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Games without cable

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August 3, 2014 at 2:07pm

So due to finical reasons and my wife being a b*****. Looks like I will be cutting cable. Anyone know "legal" ways to get games over the internet?  I have two young children, so it is hard to go out to a bar to watch games. Thanks

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ATDHE is a place where you can stream it. If you have a nice friend who will let you have their cable signin and password you could use Watch ESPN, or BTN2GO. 

Im guessing your wife is not a frequent visitor to this site. 


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*looks at last cable bill, thinks about minutes spent in last month watching TV* actually, m8, i think your wife has the right of it here.

as for games.... if i were in a bind like u.... i would go to as a workaround. 

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Do you have a friend that has kids and cable? Set up a play date on game day at your friend's house.

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As a father of five, this idea is a stroke of genius.

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Well played.  This is a fantastic idea!

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One of my conditions that was a non-negotiable for us moving out here to the West Coast was that we would get the B1G network and I would spend the rest of the weekend with the family other than the Pre and Post-game wrap up.  

One of the reasons why I like to watch "Football in 60" on the B1G Network - no commercials and no huddles