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Comment 03 Apr 2016

The Blackwell is still named after Roger Blackwell years after his issues. The football program still welcomed back Art Schlichter, arguably the biggest scumbag in OSU history, and Maurice Clarett after their issues. They still had issues after the program welcomed them back.

Comment 12 Jan 2016

Interesting predictions in one of the comments sections of a Los Angeles Times article. The commenter predicts UCLA will leave the Rose Bowl for this new stadium in Inglewood, which is closer to the UCLA campus. The other prediction: the Rose Bowl goes the way of the Orange Bowl (with the stadium torn down) and/or Cotton Bowl (with the game moved to the new stadium).

I must admit, with sports as it is today, the predictions do not seem far-fetched to me.

Comment 06 Jan 2016

Ryan Johansen drove himself out of Columbus. The writing was on the wall before Tortorella got here. Richards healthy scratched Johansen several times too. I think you will find the front office and coaching staff had enough of him.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

Midday, this was the top story on the websites of the 3 main TV stations here in Columbus.

I have had friends and family put through the ringer of media reporting. We all probably know someone who was put through the ringer. When you see stories like this, you gotta think the first reaction of many folks out there is "Thank God that isn't me or someone I know."

Comment 02 Nov 2015

Living near the northwestern suburbs of Columbus and working in downtown Columbus near some law enforcement circles, I've heard a lot over the last few years.

Tragically, it seems like you are hearing of a young person dying more and more from this. 

I just remember what a CPD undercover guy who did work in the Morse Road area in north Columbus area told me. He told me a couple of years ago that they had busted kids from just about every school district in Franklin and surrounding counties trying to buy heroin in the Morse Road area. 

It's sad. As a parent, teacher, coach, or loved one, you can tell them everything and do everything possible.....and it still might not be enough.

Comment 18 Oct 2015

I remember some friends from OSU lived at Olentangy Commons. We all graduated in 2005. A couple of people we knew also knew Ryan. I got to know him a little bit in the 2006 time period, after his OSU playing days. He was a good guy. 

In 2005, there was no Twitter. Facebook was in its infancy and was nothing like what it would become. It was creepy and scary that folks would go, presumably to OSU's website, to look up Ryan's e-mail to send crap. 

You see a lot of the players active on Twitter today. After incidents like this, you wonder why they continue to do so.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

For all of the criticisms of Lee Corso, he made College Gameday. Just about every highlight of that show going back to before they went on the road each week, is Lee Corso.

Folks haven't been tuning in to watch Chris Fowler, Craig James, Kirk Herbstreit, or Desmond Howard over the years. Erin Andrews or Samantha Ponder? Ok, maybe. But the star of that show has been and remains Corso.

When Corso leaves Gameday, kiss the show goodbye.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

We have had better third jerseys. If the numbering would have been like the 2012 Scum game uniforms with scarlet color, I think they would have looked better. If they used the helmet from that same game for this jersey, I think it would look great. 

I don't care about a black jersey, but I think this could have been better. The black helmet is the only thing I really don't like. 

Comment 03 Oct 2015

One of the best decisions I ever made was earlier this year when I left Twitter. I barely tweeted, but it is an absolute sewer. Many of the accounts are fake trolls, some of whom probably make up a few of the accounts posted above.

Comment 03 Oct 2015

God seeing Zeke go off to the races again and again is beautiful.

Comment 14 Sep 2015

My freshmen year was Coach Tressel's first year.  He brought an energy to the program that was starting to suffer at the end of the Cooper years.  That first game with Coach Tressel, the Northwestern night game which was the first home game after 9-11, and the game in Ann Arbor I will always remember.  Winning in Ann Arbor, after so many tough losses in the 1990's, was outstanding.

For many of us between the ages of 20-50 who grew up in the state of Ohio, the first major sports championship for one of our favorite teams was the 2002 Ohio State Buckeyes.  Jim Tressel was the leader of that group.  The 2002 season......nothing will top it.

JIm Tressel was Columbus during the 2000's, a time when the city was starting to assert itself more prominently on a national level.  He was a big part of that.

There are a lot of back stories to the issues, from Clarett to Pryor, that occurred during the Tressel era that we will never know about. You cannot tell me that Jim Tressel and players who were caught were the only ones who knew things were going on.  Folks in university and athletic department leadership knew.  I would not be surprised if folks in the Columbus media knew what was going on.

For one reason or another, there will always be haters.  It is insane to hold a grudge toward Tressel for decisions that took place over 5 years ago.  As it is insane for a Cleveland radio guy, and well-known Tressel critic, to label him as an underachiever.  You know the third coach in school history to win a national title, go 9-1 against the arch rival, won a ton, and is going into the hall of fame is an underachiever.  Get over it folks!

Jim Tressel will always be a great American and a great Buckeye in my book.

Comment 03 Jun 2015

This is big news in Columbus. The Dispatch has been a fixture in this community for years. 

Why did this happen? A couple of reasons. First, the print business is not what it once was. Second, John F. Wolfe is in his 70's. He has two (maybe three) daughters. Maybe the family just decided it was time. 

It is a sign of the change in media, technology, and Columbus. 


The above article is from Columbus Monthly in 1986, pre-Wolfe Family ownership. John F.'s cousin, John W. Wolfe, was the big guy then. This story tells you how big the Wolfes and the Dispatch were and are in Columbus. 

Comment 16 May 2015

It sure seems like OSU is having a helluva time trying to install a replacement. It has me thinking back to right after Waters was fired, a lady called into a radio show in Columbus. She said she was a band alum. She was not happy about the firing. One comment stood out from her. It was that whoever replaced Waters was going to be hated by the band community and that individuals who would typically jump at the opportunity for the job would not because of what happened to Waters. 

I don't blame Jon Waters for the lawsuit. I know some folks are saying he is embarrassing himself and he needs to move on. We all saw Jim Tressel and Gordon Gee move on. For Jon, he is a younger guy. I am willing to bet he doesn't have the financial resources that those guys did. He is fighting for himself and his family. 

I don't blame Ohio State for not settling the case. They shouldn't. They have to fight every case because one settlement is an invitation for more lawsuits in the future. 

I would say employment litigation/separations are the nastiest things out there. It is worse than divorce court, which has changed a lot since the days of the 1970s and 1980s. I have seen business partners "break up" and not speak to eachother for years. We saw how nasty the Ohio State-Jim O'Brien suit got. It is safe to say Jim Tressel and Gordon Gee have some bitter feelings too. 

Comment 11 May 2015


Comment 29 Mar 2015

This was about a week before Woody died. 

Eight months before the Earle Bruce firing, which saw Rick Bay resign. Boy, I remember my mom when I was little hating, I mean hating, Ed Jennings. Never heard anything good about Jim Jones, who was AD between Bay and Andy Geiger, either. It's interesting seeing videos from long ago and seeing how things turned out since that time.

If OSU offered him, Lou Holtz would have been coach here. The comment about the Ohio-Michigan border war was funny.