone read over and over. Had flashbacks from last years game. We need to just run our offense and dictate what defenses do not vice versa.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Exactly the issues is see. What happened to the distributor? Barrett was known for his short accurate passing game. Since Jones' run in the CFP, it's like Meyer only focuses on the the deep ball now. Plus, we take away our best threat in Samuel most of the game. Meyer's to blame no one else. 

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Barrett has to complete the passes first. He either over threw or under threw every deep ball. Not to mention the play calling should compliment the types of receivers we have. Where are the quick slants and crosses? Meyers to blame for this loss, no one else. Call a timeout on the FG terrible management.

Comment 09 Oct 2016

The coaches won't throw when it's windy. Seems like every windy game they back off the pass just force the run. When Barrett runs the hurry up, we're a lot more efficient and attack the D. Don't understand waiting so long between plays. Indiana had most their success going uptempo and wearing down our D.