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Buckeye Bash for Navy

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July 21, 2014 at 7:45am

I have tickets to the Navy game, but was considering getting tickets to the Buckeye Bash as well. I am stationed in the area so I know Baltimore has some good bars to go to around the stadium. I just wanted to get an idea from some other people who may have attended the Bash before a game if it is worth the time or money to go or if I should just try to tailgate before the game. Thanks for your help.

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It's basically a Skull Session + the Cheerleaders.  

Some wouldn't want to miss the college experience for a few more Bud Lights.  Some wouldn't want to miss tailgating to hear "Hang On Sloopy" an extra time - you'll hear it plenty in the stadium.

I wouldn't pay, but it really is a personal choice for what you want your gameday to be.  I might be more inclined to go if I lived in the greater Baltimore area and had significantly less access to the "what makes college football unique" stuff.

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I went to Buckeye Bash in Miami for the Orange Bowl, had fun and enjoyed seeing everyone. It was a big tail-gate with a lot of people who shared your interest! It's worth the time and money unless you are already involved with a lot of other Buckeyes at the event!


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Thanks for the responses. I have another couple that were are sitting with at the game so unless I can get them in, as they are not alumni, I probably won't go to the Bash.