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Where's the Best OSU Merchandise?

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March 20, 2014 at 11:29am

So, I am an avid OSU fan. Well to specify, I am mostly interested in football, im not a real big basketball fan. Every year I like to help spread my buckeye pride by giving out OSU merchandise as gifts for christmas, birthdays, etc.. Over the years I have purchased the whole range of OSU stuff from hoodies/sweaters to coffee mugs & pens. Last year I even purchased some awesome buckeye themed beach balls from (they offer a freaking awesome Brutus Beach Ball, plus they have the cheapest price, I suggest checking them out). The question I am posting for this year is where can I get unique OSU stuff. The most unique item I have found so far are the beach balls I mentioned above. I would like to get a jump-start on my christmas shopping so if anyone knows of where to get unique and awesome OSU stuff please post the contact info here. Thanks everybody and GO BUCKEYES!     

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Football is complicated...

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Amen - and hallelujah: Don't hesitate to check out Amazon (via the 11W) either.

As a matter of fact, you'll find a handy link at the bottom of your page.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I love the 11W merch. Bunch of good stuff over there.

And I totally forgot about the Amazon link. I haven't bought anything from there in quite some time, but I have a few things I need to get so I'll have to remember to use it.

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I live in CA, so I like Great pricing, always deals and free shipping when you sign up. 

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OHIOST1087's picture has some pretty awesome vintage t-shirts and accessories, I own 5 of them and they're really soft. Also, I don't know if it still exists, but in the Richland Mall in Mansfield there's a store called Bills Buckeye Stuff and they have an incredible amount of Buckeye goods ranging from apparel, to home/office/man-cave decor, framed art/photos, etc. (I don't know if they have an online store but this is their Facebook page).

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It's still there, but the selection is pretty lame. There's a lot of unique things, but most are poorly made Chinese stuff. There is still some real memorabilia but not much. 

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Bill's Buckeye Stuff has a few decent things...definitely some unique stuff.

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I heard you can buy some really rare memorabilia at some tattoo place in town?  Probably closed down by now.

Still too soon?

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eBay's got some good stuff, too.  My two favorite jerseys came from there (2012 pro combat #5, gray #13 that is kind of like a reverse of the old home unis between the scarlet and gray).

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Homage is awesome, but getting too expensive to be honest. The products are amazing and worthwhile, though, if you have the coin to spend.

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Thanks everybody. Ill check out this site's store. I would like to support other Buckeye Fans.

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I have a question my fellow buckeye fans.  Where would I buy this basketball shown in the picture? Does anyone have any idea? 



OHIOST1087's picture has this one (which is pretty darn close; just instead of the Block O logo, it has the alternative OSU logo


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Yeah, I have seen this one as well, it's a little dark.  Tough to see a sharpy on it.

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Terrell Pryor ...


(sorry had to)

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Nice ---------- I'm picking up what you're throwing down

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Depending on what you're looking for...

Best Nike & New release clothing: Longs\B&N bookstore in the South Campus gateway.  Buckeye corner has similar stuff, but not as much selection. 

Previously mentioned, who has stores in the Short North and Easton, has awesome vintage OSU t-shirts.

Conrad's and College traditions sport a huge assortment of other products e.g. golf bags, helmet chairs, helmet mailboxes, pool table lamps, etc.