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Why can't the CFB National Championship be in the north?

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May 22, 2014 at 12:08pm

It was just announced that the Super Bowl will be in Minneapolis in 2018 and it has been held in Indianapolis in the past. If it's good enough for the biggest sporting event in all of America, why is it out of the question to have the CFB natty somewhere in the north? I believe all of the semi's are played at the traditional major bowls (Rose, Fiesta etc), and those are all south/west locations.

At this point the first three CFB National Championships games are set for Texas (2015), Arizona (2016) and Tampa Bay (2017).

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The SEC doesn't like to travel...

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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No, not even that.

Before we get into the whole "OMG ESECPN CONSPIRACY WTF SRSLY GUIZE" thing, let's think about this for a second.

This has nothing to do with the SEC.

Do you honestly think that a Super Bowl in Minneapolis will generate more tourism-based revenue than a Super Bowl in Miami? Absolutely not.

Let's face it–football playoffs are a winter sport. There is absolutely no way that they will ever play a title game, or even a prominent game, in a city without a warm climate. It makes it a million times more attractive, so far as tourism is concerned. This has nothing to do with the SEC or eSECpn(!!!11!!! lyke omg guize) agenda. It's because people don't want to travel to a place covered in snow.

There are no beaches in Minneapolis. Sure, there are lakes, but if you think that it will generate more revenue than a game in Miami or even in New Orleans or Pasadena or even Dallas, you're kidding yourself.

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Those boys in the SEC can't handle temps below 70. It would be an "unfair advantage"

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Indianapolis and Minneapolis are both dome stadiums. If you're going to be upset about the lack of the north's inclusion, be upset for the right reason.

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Uh, I would guess he is joking mostly. 

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I think anyone can bid on the title game, and it goes through a process.  Yes a couple of SBs have been in the north, but 80% of them are in warm weather venues

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I would love for it to be in Ohio or Pa

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I think it will eventually, but ideally, all these games will be in places where the weather is warmer or in an indoor stadium. I'm sure that eventually, Indy, Minnesota, etc. will get the CFB NCG.

The elements are as awesome as they are overrated. There's nothing like playing a game when it's pouring rain, slick, and muddy or face-freezing cold, but if you asked me would I rather play a night game in the first week of September or January, I'd take September every time.

Even though our athletes are conditioned to play in the cold weather just as their's are in hot weather, we're on equal footing on 70-75° day, IMHO.

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Money. People dont want to come and stay long durations in cold weather. when you have it in nice climate people will come for longer duration and spend more money. The more people, more hype, higher ratings, more sponsors/advertising, MOH MONAY!

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Stop being logical, it's more fun to blame the SEC.

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Why can the NFL have the Super Bowl in the north and not have any problems but CFB can't? You think the NFL doesn't wanna make money?

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Exactly.  When I hear Minneapolis got the bid my first thought was "Good!  We need as many successful Super Bowls in the the north as possible so that we have evidence that the CFB playoff and national championships games could be successful in the north as well."  The best way to end this argument about reduced attendance and exposure with a northern national championship is with hard evidence to the contrary. 

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They can hold the playoffs wherever.

Just as long as the championship trophy comes back to Columbus.

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Too many WhiteWalkers?

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The superbowl was in New Jersey this year, no clue why they can't hold the NCAA championship at an awesome venue in the north. Ohio Stadium, Beaver Stadium, Heinz Field, etc.  Would be awesome though.

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There was just an article on ESPN about this and how even they expect there to be a game up north. It will most likely be Indianapolis bidding for it after, I believe, the next 4 championships because they have already been determined.

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because our weather sucks and they can get more people to travel to the south in the winter

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Thought it was all about the "bids" put in? I could see one in the NY area or Indy or maybe the Chicago area at least once in my lifetime.

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The real reason the South doesn't want to travel... we don't fry every single piece of food before we eat it.

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The only city with enough juice to pull this off in the north is New York. Broadway, Radio City Music Hall, Ellis Island etc...

New York is a tourist attraction, it is just missing a Domed Stadium football with tradition of a Madison Square Garden.

All of New York City's FB stadiums are out where they buried the bodies,j/k.

If New York ever cared enough about College Football they would have built a Dome Stadium in Manhattan.

 You would have all News Media HQ's right there, they have indoor attractions to visit before the game in Manhattan and would infuse a ton of outside money into the city, considering ofcourse the current trends stay on track.

The Championships and bowl committee's care about money. The BCS pretty much guarantees them a school with a huge fanbase will spend it's money, now it's the 5 Super Conferences.

Jacksonville, New Orleans, Orlando(ABCville),Tampa Bay, JerryWorld(Dallas,Los Angelos,Miami live off that northeast/Midwest alumni money ever winter. And offer there warm weather and beaches with pretty girls in bikini's in return.

Who needs a reason to visit a warm weather resort in late December/January right after the holidays????

Or would you rather pack boots and and bear fur coat to watch the at Soldier Field in Chicago and go bowling the week before the game? I know some of us diehards would love this, but it just is not practical in the long run.

That's the kinda of sales job your looking at with northern bowl commitees. We have no oceans, warm winters in the B1G footprint.

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If i'm not mistaken, there was talk of having some of the games in the midwest and the B1G shut down the idea. There's logistical factors of some type involved, and I heard it really came down to their lovefest with the Rose bowl.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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