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Columbus Arena District/Park Street area

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July 6, 2014 at 11:07pm

This post is more for curiosity sake. 

I graduated in 2005. I'm from Columbus and I stayed here. Moved away from the campus area, but when my friends and I went to go out on weekends (2005-2011 range), it was the the Arena District/Park Street area. Places like Brothers, Gaswerks, Lodge Bar, Park Street Patio, and later Cantina, Saloon, etc. Since then, if we go out, it's places around Grandview, Northwest side around Bethel and Dublin. So I rarely hit up the Arena area except for the CBJ or Clippers games. 

A couple of weeks back, a couple buddies of mine and I went out. Started at Short North Tavern and eventually made our way to Patio and even Gaswerks. This was a Friday night with nice weather. We were all surprised that the Park Street strip was so dead. Lucky if there was 15 people outside at Patio.

Questions: Where is the "trendy" spot in the downtown area or in Columbus in general now? Is it a situation that there is no one spot in town, but multiple spots to go out? 

What I saw at Patio a couple weeks back and hearing the news of the stabbing last night outside Endzone (the old Lodge Bar) made me curious if other things are going on that I am not hearing about.

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Since graduating from OSU, getting a job, a wife and having a liquor cabinet has become extremely trendy for me right now.  Haha. 

But seriously, I wouldn't have been caught dead at any of the meat market joints (Lodge, Spice, Gaswerks, etc) even in college, let alone today.  Not saying there's anything wrong with those places....necessarily.  I just don't think I'm the guy to point you in the direction you want to go.  

I'm more into the old short north and german village hang outs.  Club 185, Main Bar, Macs, Bettys, Press Grill, Mohawk, Barcelona, Beck Tavern, Round Bar, Lindeys, Planks.  Or some new places like Curio, The Sycamore, Harvest, Little Palace, Bodega,.....but like I said, I haven't been out in a while so some of these places might not even exist anymore.  

Have fun, Go Bucks!

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Not too much help either, as I am in the same boat as OneBadBuckeye (I had to have run into you at some point, exact same bar scene - Beck Tavern, spent A LOT of time in there in college).

Anyhow, I think the reason it was dead down there is because thats mostly college frat/sorority scene and its summer.  Those bars are nights downtown for cheesers and the wanna be south beach set to let rip off campus.  I dont think too many folks out of college hit up those bars, so in the summer, its pretty barren.

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Most definitely.  I'll give you a hint...I used to bartend at Club 185 and Press Grill from 2002 to 2006-ish.  :)

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R bar is still nice usually brothers and callahans are the go to bars, short north is starting to pick up with Bernards, Bakersfield and pint house.

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Short North looks like disney land compared to what it used to be....kinda makes me a little sad.  Oh well.  Onwards and upwards.  

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Only 21, so I've only been able to go to the bars for a few years...I'd take your word for it though.

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This guy knows his stuff.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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That must have been 3 weeks ago that you went out, because 4 weeks back was the Park Street Festival, 2 weeks ago was Pride, and last week was Comfest. I can assure you Park Street wasn't dead on any of those Friday nights.

I'm not really in the age group to suggest "hot spots," but Denmark, which is upstairs in the old Yankee Trader building, has excellent cocktails and terrific service. But they don't cater to the party crowd (they have a "no shots" policy).

I miss the glory days of the Short North -- after it had been cleaned up some, but before it became totally gentrified. As of this weekend, Betty's is gone. If they ever close the Press Grill, it'll be curtains. 

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Short North is definitely picking up - as mentioned, Bernard's, Pint House, I've heard good things about Melt.

16-bit down on 4th has exploded in the last year or so.  I know there are various spots throughout downtown (Club 185, Milestone 229, etc.) but I still think the best place to "bar hop" is the Park Street area - and since it's so close to the Short North you can walk up that way in 5 minutes.

I peruse for new bars/restaurants/etc. so you could look there.

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Brothers frickin blows. One of the best things about moving from Columbus when I was 27 is I didn't have to get dragged there every other weekend.

Outside of Short North/Vic Village and German Village, there really isn't that much downtown. It's disappointing. It's very much a product of the University these days.

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So you didn't have the willpower to...just...not go?

That's a pretty naive point of view.  A city with a metro population of ~2 million is a product of a University of ~57K?  Sure, there are plenty of bars around campus, but how many people under 30 go to those if it's not a Saturday in the fall?  Granted, numbers at bars in the Short North / Vic Village / AD area are probably helped buy 50K students (of course, probably only 10K are 21+) but plenty of young professionals move here and find bars to go to.

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#1 - I was inferring that my friends always liked to go to that bar. I didn't realize that would be so difficult to understand. 

#2 - I'm going to guess you've never once been to any bars in Columbus if you think a large portion of it isn't dependent on the college crowd. I used OSU since, ya know, this is an OSU board. However, kids from Capital, Columbus State, even OWU make up another large portion of the bargoers. Not only that, but with 57k college kids, you also have a ton of their friends coming to visit them and go to said bars, and I include the college-age kids who may be graduated but still largely live just like they were still in college (which is a lot). Brothers is not a campus bar, BTW. It's ~2 miles south or so.

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Gaswerks is the place to go on Thursday's. $2 everything and that's where all of us college kids tend to go. Just dead in the summer because a lot of students went back home

If you're a Freshman, you go to Park Street it now seems like.

Friday's, campus area has the deals. Beat the clock at the O, half price everything at Midway and 4th street.

A new place on campus is Ethyl and Tank. Coffee bar, bloody mary bar, and they serve a lot of craft beer at a reasonable price.

Downtown isn't too big other than Thursday