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Comment 07 Dec 2014

Give him 10 Buckeye leaves for that block last night. He did his job.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

I have been on Twitter for three years and use it less and less. I like reading the news and stuff that interests me, but 95% of the stuff there is garbage. 

The hashtag #HowAreYouSTILLNotOnTwitter made news this week in a message between former Presidents. When you see incidents like this, you get your answer. 

Comment 23 Oct 2014

"That's up to my boss." 

It is up to Gene. In other words, it is going to happen. It is not because recruits and players love them. It is going to happen because OSU and Gene can find another revenue source. If the universities couldn't make money off of them, they wouldn't give a crap about what some recruits or players thought about them.

Any decision OSU and Gene makes has the motive of positive cash flow behind it. 

Comment 11 Oct 2014

Just minutes ago on Twitter, this from Jim Cramer of CNBC:

@jimcramer: As a young sports reporter I covered the FSU 'Noles for the Tallahassee Democrat. It was "challenging" to be critical of off-field behavior

@jimcramer: First, I loved the 'Noles. Loved Bowden. But as a reporter I had to report the news, good or bad, and I was hated for it. Hated!!!

Comment 09 Oct 2014

It is very hard for TV guys to do radio. On TV, you read the teleprompter. Your time on the air is more limited. With radio, you have segments for several minutes. Your show is 2 or 3 hours. There is no teleprompter. You make the show go.

With that in mind, I never had an issue with Beau on TV. The same goes for Anthony Rothman and Demetrious Stanley. They are TV people who did their TV thing. Once they got on the radio, it became unbearable to listen to. Rothman and Stanley couldn't kick it to Clay Hall for a few minutes. It was all them. It was unbearable to listen to. It feels the same way with Beau.

Comment 09 Oct 2014

To borrow a phrase from Vince McMahon, Michigan screwed Michigan. 

I see what is going on up north. The reason I am not laughing is because I see similar things here. I have discussed this in the last month with friends and former roommates from OSU. All of them believed that something similar can happen here and that it is much closer to happening than people think. 

As the years have gone on, the most common thing people have to say about OSU is "all about the money." These aren't haters saying this. These are the good, hard working people of Columbus saying this. 

The only thing preventing a similar situation in Columbus right now is Urban Meyer and a winning football program. 

Comment 06 Oct 2014

I have great respect for Coach Bruce. Certainly there are many questions you could ask him from his head coaching days here. Some of you above mentioned questions about the week of The Game in 1987 and about Art Schlichter. I do believe those are subjects that to this day there is a lot of talk about. 

Many folks have deep resentment toward Ed Jennings, et al, about what happened in 1987. Regarding Schlichter, there are stories to this day you hear about. I am of the belief that Schlichter is the biggest scumbag ever to wear the Buckeye uniform. 

Anyhow, my questions.....

1. You led your first OSU team in 1979 to the brink of a national championship. Since then, you have seen Coach Tressel and Coach Meyer have banner seasons very early in their time here. What is it about a new head coach having great success so quickly?

2. What was the week of the 1985 Iowa game like? 

Comment 30 Sep 2014

1. Wunder is probably getting some sort of counseling for alcohol. 

2. Marc Collins is probably waiting to get a probable plea bargain. The prosecutors have bigger cases to deal with. 

3. Collins is probably going to get a continuance or two and find a date where the media attention is much less. Let a few Buckeye games pass by. Let some other news stories dominate the headlines and go viral. This will get settled in due time.

You have to believe Wunder is greatly humbled and embarrassed. Sure, he'll get guffed for a long time about it, but as time goes on it will be largely forgotten. A Friday pleading to the charge to take out the trash for the Friday afternoon news dump or sometime in the holiday season is what I see happening here. 

Comment 30 Sep 2014

There has been too much stink since this story broke. Or the saying, doesn't pass the smell test.

Drake isn't the only one I am disappointed in. As a couple of the band members said in a letter to him, this report was dropped in his lap the first weeks on the job. There are members of the administration who have some questions to answer too. Nevertheless, I have questions about Drake's judgment as a result of this. 

It is disappointing it has had to come to this, but I think there is no choice. It has to go to court. 

Comment 23 Sep 2014

I have been surprised at the lack of anger publicly coming from former players up there. This is going back several years too. When I look at the names of former players up there who had success at the next level, I am flabbergasted that there has not been more reaction in recent years to the events in Ann Arbor from former players. I can only imagine the outrage that would come from fans and former players here in Columbus. 

Comment 23 Sep 2014

I have wondered about some kind of deal with Toronto and McGill involving some of the non-revenue sports and the new B1G hockey conference.

Comment 20 Sep 2014

August 30, 2003 

Washington Huskies at Ohio State Buckeyes

Maurice Clarett under suspension. On the sidelines. On the Gameday set.

Comment 16 Sep 2014


This is from a month ago. Otterbein University in Westerville, with help from the City of Westerville, was submitting a bid to host.