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August 22, 2014 at 12:58am

Does anybody have first hand experiance with the tools over at the O-Zone?

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Not personally, but it sounds like your experience was less than magical...

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I have been on the Ozone forum for years, but do not post much over there. Some guys are genuinely good guys but they keep their circle tight and tend to not take well you new guys. Maybe its just the layout of the forum but the people on this are much more welcoming of new people. 

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Does anybody have first hand experiance with the tools over at the O-Zone?

I can't get past the layout, it makes my eyes bleed.  But what I did manage to waddle through and read didn't seem very insightful.

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The site is set up awfully. Looks like it has not changed since it was made in '96.

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Agreed, but some changes have occurred recently.

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For whatever the setup looks like, I think they post some great articles and I read there from time to time.

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I actually don't mind it that much but I'm guessing I'm in the minority.  It's obviously not as good as 11W but there's still good information in there, although with no good forum setup really. 

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I think their site is quite nice. I mean I try and get a comprehensive look at OSU sports through various avenues with most of my time spent here at 11w. I don't know much about the posting community over there, but I think the site is solid for OSU news, opinion, and photos. 

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 He called them

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It is a place with a hard political bias that I find unappealing. 

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That's one of the things that has me spending a lot more time here. I liked the forums and spent some time there but there's a couple of guys who seem to have gone off the rails and it has been ceasing to be as much fun. The forum has its moments but I'd pretty much be in a fist fight with most of those guys if the conversation didn't stick to the Buckeyes. The off-topic forum... ***shudder***

I tend to like Gerdmann's stuff though and their 2-minute drills and quotebooks from pressers are neat reading.

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I really like Tony Gerdeman, one of their senior writers over there. I follow him on twitter and he's hilarious. I'll read articles that he tweets, but 11W is the only place I go to actually interact with the community like this.

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During the season they have an article series called "TQC - The Opposing Quarterback's Club" for each game week. It is quite funny and entertaining, at least when we win.

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Haha...thanks for reminding me. I actually forgot that it was the Ozone that did that. Last year I was looking for it on 11w and thought they must have stopped doing it here. I agree it's pretty funny.

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No experience with ozone, but plenty of experience with tools

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Nothing is as bad as this buckeye Gem i once found.

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Tony Gerdman is pretty insightful; I really enjoy his stuff. They used to have a writer named Brandon Castel who was also very good. I'd say check them out for some additional insight and perspective. The sight layout is definitely very GeoCities-esque, but if you can get past that the writing isn't bad.

I believe the their forum technically has a "no politics" rule, but it is not enforced by any means. I've seen forum topics there that began as a discussion on football but then became just excessively political. As someone who likes to keep my politics and sports separate, I can't handle that. As someone mentioned above, they are not very open to new comers. I also like that fans of opposing schools are welcomed here at 11W; definitely not the case at the O-Zone.

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Gerdeman is good follow on twitter.  I'll read his articles but that's about it.  I spend most of my time here and on scout.

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I was a mod over there in the late 90's/early 00's.

I don't miss it.

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I only go there for gerd.  

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The O-Zone is a great site.